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Assisted Living Facility Benefits


The greatest of all the benefits is safety. If a senior is weak, unsteady or visually impaired, living with other people can be a form of safety for him or her.

Healthca re

Nurses oversee all of the healthcare needs of residents, including supervising medication and coordination doctors visits, follow ups and outpatient services.


Assisted living often helps a resident make the bed, clean out the refrigerator, keep the floor clear and vacuum. Housekeeping includes many important tasks that lead to a safer and easier life.Â


Transportation. In an assisted living facility, transportation is provided for shopping, doctor appointments, recreation and even to visit friends.


In assisted living, meals are provided and they often offer many choices of food. But the biggest plus may be that people have company for their meals

In assisted living, they don't have to worry about repair responsibilities. If something doesn't work properly, they or a loved one can alert the administration and the problem should be fixed.


In assisted living, even those who swore they'd hate it often find, once they adjust, that they again enjoy the company of peers. They play cards, listen to music, exercise, have snacks, go to community events and have people come in to entertain them

Home-like environment

Assisted living communities tend to be more like traditional homes or condos, making the transition from home to the senior care facility an easier one

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Assisted living facility benefits  

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