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ILIANE Last year the Boscos Choir travelled to Salamanca. When I see the photos, they make me remember those amazing moments. The choir from Salamanca . When we arrived we gave a little concert to all the students of Maristas school, then, we visited the school. We went on a trip through the city, and sightsee the church, monuments and so on. What I liked most was the university, where we had to found one frog to be lucky in the studies; and the center square, that it was very big. It was awesome, above all at night, when it was illuminated. One of the afternoons they gave us free time to go shopping and we took advantage of it. E bought some souvenirs. People from Salamanca were very friendly, we had a good time with the students of the school. At night we were in a outside of the hostel. The last afternoon we went to small adventure park, we leant climbing… It had different levels to overcome them. This trip was memorable for me since it was fantastic to meet people with similar interests like me, that is ; music.

ISMAEL I am Ismael Bartolomé and I am a participan of the choir. Last year I went to Salamanca with the choir because the students from 4º ESO of Maristas Champagnat came to Logroño to met us. We spend in Salmanca two fantastic days. When we went to Salmanca we visited the school Maristas Champagnat and we sang several songs of our repertoire included the famous Mayumana. When we finished, we won a contest of blogs.

After that, we went to the hotel Lazarillo de Tormes and we ate sandwiches, snacks, juices...Then we had free time.

In the afternoon, we visited the city and its famous church and the frog on the skulls. The church was very beautiful and we saw a wedding. We also saw the city centre and its town hall. We entered in the town hall and the best amazing thing for me was the TV on the wall. After that, we bought hoodings, small stuffed toys... We had dinner and then we watched a football match. Next day, we went to an adventure park in the trees. It was very nice but it was cold and drizzling. We did lots of things: climbing trees, archery and so on. We came to Logroño and we rehearsed new songs.

JESÚS In the summer of 2012, ''Los Boscos'' choir went to Salamanca, because of the project ''¡C@ntamos C@ntigo!''. We met my mates at school at 8 o'clock approximately and we got on the bus. The trip lasted about 5 hours but, I enjoyed it so much with my mates. When we arrived at Salamanca, we went to the school ''Maristas Champagnat'' that it was really big and beautiful. We went into the theatre and waited for the people that were coming to watch us singing. The little children were very funny and the enjoyed our little concert, then, finally, we played a singing game about the jungle that was great! When we finished the concert, we stayed at the school visiting the class-rooms and it was really great! We took so many photos!Then, we went to the hostel to choose our rooms and to change our clothes.

Later, we went to the centre of the city, and we had a ''tour'' watching the cathedral that was crowded and one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve ever seen. We spent half an hour watching what we could buy from the souvenir shops. When we had bought the souvenir, we went by bus to the hostel again and we had free time at the living-room, next to the canteen.

Later, we went to have supper at the canteen. The meal was really good, and we were talking about what was the day like, and we all said that it had been really good. The following day, we got up earlier to have breakfast, and, a few hours later, we went to the adventure park. There were zips, bow shooting, blowguns, rock climbing and some funny games too. It was a perfect weekend for me, it was super fun and I enjoyed every minute of it.

MANUEL I went to Salamanca, with my Choir’s friends, for two days. We stayed in Lazarillo de Tormes shelter. I slept with Carlos, Ismael and Sergio Ugarte. It was fantastic! During the day, we sang in Maristas Champagnat School. I was happy when my family (uncle, aunts and my cousin) went to the school to know how I was. After it, we walked around the city, I visited the marvellous Cathedral, the hall town and I watched the frog at the University. I took a lot of photos. I bought a red jumper of the university, a little frog and a t-shirt. At night we went to the shelter to had dinner. We had chicken with chips and I drank water.People from Salamanca were polite and friendly.We had a good time, the weather was fantastic and it was sunny and hot. On Sunday we went to a Park Forest I enjoyed with tirolinas and archery. I think Salamanca is one of my favourite cities in Spain. I will go to another time because I enjoyed a lot.

MATÍAS I am Matías and I sing in the Los Boscos Choir. Last year, Los Boscos choir went to Salamanca to work in a project called ¡Cantamos Contigo! and we sang some songs in the school Maristas Champagnat. The trip was very long. To get to Salamanca we moved into a shelter. I was in a room with Jesús, Samuel, Carlos and Mendez. Later, we went in the school Maristas Champagnat to sing and teach our project: ¡Cantamos Contigo! After, we went to the shelter to eat and play there and sleep. Next day, we sightsaw Salamanca to see and buy souvenirs of the city. We went to the old part and we saw the frog in the University of Salamanca. To finish, we went to the shelter to eat and pick our things and then go on a zip line for fun. In the ziplines we did a test to move on to the circuits. After doing the test, we could do all the circuits. I passed all circuits but it took me strong effort to do it. Later, we played with a blowgun, other group played with an arc and other with a spider web. To finish, we went to the bus to go back to Logroño in a long trip.

ALBERTO My experience was memorable in Salamanca, my grandfather and his family are salamantines. It was the first time I went to Salamanca, but I think I visited sometimes in the past to my family.

