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BAKE Baking Tools 17 Store and Carry 19 TupperChef™ Baking Forms 20

COOK Chef Series Pure Cookware 21 UltraPro™ Range 23 Warmie Tups 25 MicroSteamer™ 27 Micro Urban 28 Micro Pressure Cooker 29

STORE Heat ‘N Eat Range 31 Freezer Storage 33 Fridge Storage 35 Pantry Storage 41

ON-THE-GO Picnic Set 45 Hydration 47 Lunch Boxes 49 Snacking 50 Kid’s Toys 51 Grow With Me Range 53

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Products marked with this icon are supported by a cookbook full of delicious recipes. Sold separately, see page 26.

All measurements shown within are represented in centimetres. All prices are GST inclusive. Display accessories shown in this publication are not included in the advertised prices.

Here comes the sun... It’s time to get social! Gather your friends and family and share the fun of a Tupperware party. If you haven’t partied with us, now is the time to enjoy an interactive cooking demonstration. We’ll share our kitchen secrets and you’ll learn how to prepare time-saving weeknight dinners, sweet treats and easy, healthy snacks. Let one of our culinary Consultants take you on a testdrive of our innovative product range. Plus, as a valued party host, you can qualify for tonnes of rewards as a thank you.


Add a touch of glamour to your outdoor entertaining with our new duo-tone Allegra range of serveware. All serving bowls are dishwasher-safe and come with a tight-fitting Seal to ensure the dishes you take with you arrive ready to impress.

Condiserves Set Set of three 200ml, 600ml, 1L $70au $83nz

Allegra 740ml Bowl 19.2l 20.2w 6.4h $24au $28nz Allegra 1.5L Bowl 24.5l 25.9w 7.8h $40au $46nz Allegra 3.5L Bowl 30.7l 32.2w 10h $56au $64nz Allegra 5L Bowl 30.7l 32.2w 13.2h $65au $75nz 3

Allegra 275ml Bowls Set of two 15d 6.2h $22au $25nz

Allegra Divided Server

Allegra Servers

The perfect table companion for nibbles, dips & crackers, and family-friendly DIY tacos and pizza toppings.


41l 14.6w 4h

$10au $12nz

$39au $45nz


A masterful fusion of flavour



10 mins

4 – 6 burger patties




750g white fish fillets (i.e. flathead)

4–6 burger buns or rolls

¼ cup fresh coriander, roughly chopped

Fresh coriander

Fit the Fusion Master Mincer with the Coarse Mincer Disc. Mince the fish into a mixing bowl. Add fresh coriander. Feed minced fish through the Fusion Master Mincer for a second time.

1 red or green chilli, finely sliced

1 red onion, finely sliced

2–3 spring onions, finely sliced

1 red chilli, finely sliced

¼ cup Thai red curry paste

1 Lebanese cucumber, ribboned

½ lime, zest and juice

2 spring onions, finely sliced

Salt and pepper

Sweet chilli sauce (or other Thai sauce option) Lime wedges

Add remaining ingredients to mixture; mix together with clean hands and form into 4–6 burger patties. Place the Chef Series™ Pure Cookware 24cm Frypan over a medium heat. Add a droplet of water to the frypan. If the water droplet forms a mercury bubble, add the oil. Spread oil across the entire base of the frypan. Add fish patties. Cook for 4–5 minutes on each side or until cooked through and golden. Serve fish patties in burger buns or rolls with fresh coriander, onion, chilli, cucumber, spring onions, chilli sauce and lime wedges.

TUPPER TIPS • Once the burger mix is prepared, rinse hands with cold water and form burgers with wet hands to prevent the burger mix sticking. • Leave your cookware to cool completely before cleaning. Do not rinse a hot pan in cold water. • Burgers can also be barbecued.


KEEP IT REAL If you love to cook, and like to know exactly what your family is eating then the Fusion Master System is for you. Keen on homemade sausages? Then start with the Mincer. Love exotic salads? Give the Grater a go. If you’re after a fresh take on summer, try our new Ice Shaver. Wind and grind a flavour-filled granita in moments. Great fun for cocktail hour.

$149au $171nz

Fusion Master Grater 25.3l 13.3w 30.6h $149au $171nz

Fusion Master Ice Shaver 25.3l 13.3w 30.6h $89au $102nz


21.5l 11w 25h



Fusion Master Mincer

BUILD YOUR OWN FUSION MASTER SYSTEM Mincer Attachments If you own the Grater or Ice Shaver Sets, complete the System with the Mincer Attachments.

Grater Attachments If you own the Mincer Set complete the System with the Grater Attachments.

Ice Shaver Attachments If you own the Mincer Set complete the System with the Ice Shaver Attachments.

1 x White Hopper, 1 x Cutting Blade, 2 x Mincer Discs, 1 x Sausage Insert, 2 x Cookie Inserts

1 x Red Hopper, 4 x Grater Cones $100au $115nz

1 x Red Hopper, 1 x Ice Shaver Cone with Protective Sleeve

Buy cones only*

Buy cone onlyˆ

* If you already own the Ice Shaver Set

^ If you already own the Grater Set

$100au $115nz

$80au $92nz 7

Cutting Blade

Metal Parts


$40au $46nz

$20au $23nz



The Time Savers range of multi-function food processors chop, dice, puree, blend and whip with the simple pull of the cord. Turbo Chef® 300ml capacity

Perfect for garlic, herbs, nuts and dips

10.8d 9.2h $69au $79nz

Twin Turbo Want to plan ahead? Chop and store in the fridge — herbs in one, homemade dip in another, both ready-to-go. Set of two bases and Seals 300ml capacity 10.8d 6.3h $49au $56nz


Smooth Chopper™ Chop veggies and whisk batters in the Turbo Chef’s big brother. 730ml capacity 10.8d 15.3h $93au $106nz

Extra Chef™ This time-saving big boy is made for families. Dice large amounts of veg, ready for pasta sauce or pizza toppings, make the perfect mayo or aoli, or whip up an omelette for a crowd. It’s like having another pair of hands in the kitchen. 1.35L capacity 15.6d 19.5h $125au $143nz



Chop Collector 2.5L capacity 24.8l 25.7w 14.8h

The right tools for the job means a more professional finish. And the kitchen is no different. Our brightly coloured Universal™ Series Knives help you achieve the perfect result, every time.

