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DECORATI.COM Interview with Angela Free…

Decorati is excited to present a guest interview by All the Best Blogger Ronda Carman. Ronda has featured many design industry icons in her online guide to stylish living. We are thrilled to have her as Decorati's guest interviewer, featuring a conversation with Angela Free. Living a culturally rich life that most people only dream of experiencing, Angela Free honed her design aesthetics at an early age. Born in Japan, Angela lived in Tokyo for fourteen years and then spent her teens in London. Fully immersed in the rich resplendent cultures of Europe and Southeast Asia, she returned to the States for University. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley Angela began her international career in design and fashion more than twenty-five years ago. Renowned for her timeless interiors, classic aesthetics and worldly mix of styles, Angela's designs are imbued with a deep appreciation for the English, Europe and Asian motifs. "It is important to me that interiors are not only sophisticated and chic, but also livable, inviting spaces." Angela achieves this objective through the intimate partnerships she fosters with clients. With every endeavor, Angela develops close, attentive relationships with her clients, striving to celebrate their individuality, interests, and daily essentials for living and entertaining. Equally important to the success of any design firm is the business side of the enterprise. Having worked in merchandising, product development, planning and marketing with several Fortune 500 companies Angela delivers a full service approach to her design clients. How do you see the Internet changing interior design? It is a positive change for my business on many levels. It provides instant access to an unprecedented range of product that allows the design research process to be more productive and far reaching. If we believe in the aesthetic and cultural benefits of design, then exposing more consumers to design en masse is a good thing. What goes into design is not simply product. It is likely that a certain percentage of the population will develop a more sophisticated palette and seek out design services to help them realize beautiful interiors.

What is the only other occupation you would consider? Maybe a champagne taster, though it is probably more glamorous as a concept than it would be in reality. I would love to work with flowers and plants in some way. Rooms don't seem complete until something organic and living is layered into the interiors. I would love to have the perfect little flower shop complete with wonderful accessories, without any of the endless schlepping that all designers know goes on behind the scenes of any sort of design or retail effort. What are you favorite design books? I'm not sure that I have met a design book that I didn't like—love them all! It seems there is always something new to see or a clever interpretation of the not so new. I love Elsie De Wolfe, Billy Baldwin, Axel Vervoordt, Alberto Pinto and Vicente Wolf. I am hoping that someday I will see the wonderful work of Orlando Diaz Azcuy in print. How would you describe your design style? First and foremost I design rooms that are a personal reflection of those who inhabit the space. Subtly layered rooms with rich soft colour, a wide range of materials, a multiple of varied textures, tasteful details and always understated—never staid, excessively opulent or a pastiche of a bye-gone era. What inspires your designs and creativity? Inspiration can come from both the simplest detail encountered in an ordinary day or a grand gesture. Things do not have to be expensive to be compelling. I am very drawn to interesting, unusual, beautiful fabrics. Many times fabrics are the spark for my design schemes. Of course travel always provides a re-charging of the inspiration bank. What is your favorite luxury in life? Season tickets to the San Francisco Ballet. Eight amazing, awe-inspiring evenings are a real delight. What is your most prized possession? My family and friends. Each and every one of them are precious. Who are your style icons? Audrey Hepburn; Cate Blanchett; Lara Antipova, and Katharine Hepburn.

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Decorati All the Best