The first day, we went to the school very early in the morning and during the journey we were laughing, playing, ...

When we visited the school salamanca Marist Champagnat, we had a good warm welcome. Then we sang and then at the end we made a very funny game with them. We went to the the hostel, left our bags, ate and went to visit

Salamanca Cathedral. We saw the frog, the home of the shells and the Plaza Mayor.

Next day we went to an adventure park. We really had fun.

AINTZANE Last year the choir went to Salamanca for receive a prize. We left the school at 7 o’clock in the morning by bus, the journey lasted approximately 4 or 5 hours. The journey was very boring. When we arrived at Salamanca, we went to the school and we met other choir in the school. The headmaster of the Salamanca’s choir gave us the prize, then we sang all together. Later we went to the hostel, we slept one night at that hostel, and we also had the lunch, dinner and the breakfast. In the afternoon we went to the ancient town and we saw the cathedral, the university of Salamanca and later we bought some souvenirs in the streets. At night we had dinner at 9 o’clock and then we went to our rooms. The day after, we went to a place in the forest where there were some ropes and we passed a tree to another tree in some circuits in differents levels and later we did archery and some other activities like climbing walls. We stayed all the morning, in this forest. This was a really amazing trip in Salamanca, I liked it very much, I would like to repeat this journey. I enjoyed every minute.

PABLO ALMENARA The journey to Salamanca was fantastic. It was an exciting adventure that all of the people who went enjoyed it. It was also a thrilling experience for the choir to travel to another community and spend a day there. The worst thing was the long four hours of the trip in the bus but finally, we arrived fine.

The hotel that hosted us was amazing; it had lots of rooms, a dining room, a game room and a giant TV where we watched the football match between Chelsea and The Bayer of Munich. The walks around Salamanca were awesome because we visited the different buildings of the city, like the cathedral, the university, the house of shells, the town Hall and lots of other places. We also did a concert at Salamanca´s University and I think all the students that were listening to us enjoyed it a lot. But the most impressive place we went was the adventure park where we had the most fun. The way back home was a bit of a deception because we were full of beans and I think none of us mined staying a day or two more.

SARA The experience in Salamanca was very cool. I went to many places, such as the cathedral which was really beautiful.

We had to search the animal of

luckiness in Salamanca, the frog. If you find it, you will return someday to Salamanca, and I found it. Besides, we went to visit Salamanca. I could buy beautiful souvenirs that it was written; « suerte Salamanca » with a small frog. It was lovely. Also we went to a school to sing. In that school took a picture all together.I slept in a hotel, in a room with my friends. I love Salamanca!!

SARA I have seen on pinterest the pictures of the travel to Salamanca and I have remembered that happy and funny time.

When we arrived, we went to Maristas Champagnant because we met with the students. We did a tour in Salamanca. We also saw the cathedral of Salamanca, indoors and outdoors, we looked for the astronaut and the frog. If you find the frog you will come back to Salamanca. We went to the city hall too. At night we hanged out with the pupils and we had a good time. We could buy souvenirs or the family and for us. The last day, before going back to Logroño, we went to a multi adventure park and we did lot of things: archery, circuits on the top of the trees, there were zip lines and team games. It was a fantastic travelling there and we had a really good time. I would like to go back to Salamanca.

SOFÍA In the morning, when we arrived to the city, we went to Maristas school Champagnat and sang a lot of songs (Mayumana song, Imagine, The child of the choir..). We also played a song about the jungle´s song. We sang some songs with Champagnat´s choir too. In Salamanca we visited a lot of churches, including the old cathedral and the new cathedral. The old cathedral is from Romanesque style and the new cathedral is gothic. In the old cathedral we could go up to the tower and saw the tallness area. We saw the house of shells that is an important building in Salamanca. We fetched the frog in the university. I liked the bigger place.In the bigger place there was a town hall and the Councilor allowed us to go in and look out through the balcony. After visiting the town hall teachers gave up free time to visit the city and bought different souvenirs. The hostel was very comfortable but the best time was in the adventure park. I had a wonderful time but it was too short.


Hello, my name is Sonia, and I study at Los Boscos School, 1 º A of secondary school. I want to tell you welcome to our project ¡C@ntamos contigo! I want to tell you too, that we saw your video presentation, I think it was so original and beautiful. I remember last year when we went to Salamanca. When we arrived to Salamanca we went to our hostel to save our suitcases. Then we visited the Maristas Champagnat School, because we were going to sing a song for them. When we finished it, it was so late and we went to the hostel to have dinner. Next morning we went out to visited the important monuments and cathedrals, we had good luck because we could go up to the cathedral, it was fantastic because there were fantastic views. In the afternoon we went for a walk, and we saw the `Salamanca´s frog´, and later we bought some souvenirs to remember this wonderful journey. Next day we went to an adventures park, with its test in the trees, archery... I love all the experience in that park but the best was the archery, I love it. Then we had to come back to Logroño  This journey was the best of my life.

Memories from SALAMANCA  

Los alumnos de la ESO terminan de ver las fotos en el tablón de Pínterest y han decidido recordar aquel momento que vivieron junto a sus com...

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