$29au $33nz

U-Series Knife Collection Seven piece Set Paring Knife – 19.3l Utility Knife – 24.1l Serrated Utility Knife – 27.1l Filleting Knife – 32.8l Bread Knife – 34.5l Chef Knife – 34.6l Knife Sharpener* 20.3l 6.4w 15.6h (opened) Flexible Cutting Mats Set of four 38l 29w $49au $56nz

Colour coded to avoid cross-contamination

11.6l 7w 5.8h (closed) $269au $309nz

U-Series Knife Sharpener $54au $62nz

Knives 11

Knife Sharpener

*Knife sharpener also sold separately.

RELEASE YOUR INNER CHEF These super-sharp, Japanese stainless steel knives give even the most discerning home cooks more confidence in the kitchen. Modern and ergonomic, they’re perfectly weighted for your safety and ease of use.


Chef Series™ Pure Knife Collection Seven piece Set $554au (rrp $616) $636nz (rrp $708)



SAVE 10%



1) Chef Knife 34l $129au $148nz 2) Carving Knife 33l



$94au $108nz 3) Bread Knife 34l $99au $114nz 4) Filleting Knife 31l $87au $100nz


5) Serrated Utility Knife 26l $69au $79nz 6) Utility Knife 24.5l $69au $79nz 7) Paring Knife

Chef Series Pure Knife Essentials Set Six piece Set includes: Knife Block Chef Knife Bread Knife Paring Knife Utility Knife Kitchen Scissors $499au $569nz

19l $69au $79nz

Every knife comes with a protective sheath


Knife Block 12

SLICE OF THE ACTION MandoChef®* French fries, chunky chips, scallops or crinkle cut — and that’s just potato. The MandoChef is your salad saviour this summer, and all year round. 39.3l 14.6w 8.1h (frame closed) 35.9l 14.6w 15.1 h (frame opened) 38l 29w (Mat) $148au $170nz

Straight / V-Shaped Blade

Crinkle Cut Blade

Grater Blade *Hand guard/food guider must be used for all tasks. Blades must remain locked when not in use or when cleaning. Colour may vary slightly to image. 13


3 mins




2 bunches asparagus, ends trimmed

Cut asparagus with the Chef Series™ Pure Chef Knife. Fill the Chef Series Pure Cookware 24cm Frypan with water and bring to simmer. Add asparagus and cook for 2–3 minutes. Drain asparagus and plunge into a bowl of cold water*. Set aside.

⅛ red cabbage

Fit the MandoChef ® to the 2mm position fitted with the Straight / V-Shaped Blade. Attach red cabbage to the MandoChef Food Guider and slice.

4 small radishes 1 small green apple

Using the same blade, change the MandoChef to the 1mm position. Attach a radish to the MandoChef Food Guider and slice. Repeat this step with the remaining radish and green apple.

2 cups curly green kale, finely chopped

Place sliced ingredients into a large serving bowl, along with the kale, rocket, spring onions, chickpeas, salt, pepper and cooked asparagus; toss to combine.

60g baby rocket

Sprinkle over the pistachios, almond flakes and crumbled feta.

3 spring onions, finely sliced

Dress salad and immediately serve.

400g tinned chickpeas, drained and rinsed Salt and pepper 80g pistachios, lightly roasted 80g almond flakes, lightly roasted

Place dressing ingredients into the EZ Shaker; shake to combine.

TUPPER TIPS • Add microgreens, edible flowers or the tops of sunflower sprouts for ‘wow’ factor. * Placing asparagus into cold water stops the cooking process and allows the asparagus to keep its vibrant green colour!

150g feta, crumbled

DRESSING ¼ cup (60ml) olive oil 2 tsp (10ml) apple cider vinegar 1–2 lemons, juice and zest 1 tsp wholegrain mustard Salt and pepper


TupperChef™ Kitchen Scissors

Spinning Chef


23.1d 18h

$45au $51nz

$80au $92nz

Ergologics Can Guru

Ergologics Ice Cream Scoop



$66au $76nz

$45au $51nz

Season Serve® Your barbecue’s best mate. Textured surface ensures marinade reaches all sides. 32l 26.5w 10.8h $50au $58nz Junior Season Serve 25l 20.5w 8h $37au $43nz


Garlic Wonder™ 17.4l 3w 7.4h $49au $56nz



SAVE 15%

Reach for the right helper every time with our range of Kitchen Preparation Tools. Use them with stainless steel, non-stick cookware or microwave and oven dishes. These tools don’t just look good in your kitchen; they’re sturdy, reliable and heat resistant to 200˚C.*

KP Tools Collection Seven piece Set

1) KP Mini Grater

$113au (rrp $133) $130nz (rrp $154)

