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Confirmation/Contract for Speaking Engagement Date filled in: Sponsoring Organization: Name: Address: Event Contact Person: Name and Title: Address (if different from above): Business Phone:

Fax Number:

Day of event contact person: Cell Phone (for emergency contact purposes) Event Title: Date of Presentation: Angel’s Presentation Time: Start: End: Actual duration of event: Start: End: Location of Presentation : (Building name and address): Topic of Presentation: Estimated Number of Attendees: If available, please email an agenda of your meeting to Fee:


A deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the fee amount is required to hold the date on Angel's schedule (An invoice will be provided). The remaining balance will be due the day of the presentation (An invoice will be provided).

Additional Expenses: In addition to the speaker's fee, the Sponsoring Organization will also be responsible for all of the speaker's expenses necessitated by his or her appearance at your event (except in cases where the speaker has a travel-inclusive fee). . Specifically, additional expenses may include: ·Ground Transportation (taxi, or rental car - to/from departure airport and to/from arrival airport) ·Airfare ·Accommodations 08/13


Logistics: Parking: Describe where to park? Will parking be validated? Equipment for workshops and seminars: The seminar includes a PowerPoint presentation. Please provide the following: A projector that has the ability to project a power point presentation from a laptop. Screen (or a blank wall) Microphone (lavaliere, cordless or w/ long cord preferred) Must be provided if there will be 20 or more attendees. If any of the above equipment is unavailable, please let us know 2-3 weeks in advance. . Equipment for keynote talks of 45 minutes or less: Please discuss with Angel. Depending on the presentation, equipment may not be necessary. CANCELLATION BY Angel Adams: If Angel is unable to fufill her obligation to the Sponsoring Organization due to sickness, accident, or any unforeseen personal circumstances, she will provide the Sponsoring Organization with as much notice as possible. If cancellation is necessary, Angel will endeavor to reschedule the program, but will not be liable for any expenses or losses incurred. Should Angel need to seek an alternative under any of the above circumstances, and the Sponsoring Organization not accept the recommended alternative, the Booking Contract will be terminated. Angel will refund all deposits paid, and return any airline tickets and other travel vouchers received, constituting the limit of her liability. Angel is not responsible for weather; airline, taxi & hotel strikes; and other accidents which prevent her from arriving at the event on time. Angel will phone the contact person upon leaving her home to travel to the event city, and phone again on arrival. Angel Adams reserves the right to withdraw from this speaking engagement in the event that (1) the deposit due at signing, (2) the plane ticket or (3) the hotel confirmation (where applicable) has/have not been received 30 days in advance of the event date and as a result, the Sponsoring Organization forfeits the 50% speaker's fee signing deposit as the limit of its liability. CANCELLATION BY Sponsoring Organization : If the event is cancelled by the Sponsoring Organization, the deposit may be applied to another program within one year of the cancelled program date. In the case of a cancellation by the Sponsoring Organization more than 21 days prior to the event the Sponsoring Organization forfeits the 50% speaker's fee signing deposit as the limit of its liability. In the case of a cancellation by the Sponsoring Organization less than 21 days prior to the event, 100% of the total fees shall be payable to Angel Adams by the Sponsoring Organization. In the case of a cancellation, any reasonable fees incurred by Angel Adams may also be payable. All cancellations must be made by email to, and will not be deemed cancelled until the Sponsoring Organization has received a cancellation confirmation email by Angel Adams.

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Angel Adams Speaking Contract  
Angel Adams Speaking Contract