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Arkansas Professional Pathway to Educator Licensure (APPEL) -formerly Non-Traditional Licensure Welcome and thank you for attending. A handout and brochure are available as you enter. Please silence all electronic devices.

Arkansas Professional Pathway to Educator Licensure (APPEL) Arkansas Department of Education Office of Educator Effectiveness 4 Capitol Mall, Rm 104A Little Rock, AR 72201 January 2013 TTT Presentation

Two Important Websites ∗

Choose APPEL link on homepage Main source of information on APPEL “Before You Apply” Section


Registration for Praxis tests Study guides

Early Childhood (P-4) or Elementary K-6 Candidates

The Arkansas Department of Education, APPEL Program is

NO LONGER beginning in 2013-14 accepting candidates in Early Childhood P-4 or Elementary K-6

What is the APPEL Program? Two-year alternate route to an Arkansas Standard teaching license Teach while being prepared for Standard Teaching License Administered by Arkansas Department of Education

APPEL Highlights Benefits be a licensed classroom “teacher of record” in August 2013 First-year teacher salary with benefits receive a Standard Arkansas Teaching License after two years.

Who qualifies? Bachelor’s degree or higher (GPA requirements) Mid-career changers Retired military personnel

APPEL Overview Program Includes: Pre-Summer Academy Instructional Modules (I.M.s) Summer Sessions and Monthly Saturdays Attendance and successful completion of all I.M.s is mandatory. Blended Learning Model with Face to Face and Online Components

Teaching Mentoring

Dates To Remember Applications: February 18, 2013 to May 24, 2013 Praxis Test: Complete testing by March, 2013  Exact dates are available at the website.

Application/Admission Official Transcript(s) Test Scores (Praxis I and II) Proof of Background Check Online Application $1200 Program Fee

Praxis Testing Both Praxis I and Praxis II must be taken and passed prior to applying to the APPEL Program Can substitute GRE or other grad-level exam in place of Praxis I by meeting certain criteria Register for Praxis I and II at the website Take computer-delivered if offered for the particular exam (paper-delivered if this is the only option)

Can the APPEL Teacher teach more than one subject area? May be licensed in two of the core subject areas Praxis II exams determine the subject area and grade level All Praxis II content exams for both subject areas must be passed, and the teacher must be hired to teach in both areas

Core Subject Areas/Grade Level Drama 7-12 Earth Science 7-12 English 7-12 Foreign Language P-12 Life Science 7-12

 Mathematics 7-12  Physical Science 7-12  Social Studies 7-12  Speech 7-12

Can an APPEL teacher teach in more than one level? The grade levels for teaching are: Middle Childhood 4-8 only Secondary 7-12 only Certain subject area(s) P-12 only Certain subject area(s) 4-12 only

Absolutely no teacher in Arkansas can teach more than one level without going back to college and picking up a program of study for the level desired. APPEL’s can test in more than one level before entering APPEL, but the first job placement determines the level the teacher will teach for the duration of their time in the program.

Additional Coursework Three (3) credit hrs Arkansas History for: Social Studies (7-12) Middle Childhood (4-8)

Six (6) credit hrs Teaching Reading for: Middle Childhood (4-8)

Can apply to program w proof of current enrollment in spring 2013 to finish by end of May 2013 Must have official transcript with passing grade in the course(s) by June 10, 2013

Background Checks

Arkansas background check Federal background check Child Maltreatment Registry form

Complete Application Packet  Original Transcripts from every IHE attended

 All test score reports (Praxis I or substitute and Praxis II)  Transcripts showing additional coursework (if required) is completed or proof of current enrollment to complete by end of May 2013 Proof background checks have been initiated (copy of ASP 122, fingerprint card, and DHS form) Application submitted online All of the above in APPEL office by May 24, 2013 Tuition paid after orientation by deadline

Admission Paperwork Once admitted you will receive:  APPEL Acceptance Letter  APPEL Employment Eligibility Form  Information regarding APPEL Orientation 2013  Information regarding APPEL Site Assignment for 2013 Or if you application is missing anything you will receive:  APPEL Deficiency Letter (all deficiencies MUST be cleared by May 24, 2013)

Annual Instructional Cycle Summer Orientation (late May) Pre-Summer Academy (Online)

3-wks Instructional Modules Full day (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) First ten days at regional sites Final five days in Central Arkansas

Annual Instructional Cycle August

Teaching begins Mentor assigned

School Year

Monthly Instructional Modules

Face to Face (F2F) and Online Saturdays (September – April) Full day F2F (8am – 4pm)

Second Year Spring  Program Fee  Yr. 2 Letter of Employment Summer  Instructional Modules School year  Continue teaching, Mentoring,  Monthly Instructional Modules  PII Pedagogy or PLT

Finding a Teaching Position: ADE does not place candidates

What to take on an interview: APPEL Acceptance Letter Employment Eligibility Form Letters of recommendation Transcripts Praxis test scores

Other Alternate Routes to Licensure

Masters of Arts in Teaching Professional Teaching Permit Provisional Professional Teaching License

Contact Information

Ms. Camille Sterrett Teacher Recruitment Program Advisor (501) 682-5535

Contact Information

Ms. Ann Crosser APPEL Program Advisor (501) 682-5535

ADE Office of Educator Licensure

4 Capitol Mall, Rm 106B Little Rock, AR 72201 (501) 682-4342 Ask for a supervisor Email:

AR Department of Education  
AR Department of Education  

Arkansas Professional Pathway to Educator Licensure (APPEL)-formerly Non-Traditional Licensure