27.9l 5.8w 1.7h $19au $22nz 2) KP Scoop & Drain 31.8l 10w 3.9h $19au $22nz 3) KP Simple Spoon 31l 6.4w 0.7h $19au $22nz 4) KP Slotted Turner 32.8l 8.1w 7.9h $19au $22nz 5) KP Masher 29.9l 7.9w 7.5h $19au $22nz 6) KP Ladle 28.8l 9.7w 8.2h


$19au $22nz



7) KP Beater^ 30l 7.4w 7.4h $19au $22nz KP Tools * Soft grip handles heat resistant to 80˚C ^ KP Beater heat resistant to 120˚C

Grate ̕ N Measure™ 11.2l 8.6w 21.3h $35au $40nz





Snack Press Handy system to mold, muesli bars, gnocchi, croquettes and more. 630ml capacity $50au $57nz

Moving Tray 16

TupperChef™ Spatula Medium

Decorating Bag & Nozzles



$34au $39nz

$40au $46nz

Sift ‘N Store 2 cup capacity 18.8l 12w 14.6h $40au $46nz

Includes 5 nozzles Measuring Cups Set of six. ¼, ⅓, ½. ⅔, ¾, 1 cup. 12.9l 7w 10.8h (nested)

Measuring Spoons 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 15ml, 25ml $16au $18nz

$27au $31nz

TupperChef Spatula Thin 30l $24au $27nz

EZ Shaker 600ml capacity 9.9l 11.1w 22.6h $25au $29nz

EZ Mix ‘N Pour 2L capacity 23.7l 17.2w 15.5h $42au $48nz EZ Prep 200ml capacity 10.6l 9.5w 10.5h $26au $30nz 17

Watch how the EZ System works

Slimline Digital Scales* One touch to switch between imperial and metric measures to 2kg. Tare button zeroes your measurement so you can keep adding measured ingredients as you go. 25l 17.5w 2.2h $79au $91nz ThatsaÂŽ Bowl Junior 3L capacity 28l 23.1w 11.5h (includes thumb handle) $29au $33nz Thatsa Bowl Medium 4.5L capacity 31.5l 28w 13.5h (includes thumb handle) $41au $49nz

* Not for professional commercial use. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Covered by a limited 2 year warranty 18


Store and carry baked treats in style using our range of storage solutions. Keep your lovingly made cakes, slices and cupcakes fresh and ensure you arrive safely with them in one piece. Less stress, more fun. Slice ‘N Store Whether you’ve got a work morning tea, or providing slices for the school fete, this is the pair for you.

Expandable Cake Taker From low, open topped tarts to multi-tiered celebration cakes, this taker stores them with ease.

Set of two

30d 8h (collapsed) – 14h (expanded)

29.2l 18.2w 5.3h

$68au $78nz

$54au $62nz

Doubles in height to suit short or tall cakes! Savoury Keeper Keep a stack of sausage rolls or pies fresh and ready-to-go.

Sweet Keeper Keep your sweet treats fresh for longer.

32l 21w 6h

$39au $45nz

$45au $51nz


22l 22w 8h

EASY BAKED BAGELS 15 mins + 30 mins rising time

26 mins




225g baby potatoes, peeled

Pierce potatoes with a fork. Add potatoes and water to MicroCook Pitcher, cover and microwave at 800 watts for 10 minutes.

1 tbs water 8g instant yeast 200ml lukewarm water ½ tsp sugar 350g plain flour or 00 flour 30ml olive oil

Remove from microwave and allow potatoes to cool slightly. Mash until smooth. Set aside. Place yeast, water and sugar in a Thatsa ® Bowl Junior, whisk to combine then stand for a few minutes to activate yeast. Add flour, olive oil, salt and mashed potatoes and stir to combine. Knead dough until it no longer sticks to the sides of the Bowl. Seal Bowl and leave in a warm place to rise for 30 minutes.

1½ tsp salt

Preheat oven to 200°C. Place TupperChef ™ Baking Rings onto a baking tray.


Knead dough for 1 minute then divide into 12 portions. Press a portion into each Baking Ring cavity.

Fillings of choice (i.e. smoked salmon and cream cheese; ham and salad; or chicken, avocado and mayonnaise)

Bake for 16–18 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through. Remove from oven and cool before unmolding. Serve with your filling of choice.

TupperChef™ Baking Rings 12 x 70ml cavities

TupperChef Baking Sheet

30l 19.3w 4.5h

$59au $68nz

$71au $82nz

35.3l 31.5w 1.1h

TupperChef TupCakes Forms 12 x ½ cup cavities

TupperChef Baking Domes 12 x 74ml cavities

30l 19.3w 4.5h

29.8l 19.4w 4.4h

$71au $82nz

$71au $82nz

Silicone Baking Forms and Baking Sheet


GENIUS. PURE AND SIMPLE. The Chef Series™ Pure Cookware range is designed for efficient cooking with the highest quality 3 ply stainless steel promising even heat distribution. Design smarts include the handy Cover that stands on the rim while cooking or checking progress. The clever part; all drips return to the pot. 24cm Frypan 45.8l 24w 11.1h $199au $229nz

2.8L Saucepan 37.5l 22.4w 15h $269au $310nz

3.8L Casserole 36l 26.4w 14.7h $299au $344nz

Unique valve system with 3 settings 5.9L Casserole 38l 28.4w 17.6h $339au $390nz


Chef Series Pure Cookware


20 mins + standing time




2L water

Bring water to a boil in the Chef Series™ Pure Cookware 3.8L Casserole. Add noodles and cook for 12 minutes or as per packet instructions. Strain and run under cold water. Transfer to the Allegra 5L Bowl. Set aside.

250g soba noodles 1 carrot

Set the MandoChef ® to the 0mm position fitted with the Grater Blade. Attach carrot to the Food Guider and slice lengthwise. Repeat with cucumber.

