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經訓 Our Motto 教養孩童,使他走當行的道,就是到老他也不偏離。 ─ 箴言22:6 Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. ─ Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)

理想 Vision 我們服事的兒童都認識上帝,熱愛耶穌,一生跟隨基督。 Our vision is to raise children to know, love and follow the Lord Jesus.

使命 Mission 1. 引領兒童認識上帝 To know God: . 藉著我們的教導,引領孩子尋求 神的真理,相信耶稣是獨一的真 神 Through our teaching and coaching, the child seeks for the truth of God and believes that Jesus is the only God. . 教導孩子建立固定讀經及禱告的習慣; The child reads the Bible and prays to God on regular basis; 2. 熱愛救主耶稣: To Love Jesus: . 孩子回應 神的愛,接受耶稣作為自己個人的救主 The child chooses to accept Jesus as his/her personal Savior and believes that Jesus is the Savior . 孩子遵行 神的話語,盡心愛主,也愛人如愛己。 The child obeys to the God’s discipline, loves God and loves others as him/herself; 3. 跟随耶稣: To follow Jesus: . 孩子公開承認自己的信仰 The child admits that he/she believes in the Lord openly; . 孩子在生活中將上帝放在首位,成為基督的精兵; The child puts God first in every aspect of his/her life, becomes a best troop of God;

價值觀 Value . 相信 神創造每一位兒童有其獨特性及價值並具發展的潛能 We believe every child created by God is unique and valuable with potentials for development. . 愛護和完全接納每一位兒童 We love & accept every child . 重視兒童的品格發展 We endorse the character development of children

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