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Over time our stories, emotions, and memories become interwoven into the fabric of our favorite outfits. What we wear has the unique ability to create a nonverbal dialog between the wearer and the surrounding culture and is why clothing is more than just items to be purchased, they are the artifacts that represent our lives.

a project by Angela McGrath

My favorite 1 dress , an inspirational 2 pair of shoes , and the jacket that keeps 3 me warm


ver the past seven years ,

I have sought out pieces from ACNE Studios to add to my wardrobe. The following three pieces all carry with them stories of my journey and represent important moments in my life that are uniquely personal to me.



In 2013 I attended Stockholm’s Kungl. Art Academy as part of my university’s exchange program. When I arrived it was the middle of January, I knew no one, and the program was very unstructured leaving me with a little to do and a lot of free time. My days were often spent wandering around the city and trying to escape the cold by visiting as many shops as I could. I didn’t know about ACNE Studios before I arrived in Stockholm but I quickly became an admirer and loved visiting the store as it provided me with an immersive experience that transported me somewhere else entirely. I was living off student loans and didn’t have much money to spend, but the one souvenir I wanted to mark the end of my time in Sweden was ACNE Studio’s Mallory dress. Being able to purchase the Mallory dress marked the completion of my program and symbolized that fact that I had overcome feelings of isolation, and loneliness. After leaving Stockholm I traveled to Zürich where my partner was studying, I was wearing the Mallory dress when he picked me up from the airport, and I wore it again a few days later when I went to Beyonce’s Zürich concert.




In 2015 I found myself back in Sweden, this time in Gothenburg, to be with my partner while he completed his master’s degree at the University of Gothenburg. While there, we lived in a small apartment which we shared with older women. At the time, I was trying to get my brand epoché off-the-ground, it was the middle of winter, and our apartment didn’t have internet access. I again found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands. I spent most of my time walking between different university libraries just to get wi-fi which soon became monotonous, uninspiring and lonely. It was during this time that I decided I needed to get something that would help keep me motivated. I wanted to get something I could wear every day on these walks which led me to purchase a pair of ACNE Jensen boots. My Jensen’s became my sense of fashion armor to shield me from what seemed to be a never-ending winter of multi-layered clothing, big coats, and thick scarfs. The constant wear caused the heel of the boot to rub down, the silver tip to get tarnished, and the leather to be scuffed, however it didn’t matter to me; for me, these markings all told a story of my daily walks through the snow, over cobblestones, and across tram tracks.



In 2016 I moved to Toronto, Canada where I started to work at WANT Apothecary, a high-end fashion sore, where once again I found myself surrounded by ACNE Studios. Originally being from the west coast of Canada, moving to Toronto marked the first time I needed to buy a proper winter parka. Wanting to get something stylish yet practical I decided to purchase ACNE Studios Alston Tech twill down parka. What I loved most about the experience of wearing the Alston Tech parka is the sheer volume of the coat. As a woman, you are often encouraged to take up as little space as possible; clothing is designed to be fitted, and you’re generally in a constant state of trying to lose the last 5 pounds. The Alston Tech was the first time I had experienced wearing a piece of clothing that was exaggerated and oversized which left me feeling a sense of power and confidence that I wasn’t expecting. Now I genuinely don’t worry when the weather starts dropping into the negatives as I know I’ll be comfortable and confident in the Alston Tech.

Clothing is More  

A reflection on how the clothing we wear becomes intertwined with our stories, emotions and memories

Clothing is More  

A reflection on how the clothing we wear becomes intertwined with our stories, emotions and memories