1 cucumber

Dial the MandoChef to the 2mm position fitted with the Straight / V-Shaped Blade. Attach red cabbage to the Food Guider and slice lengthwise. Repeat with brussel sprouts.

⅛ red cabbage 200g brussel sprouts ½ bunch coriander, finely sliced 4 spring onions, finely sliced 1 tbs coconut oil

Place the Triple Blade Attachment into the Smooth Chopper™, add all dressing ingredients; lock Cover into position and pull the cord several times until contents are smooth in consistency. Toss dressing through noodles and vegetables. Set aside. Place the Chef Series Pure Cookware 24cm Frypan over a medium heat. Add a droplet of water to the frypan to check the temperature. If the water droplet forms a mercury-like bubble, add the oil. If the water splatters, remove frypan from heat to cool slightly.

2 salmon fillets Salt and pepper

DRESSING 2.5cm piece ginger, peeled ½ cup grapeseed oil or rice bran oil 2 tbs sesame oil 2 tbs light soy sauce or tamari sauce 4 spring onions, roughly chopped 1 tbs brown rice vinegar

Combine sliced vegetables, coriander and spring onions with soba noodles.

Add salmon and cook for 2–3 minutes on each side or until salmon is cooked to your liking. Season generously with salt and pepper. Add salmon to noodles and vegetables. Serve with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

TUPPER TIPS • For a gluten-free dish, use 100% buckwheat soba noodles (available from health food shops), rice based miso and gluten-free tamari sauce.

TO SERVE 2 tbs sesame seeds

Cover fits both Casserole and Frypan

Chef Series Pure Cookware Essentials Set Includes 24cm Frypan, 3.8L Casserole & 24cm Cover $399au $459nz



If you’re a traditionalist and like it oven baked, or a modernist and like it hot and fast, then it’s time to welcome UltraPro™ home. With tandem cooking you can start your dish in the microwave, for speed, and finish it in the oven, delivering texture and flavour. It’s also stackable so you can cook more than one dish at a time, and fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe. UltraPro 2.5 Litre Round 2.5L container, 650ml Cover/Dish 25l 22.8w 15.8h $148au $170nz

$203au $237nz

UltraPro 3.5 Litre Oval 3.5L container, 800ml Cover/Dish

UltraPro Oval Stack 3.5L container, 2L container, 800ml Cover/Dish

30l 22.6w 15.5h $168au $193nz

$229au $263nz

UltraPro 3.3 Litre Rectangle 3.3L container, 1.2L Cover/Dish

UltraPro Rectangle Stack 3.3L container, 5.7L container, 1.2L Cover/Dish

36.5l 26.6w 10.3h $167au $191nz


UltraPro Round Stack 1.5L container, 2.5L container, 650ml Cover/Dish


$260au $298nz

Find this Middle Eastern Lamb with Roasted Eggplants recipe in the UltraPro Rectangle Cookbook



The Warmie Tups double-walled insulation keeps your meals hot or chilled for up to 90 minutes longer. The Outer Bowl doubles as an alluring piece of standalone serveware for salads, fruit or bread. 2.25L Warmie Tup Includes 2.25L Inner Bowl, 2.4L Outer Bowl & Serving Spoon 28l 24.5w 13.9h (when assembled) $71au $81nz

3.25L Warmie Tup Includes 3.25L Inner Bowl, 3.4L Outer Bowl & Serving Spoon 28l 24.5w 17.4h (when assembled) $79au $90nz

2.25L Warmie Tup Multi-Server Includes 2.25L Inner Bowl 2.4L Outer Bowl 28l 24.5w 13.9h (when assembled) $62au $71nz


We call it confidence in the kitchen Find easy meal inspiration within the pages of these mini cookbooks, whether you’re new to UltraPro™ or looking to increase your Micro Pressure Cooker repertoire. Just $10, each cookbook features delicious recipes with full colour photography and product information, use and care. Micro Pressure Cooker Cookbook UltraPro Rectangle Cookbook UltraPro Round Cookbook UltraPro Oval Cookbook Time Savers Cookbook Extra Chef™ Cookbook Fusion Master Cookbook MandoChef® Cookbook Micro Urban Cookbook MicroSteamer™ Cookbook Chocolate Cookbook $10au/nz EACH

Products marked with this icon are supported by a cookbook full of delicious recipes: 26


Change meal prep forever with our MicroSteamer. A unique base shields your food from microwaves, allowing true steam cooking. Enhance the natural flavours, colours and textures of your food. MicroSteamer™ Steamer Base with Colander Tray 1.4L Steamer Base without Colander Tray 2.5L Colander Tray 600ml 26.3d 13.7h $149au $171nz

MicroSteamer Ramekins Set of eight, 80ml 5.5l 5.5w 5.7h $36au $41nz


MicroCook Pitcher 1L capacity

Large Microwave Rice Cooker 3L capacity

20.6l 15.5w 12.9h

27l 23w 16h

$64au $73nz

$49au $56nz

Comes with FREE recipe booklet

Microwave Pasta Cooker* 1.9L capacity 29.9l 15.4w 11.8h $38au $43nz


The ultimate 3-in-1 solution, the Micro Urban allows you to steam and cook vegetables and meats, as well as rice, pasta and other grains. Make quick and healthy meals while saving time, energy and space. Micro Urban 21.6l 24.8w 13.7h $129au $148nz






The Micro Pressure Cooker creates melt-in-your-mouth meats and nourishing meals in less time than it takes to walk your dog. We’re talking 15–25mins, depending on the dish. Trust us, it’s extraordinary, or book a Party and see the results yourself. Micro Pressure Cooker 28l 26w 16h $230au $264nz

*The Micro Pressure Cooker has the same Guarantee as all Tupperware products, except for the silicone cover gasket, the pressure indicator gasket with pressure indicator, pressure regulator valve and safety lock plug. These components are covered by our Q Guarantee. In case of replacement, they will be replaced as a set.



