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MAXIMOS ANGELAKIS industrial design portfolio

Hi, I am a second year Design for Industry student at Northumbria University. I am looking for a 3 to 6 month design placement starting in March 2018 to gain experience in the design industry while working with professionals to develop both my design and personal skills. I am a responsible and organised individual who loves solving problems with the end user always in mind. I consider every single detail of my designs and I do not stop until the solution feels right. 19, living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, from Athens, Greece.

+44 7564 074668 more at:

EDUCATION 2016-2020


Design for Industry BA (HONS)






International Baccalaureate Diploma

Exhibition Design

- Visual Arts, taught me the fundamentals of design and introduced me with materials, colour theory and various techniques. - Computer Science, helped me think like a designer by solving problems as well as learning JAVA, CSS and HTML.

- learned how to plan and organise an exhibition - had to take full advantage of the given space - worked under pressure.


BTEC Art & Design Summer Course - worked with metal, glass and ceramics - gained manual photography skills - worked under pressure to create a new portfolio.


Web Design - worked in a professional environment, with deadlines while taking responsibility of the whole project - challenged to organise the company’s wide range of products into simple categories which made me think like a consumer.

- gained knowledge of the design industry, the manufacturing processes and the various materials. - developed time management and group working skills, - model making skills, using tools and various machinery, - CAD and Adobe software skills. 2014-2016



Senior High School Diploma



The Mars Challenge *References available upon request


BIRD BOX Design a durable bird box, that is easy to clean and can be supported by a single nail fixing while considering its materials and manufacturing process. FEBRUARY 2017

The front panel's texture is rough so birds can climb inside. No perches to avoid predators.

Ventilation holes on the bottom, thick walls and black colour maintain a warm interior.

Magnets embeded in the front panel make it easy to take apart and clean.


Design a small portable speaker for mass production, considering the positioning of its components. MAY 2017

TAKE IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO The standard ¼”20 tripod mount on the speaker's top allows the user to attach a hook or even a tripod.

After figuring out the ideal shape and size for the speaker, I experimented with five different ideas before deciding on the final design.

The entire step by step research and development for this project can be found at:

LAMP Design a lamp using just a large sheet of polypropylene. Consider the shadows the lamp is casting. SEPTEMBER 2016

SHADOWPLAY The lamp appears like a simple lamp when off, but when it turns on, a pattern of shadows appears on its sides. Depending on the colour and the intensity of the light inside it, the shadows are altered.

iOS DARK MODE CONCEPT This concept imagines an iOS version designed for iPhone X’s beautiful OLED display. Inspired by watchOS, which takes advantage of the Watch’s OLED display. Having a systemwide ‘dark mode’ also means maximizing the phone’s potential battery life. DECEMBER 2017


The entire concept can be found on my website:

PET COFFIN Design a flat pack pet coffin with simple instructions that can be easily constructed by a 7 year old who lost his beloved pet. NOVEMBER 2016

Designed to be compatible with most kinds of death rituals around the world, it includes a service for cremation or embalming of the pet. In case the coffin has to be hung, small hangers are included on the sides. It also comes with a small folder for any special, for the pet, object to place inside the coffin.

PARALLEL LINES Design a way to reduce loneliness and social isolation in young people. DECEMBER 2017

Visual Questionnaire


of teenagers surveyed felt happy when they were not at home.


of teenagers surveyed felt lonely when they were home or out with strangers.



of teenagers between the age of 18 and 24 said they were feeling lonely.


hours a day in front of a smartphone increase the risk of depression by 71%.


teenagers are four times more likely to suffer from depression than people over 55.

of teenagers surveyed felt happy during the day and felt lonely or sad at the end of the day.

At the same time... 406 million #happy posts 5.4 million #lonely posts

MEDITATE TOGETHER WITH PEOPLE FROM ALL ARROUND THE GLOBE "Mindfulness meditations reduce anxiety" Study by Massachusetts General Hospital

"Mindfulness based therapy helps to prevent and treat depression" Study by American Psychological Association

Wacth the Today section in action.

Wacth the Activities section in action.

We will partner with local mindfulness events in coffee shops and university campuses. Users can join most events for free and meditate together while making new meaningful connections.

Businesses can benefit f community gatherings b customers for free.

"A great idea! Creates a community, which is the loneliness."

Aimee Jackson / Psychotherapis

from our by gaining new

real sense of e opposite of


Wacth the Community section in action.

REPLICA The watch is made entirely by hand using the exact measures of the real one. I stacked different thicknesses of plastic card together and sanded them until each piece had the desired shape and size. The watch also has a working clasp mechanism.

WRIST WATCH Create an exact replica model of an expensive wrist watch using just white styrene sheets.

COMPUTER MOUSE Create an exact replica model of a common, everyday object using pink foam. The mouse replicated is the Apple Magic Mouse 2. /foam FEBRUARY 2017

The watch replicated is the Rolex Submariner. /stacked styrene sheets MARCH 2017

HIGH CHAIR Design a high chair for children based on a persona you create, considering its manufacturing process NOVEMBER 2017

MIGH CHAIR The chair is built with polycarbonate plastic that is especially durable and easy to clean. The removable table doubles as a safety strap which locks into place under the seat. The chair grows with the child. The three removable inserts and the removable tray, extend the chairs’ life cycle and is the only one that the family will need.

2-3 years

3-4 years


5-6 years

6+ years




Just turned 2 and wants to sit at the table with everyone else.

• found that high chairs are difficult to clean • were told to stay away from 2nd hand equipment due to dangers of misuse by previous owner • find buckles difficult to remove and uncomfortable for the child • want a versatile, long lasting chair.

• very active • loves blue • likes knowing he has grown bigger than his friends. • likes playing while eating.

This is the final 3D printed model with working inserts and tray. The model is next to the first cardboard prototype. 1:5 scale.

HAIR DRYER Redesign an everyday object considering its form, function and product details. MARCH 2017

The hairdryer was invented in the 19th century and has since remained unchanged. With technology constantly advancing and more professionals using the product, there is room for a better hairdryer. I looked at professional hairdressers to find out how I could improve the design. Most hair professionals handle the hairdryer from its body instead of handle and all of them just use one setting. The final concept imagines a hairdryer that is wireless, has no handle and it doesn’t get hot to the touch, has one option and a magnetically interchangeable set of attachments.


Industrial Design Portfolio  

Design for Industry student at Northumbria University of Newcastle

Industrial Design Portfolio  

Design for Industry student at Northumbria University of Newcastle