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Cave Fantasy Hand-knotted silk rug

A subterranean inspiration becomes an obsession. An exploration into the Earth’s core. Where minerals grow like plants alongside underground rivers. Crystals shine like phosphorescence, casting bright star-like reflections onto cave walls, reminding us of the vastness above ground. Thin cracks in the surface allow light to pour down deep into the core, providing essential light for an underground rainforest and new life that flourishes underground. What started as a sketching exercise, evolved into an obsession with caves and the magical, mysterious world within them. Imagination takes over as exploration begins. Scale is unexpected. Tiny worlds live inside fractures and ancient rocks. Enormous monolithic structures hold court and grow from every direction. Sounds and smells are otherworldly. Senses we were unaware of take over. The Cave Fantasy begins‌

Golden Cluster

Pyrite/Emerald Hand-knotted area rug

Tressiserratus by Laura Fuller

Sea Cave/Coal Hand-knotted rug

Origami Side Table in Cherry, Seafoam and Dandelion

Hyalusviridis by Laura Fuller

Mack Tote

Starry/Sapphire Hand-knotted area rug

Cave Fantasy T-Shirt/Gold

Glacier/Sunny Hand-knotted area rug

Cave Fantasy Hand-knotted silk rug

Cave Fantasy T-Shirt/Black

Starry/Onyx Hand-knotted area rug

Cave Fantasy Clutch/Blue

Glacier/Blue Hand-knotted area rug

Pyrite/Topaz Hand-knotted area rug

Cave Fantasy Clutch/Gold

angela adams was founded in 1998 by Angela Adams and Sherwood Hamill in Portland, Maine. Their work is known for a unique and optimistic visual language of color, pattern and form. Dedicated to celebrating a natural lifestyle, angela adams creates well-crafted modern home furnishings inspired by the timeless beauty of nature and the ever-changing landscape of both the natural and man-made worlds All glass sculptures created by Portland artist, Laura Fuller

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