20 mins + 10 mins standing time




2 tsp – 1 tbs chipotle or Mexican hot sauce

Combine hot sauce, paprika, cumin, cacao powder and cayenne pepper in a bowl. Rub mixture into chicken thighs*. Place into the Micro Pressure Cooker with the remaining ingredients; mix together.

2 tsp smoked paprika 1 tsp ground cumin

Cover and lock the Microwave Pressure Cooker, and microwave at 900 watts for 20 minutes. Remove from microwave and leave Micro Pressure Cooker to rest until the pressure indicator drops. Transfer chicken to a platter and gently pull apart the flesh with two forks.

2 tsp cacao powder

Prepare tortillas as per packet instructions.

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

Serve pulled chicken in tortillas, topped with grilled corn, red cabbage, red onion, avocado, coriander and lime wedges.

650g chicken thighs


1 red onion, diced

* For best results, leave chicken to marinate overnight.

2 cloves garlic, crushed 60ml water 1 tsp sugar or coconut sugar

TO SERVE 12 mini flour or corn tortillas 1 corn cob, grilled, kernels only ⅛ red cabbage, finely sliced ½ red onion, finely sliced or diced ½ avocado, sliced Fresh coriander 2 limes, cut into wedges



Plan ahead with our Heat 'N Eat range and enjoy quick and easy mid-week meals and leftovers. Space saving sets store meals in the fridge or freezer, so you can have a meal ready to heat and eat in just minutes. Virtually foolproof, if you forget to pop the vents they’ll open under pressure, saving you a messy microwave. The handles stay cool once your dish is warmed and they’re dishwasher safe too. Every home and office kitchen needs them! Heat 'N Eat Rectangle Mini Set

Heat 'N Eat Rectangle Twin Set

3 x 260ml Rectangles 14.1l 9.8w 5.3h

2 x 1.5L Rectangles 19.5l 14.6w 10.5h

$49au $56nz

$69au $79nz

Great size for those little leftovers

Heat 'N Eat For Four Set

Heat 'N Eat Three Course Set

2 x 600ml Rectangles 19.5l 14.6w 5.3h

3 x 600ml Rounds 18.5l 16w 6h

2 x 1L Rectangles 19.5l 14.6w 7.5h

$89au $102nz

$115au $132nz


Heat 'N Eats

From fridge or freezer to microwave in one container 32


Lock in freshness and flavour with our stylish FreezerKeepers™. A range of sizes and a funky colour palette make it easy to colour-code and organise the freezer. A must-have for planners! FreezerKeeper Mega Set 8 x Small Low, 450ml 15.2l 11.4w 6.2h 8 x Small High, 1.1L 15.2l 11.4w 11.8h 4 x Medium Low, 1L 22.6l 15.7w 6.2h $199au (rrp $240) $228nz (rrp $272)

SAVE 15%


FreezerKeeper Starter Set 2 x Small Low, 450ml 15.2l 11.4w 6.2h 2 x Small High, 1.1L 15.2l 11.4w 11.8h 1 x Medium Low, 1L 22.6l 15.7w 6.2h $60au $68nz


Inner walls feature Colour Control™ coating to substantially reduce staining

FreezerKeeper Family Set 2 x Small Low, 450ml 15.2l 11.4w 6.2h 3 x Small High, 1.1L 15.2l 11.4w 11.8h 2 x Medium Low, 1L 22.6l 15.7w 6.2h $88au $100nz

Modular to save space – an organiser’s dream! FreezerKeeper Large Low Set 2 x Large Low, 2.25L 31l 23w 6h $76au $88nz

Cool Cubes Why cover your cubes? To save spills, keep out freezer smells, and keep your baby food portions pure. 28 x 20ml cavities 28.6l 11w 4.6h $50au $58nz



See all the way to the back of the fridge, miss nothing. Cool Mates and Clear Mates are like a filing system for the fridge, making it simple to be organised and stay organised. Cool Mates design smarts include channels to keep protein clear of juices, in-mold storage guides and easy fit seals. Clear Mates feature liquid tight seals, perfect for wet deli goods.

Clear Bowls Set 3 x 750ml bowls 17.4d 5.3h $59au $68nz

Cool Mates Medium Low Set 2 x Medium Low, 1.8L 28.5l 19w 7h $52au $60nz

Clear Mates Large Rectangle Set 1 x Large Rectangle #1, 685ml 22.4l 15w 3.5h 1 x Large Rectangle #2, 1.62L 22.4l 15w 6.5h $57au $65nz

Cool Mate Medium High 4.4L capacity 28.5l 19w 13.5h $33au $38nz

Clear Mates Square #2 Set of two, 1040ml 15l 15w 6.5h $54au $62nz


Clear Mates Mega Set 2 x Mini #2, 205ml 7.5l 7.5w 6.5h 1 x Rectangle #2, 460ml 15l 7.5w 6.5h 4 x Square #2, 1040ml 15l 15w 6.5h 2 x Large Rectangle #1, 685ml 22.4l 15w 3.5h 1 x Large Rectangle #2, 1.62L 22.4l 15w 6.5h $198au (rrp $233) $227nz (rrp $268)

