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DECORATI.COM Interview with Angela Free…

Color Collective Designer Angela Free shares how to create a warm inviting space, using only shades of white.

“I think of the walls of a room as a constantly changing canvas as light moves through a space, against which all the other elements in a room interact and are viewed. This juxtaposition is where the magic happens!”

What inspired you to choose these colors? You might think that a room painted many shades of white would read as an absence of colour or cold, but the result is a marvelously complex light play. My objective with this room was to create a sense of light, calm, and livable comfort- an intimacy and a juxtaposition of soft colours popped with contrasts. Richness and depth in fabrics and window treatments are minimized to allow as much light as possible to enter the space. A very subtle faux linen paint pattern created by Katherine Jacobus, in multiple shades of white in each of the wall moldings, created a sense of depth and dimension, and served as a backdrop for setting off other shades and shapes. The paint on the ceiling is high gloss in a very pale rosy white which created a soft reflective glow.


Inner Wall MoldingSpanish White

Outer Wall MoldingWhite Dove

Molding and Crown Trim- Ceiling -Sand White Opulence Dollar

How do you go about choosing a paint color? First I would consider the mood I am looking to create. Something fun? Moody? Intimate? Second, I study the interaction of light. I ask, how does light reflect in the space? Does it complement or contrast the existing colors of everything else in the space. I then observe how the colors react to constant changes in light as the sun shifts throughout the day.

Have you ever had to reconsider a paint selection? I probably shouldn’t admit this but I recently painted my own tiny powder room more times than I can admit to in search of the perfect color - before finalizing on the most beautiful palest pink. I knew I had to make a final decision the day my painter pointed out that if we added even one more coat of paint we might not be able to get in an out of this rapidly and ever shrinking space.

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