SAVE 15%


Clear Mates Medium Set 2 x Mini #2, 205ml 7.5l 7.5w 6.5h 1 x Rectangle #2, 460ml 15l 7.5w 6.5h 1 x Square #2, 1040ml 15l 15w 6.5h $76au $87nz



The unique VentSmart™ System features adjustable vents in the Seal to provide variable airflow. Why? Because different fruits and veggies require different amounts of air circulation to optimise their life and quality. Save time, money and waste. VentSmart Mini Set

VentSmart Small Set

4 x Mini, 375ml 14l 9.5w 7h

2 x Mini, 375ml 14l 9.5w 7h

$49au $56nz

1 x Small Low, 800ml 19l 14w 7h 1 x Small High, 1.8L 19l 14w 13.5h $79au $91nz

VentSmart Medium Set 2 x Medium Low, 1.8L 28.5l 19w 7h 1 x Medium High, 4.4L 28.5l 19w 13.5h

In-mold label storage guide will never wash away

$99au $114nz

VentSmart Large High 6.1L capacity 38l 19w 13.5h $59au $67nz


VentSmart Mega Set 2 x Mini, 375ml 14l 9.5w 7h 3 x Small Low, 800ml 19l 14w 7h 2 x Small High, 1.8L 19l 14w 13.5h 2 x Medium Low, 1.8L 28.5l 19w 7h 2 x Medium High, 4.4L 28.5l 19w 13.5h $244au (rrp $288) $281nz (rrp $331)

SAVE 15%


* Eco Bottles sold separately.


Juist 500ml fill capacity (300ml juicing capacity) 11.5d 19.4h $27au $31nz



10 mins



2 cups (180g) rolled oats or quinoa flakes1

Preheat oven to 180°C.

½ cup (45g) flaked almonds ½ cup (40g) coconut flakes ¼ cup (40g) pepitas ¼ cup (40g) chia seeds or flax seeds ¼ cup (30g) pecans, roughly chopped ¼ cup (40g) coconut oil, melted ¼ cup (60ml) almond or peanut butter ⅓ cup (80ml) maple syrup or rice malt syrup2 1 tsp vanilla bean paste


Place the TupperChef ™ Baking Sheet on an oven tray. Set aside. Place all ingredients, except berries, in a Thatsa ® Bowl Junior and mix until well combined. Spread evenly over the Baking Sheet and bake for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and gently stir. Return to the oven and bake for a further 10 minutes. Add berries to granola mix and stir to combine. Allow to cool completely then store in a Modular Mate ® Oval #3. Serve with yoghurt or milk for brekky, or keep handy for a healthy snack throughout the day. 1

Gluten free option


Sugar-free option

1–2 tsp cinnamon Pinch of salt ¼ cup (40g) dried berries (i.e. cranberries, blueberries, etc.)

TO SERVE Yoghurt or milk Fruit of choice





1 cup pineapple, cubed

Using the Juist with the collar inverted, crush the pineapple and mango.

1 cup mango, diced 3 oranges 1 passionfruit

Flip the Juist collar and juice the oranges. Stir in the passionfruit and serve in two tall glasses over plenty of ice.

Ice cubes



Whether you’ve got tiny apartment cupboards or a generous butler’s pantry, your dry goods will thank you for choosing the original Modular Mates. The modular design maximises your available space and clear windows let you see what you’ve got on-hand. Give your dry ingredients the longer shelf life they deserve.

Modular Mates® Oval Set 2 x Ovals 1, 2 cups 2 x Ovals 2, 4½ cups 2 x Ovals 3, 6¾ cups 2 x Ovals 4, 9¼ cups 1 x Oval 5, 11½ cups (Pour-All-Seal) $204au $234nz

Bonus: 4 x Handy Scoops Modular Mates® Home Start Set 2 x Mini Rectangles 1, 3⅓ cups 1 x Mini Rectangle 2, 7½ cups 2 x Ovals 2, 4½ cups 2 x Squares 2, 10½ cups $168au $193nz


Choose from our three Seal colours: Black



Modular Mates Mixed Pantry Set 2 x Ovals ½, ⅔ cup 2 x Ovals 2, 4½ cups 1 x Oval 3, 6¾ cups (Pour-All Seal) 1 x Oval 4, 9¼ cups 1 x Square 1, 4¾ cups 2 x Squares 2, 10½ cups 1 x Square 3, 16 cups $241au $277nz


Choose from our three Seal colours: Black



Greystone 9.5



9.5 22.8 17.3 11.7 6.2









18.8 28.5 22.8 17.3 11.7 6.2

7 43





MODULAR MATES® OVALS 1) Oval 1 – 2 cups

$15au $18nz (Plain)

$17au $20nz (Pour-All)

2) Oval 2 – 4½ cups

$20au $23nz (Plain)

$22au $25nz (Pour-All)

3) Oval 3 – 6¾ cups

$24au $27nz (Plain)

$26au $29nz (Pour-All)

4) Oval 4 – 9¼ cups

$27au $31nz (Plain)

$29au $33nz (Pour-All)

5) Oval 5 – 11½ cups

$30au $35nz (Plain)

$32au $37nz (Pour-All)

Modular Mates Spice Set Large Set of four, 1 cup capacity

Choose from our three Seal colours: Black



9.9l 4.5w 11.6h $38au $44nz Modular Mates Spice Set Small Set of four, ½ cup capacity 9.9l 4.5w 5.8h

Carousel rotates for easy access

$32au $37nz Spice Carousel Grey Cosmos 20.7l 15.8w 20.7h $39au $45nz

6) Super Oval 5 Pour-All 22 cups. $44au $51nz

MODULAR MATES® SQUARES 7) Square 1 – 4¾ cups $25au $28nz 8) Square 2 – 10½ cups $30au $34nz 9) Square 3 – 16 cups $35au $40nz 10) Square 4 – 22 cups $40au $46nz

Holds approximately 4kg of potato

Potato Mate

Holds approximately 2.5kg of onions & garlic

28.8l 18.2w 22.8h $69au $79nz Onion Mate 28.8l 18.2w 17.3h $63au $72nz

11) Modular Mates Spaghetti Dispenser Round 5, 4¾ cups. $26au $30nz Modular Mates Container Labels $20au $23nz



Eat outdoors anytime, anywhere with our stylish picnic range. Insulated bag keeps food fresh and safe from insects, sand and sun.

Arctic Picnic Set 1 x Picnic Bag 44l 25w 30h 4 x H2O On-The-Go, 500ml 6.4l 6.4w 19.2h 1 x Microfibre Towel 37.5l 64h

Features 2 internal pockets for ice packs

Stylish pleather detailing & adjustable padded carry strap

4 x Plates (includes seal) 27.5l 18w 2h 2 x Mini Rectangle Storers, 250ml 13l 6.3w 7h 1 x Low Square Storer, 650ml 13l 13w 7h 2 x Low Rectangle Storers, 1.4L 26l 13w 7h $199au $229nz

P lates stack and seal for quick and clean transport after use Picnic Bag & Microfibre Towel

Arctic Large Serving Centre 35d 9.8h Handy Bowl, 450ml 12.8d 6.7h $69au $79nz


H2O On-The-Go

Storers & Plates



Stay hydrated all day long with our range of BPA-free drink bottles. Pop them in an Active Carrier for a smart and practical combo to take you from home, to work, to working out — in style. Eco Bottles, 2L Set of two 11.5d 30h $49au $56nz

Active Carriers* 500ml 8d 19h $17au $20nz 1L 9d 24h $19au $22nz 2L 12d 26h $21au $24nz

* Eco Bottles sold separately.

Eco Bottles, 1L Set of four 8.5d 28h $59au $68nz

Eco Bottles, 500ml Set of four 7.5d 21h $36au $41nz



Eating well is easy using our meal sets. Look forward to healthy salads and hot lunches. Take them anywhere your day may lead you.

1 x Salad On-The-Go Bowl 1L (includes cutlery and mini tumbler) 20d 8.4h

Thermal Flask Keep hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool for up to 6 hours. Enjoy teas and fruit fusions all day long with a built-in tea strainer.

2 x Square Away Containers 14l 13w 4h

420ml fill capacity 7d 20h

Eco Bottle, 750ml 8d 24.4h

$59au $68nz

Salad Set

$62au $71nz

Handy for dressings & dips

Eco Bottle

Hot Lunch Set 1 x Crystal Wave, 800ml 20d 8.4h 2 x Handy Bowls, 450ml 12.8l 6.7h Eco Bottle, 750ml 8d 24.4h $56au $64nz

Handy Bowls

The Crystal Wave ensures even heat distribution for a hot, steamy lunch

Eco Bottle

Crystal Wave 48


Imagine the delight as you open your lunchbox. A sushi roll or two in one corner. A fruity snack in another. A mouth-watering wrap neatly tucked into its own compartment (no cross-contamination thanks!). Our lunch boxes are as cute as they are practical.


Divided Square Lunch Box Set of two. 550ml capacity

Divided Square Lunch Box Set of two. 550ml capacity

Tropical Water/Wasabi

Mango/Purple Daisy

17l 15.5w 5h

17l 15.5w 5h

$34au $39nz

$34au $39nz

Large Divided Lunch Box 1L capacity

Large Divided Lunch Box 1L capacity


Tropical Water

25.5l 16w 5h

25.5l 16w 5h

$19au $22nz

$19au $22nz


Healthy snacks throughout the day keep you focused, energised and ready for anything. Whether it’s to keep the little ones happy or a quick bite while on the go, we’ve got you covered with our range of snack containers. Snack On-The-Go Set of four, 160ml capacity

Snack Cups* Set of four, 125ml capacity

10.6l 9.2w 3.6h

8d 5.2h

$26au $30nz

$28au $32nz

Everyday Bowls* Set of four, 500ml capacity 18.3d 5h $49au $56nz

* Seals are not microwave reheatable. 50

PLAYTIME CLASSICS Mini Party Picnic Set Who can resist this cute kids’ set? In gorgeous sorbet colours, young and young at heart will love to play afternoon tea time. 1 x Mini Pitcher 9.6l 6.7w 13.2h 4 x Cups 4.7d 6h 1 x Mini Cake Taker 15.8l 14.3w 8.5h 1 x Cake Server 13.3l 4 x Plates 10.1l 10.1w 1.4h $34au $39nz



TupperCanoe Float their boat with years of bathtime fun. 25.7l 13w 8.6h $44au $51nz




Shape-OÂŽ This classic toy is a rolling rattle and shape sorter that teaches colours, shapes, numbers and logic. 11 pieces 16d $45au $52nz





This versatile range will be your tot’s companion as they take their baby steps towards greater independence. Each of the components are interchangeable and adaptable depending upon your child’s needs as they grow. The removable handle, snack cup cap, sippy top, flow control dial and drinking ring all fit on the 150ml, 250ml and 350ml bases. Convert any base into a smooth rimmed tumbler when your child has mastered the skill of drinking independently.

Snack Cup Cover


Flow Control Dial

Drinking Ring

150ml Snack Cup Base

Straw Cap


250ml Base

350ml Base

Tumbler and Snack Cup

Feeding Set

1 x Tumbler with Cap, 250ml 7.4d 13h

1 x 240ml Feeding Bowl 13.8l 11.6w 5h (including handle)

1 x Snack Cup, 150ml 7.4d 6.4h

1 x 430ml Feeding Bowl 17.8l 16.5w 4.4h (including tab)

1 x Flow Control Dial 7.4d 4.1h

1 x Fork 13.7l

1 x Sippy Top 7.4d 4.6h

1 x Spoon 13.7

1 x Handle 12l 7.9w

1 x Cutlery Keeper 16l 6w 3h

$39au $45nz

$39au $45nz

Whole Set


Sippy Top

Flow Control Dial, Tumbler


Whole Set

Feeding Bowls




¼ ripe avocado, roughly chopped

Place the Triple Blade Attachment in the Turbo Chef ®, add banana and avocado; lock Cover and pull the cord several times until contents are pureed*.

½ ripe banana, roughly chopped

Straw Tumbler 1 x Straw Tumbler, 350ml 7.4d 15.6h 1 x Straw Cleaning Brush 15l

*Add water, if needed.

Tumbler Straws Set of three

Formula Dispenser


$17au $19nz

$8au $9nz

9.5d 9h

1 x Drinking Ring 7.4d 1.3h $22au $25nz


Choose Life Imagine calling the shots. Everyday. With Tupperware you can build your business around your personal goals and what’s important to you. You determine when you work and how often. Simply schedule your business around your family, lifestyle commitments and what you are striving to achieve. Whether you’re at university and need flexible working hours, on maternity leave and don’t want to return to full-time work, a stay-at-home mum or dad needing additional income, or approaching retirement and need to supplement your superannuation — Tupperware could be the answer. WORK FOR YOURSELF. NOT BY YOURSELF. At Tupperware, we believe in you. In who you are today. And who you can become tomorrow. For over 60 years, we’ve helped people just like you — all around the world — succeed by empowering them to be their best selves. We’ll support you with the tools, know-how and community you need to go places you never dreamed possible. Whether it’s extra cash in your pocket or the growth of your own fulfilling, successful business, Tupperware can help show you the way. So go ahead, dream big. And then dream even bigger. Make a choice today that could change your life tomorrow.

Find out more about the flexible earning opportunities a Tupperware business can bring. Register your interest with your Consultant today.

“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.” – Ken Levine

PRODUCT CARE GUIDE Safe for use in the microwave at 500 watts. Adjust your microwave as necessary. Safe for use in the microwave at 600 watts. Adjust your microwave as necessary. Safe for use in the microwave at 800 watts. Adjust your microwave as necessary. Safe for use in the microwave at 900 watts. Adjust your microwave as necessary. Safe for use in the microwave at 1000 watts. Adjust your microwave as necessary.

Do not use on stovetops, under grillers, BBQ’s, campfires in conventional or convection ovens. Not for use under the griller. Hand wash and towel dry with a soft cloth to retain the products appearance. Blades are very sharp, keep out of reach from children.

Do not cook without water. Handle is heat resistant to 80ºC. Melting is not covered by Lifetime Guarantee. Blades are not suitable for chopping ice. Do not use for mixing hot liquids.

Tupperware does not recommend adding liquids that have fat content. Staining is not covered by Lifetime Guarantee. Not recommended for hot or carbonated liquids. Chewing not covered by Lifetime Guarantee. Melting is not covered by Lifetime Guarantee. Do not use abrasive liquids or metal scourers. Guarantee. Guarantee.

Print design covered by

Her success in Tupperware has brought with it unforgettable trips to Macau and Hawaii in the past couple of years, with the opportunity to join almost 100 others on another all-expenses-paid trip in September, this time to Dubai. Lisa adds, “Receiving a brand new car and being able to travel with my husband is something I never thought we’d be able to do.”

“I get rewarded with these trips just for telling people about our fantastic products. Tupperware has everything set up for you. There’s a self-promoting career path and if you challenge yourself you can step up to the next level as quickly as you want to.” Digital tools help Lisa communicate efficiently with her large and geographically dispersed team. “We use a Facebook Group and live streaming. It’s been a great way to stay connected with my team members. I’ve definitely up-skilled as my business has grown.”

Do not use knives or sharp utensils.

Ceramic components covered by

Now with a team and more than $1 million in sales in a single year, Lisa’s new small business is doing big things.

Despite her success, the rewards and recognition never fail to amaze.

Not suitable for freezer.

Blades covered by

Long hours and the unsociable environment of a mechanical workshop left Lisa Gogoll wanting more from a business. Turning to Tupperware was a way to make a little money while having some much needed fun. Little did Lisa know her social venture would grow.

“I never thought living in a small country town in the Barossa would enable me to develop such an amazing team”, says Lisa.

Not intended for use in microwave.

Covered by

LISA GOGOLL Diamond Leadership Manager VIVID SALES (SA)



For full Warranty statements and information, please visit

With two active boys, Jayden (6) and Isaac (4), Lisa relishes her newfound flexibility. “I don’t have to juggle anything. It’s the school and kindy drop-off, and then I pick them up around whatever I’ve got on that day. I’ve been able to watch my boys grow up.” “I can’t see myself doing anything other than Tupperware. I want to help and mentor others so they can see how amazing this opportunity is. I get to do this every day!”

To find out more about how you can experience the confidence being a Tupperware Consultant brings, visit or

Shine bright like a diamond

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Ss17 seasonal catalogue - Tupperware Australia  

Spring Summer Catalogue 2017

Ss17 seasonal catalogue - Tupperware Australia  

Spring Summer Catalogue 2017