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1.1st 一月之星生日會 January Birthday Party 1.14th 教會大掃除 Cleaning up in Church

11.6th 街頭佈道 Street Evangelism 11.20th 阿麟及 Tea 浸禮 Lun & Tea ‘s Baptism


1.29th 新年團拜 Lunar New Year Celebration


聖經百萬富翁比賽 Bible Millionaire Competition

12.9th 小組 2011 發展檢討 Review for Cell Development in 2011 12.10th 組長開會 Meeting of Cell Leaders 12.24th 平安夜報佳音 Christmas Caroling at Silent Night 12.25th 聖誕節主日崇拜 Christmas Celebration Sunday Service 12.31st 除夕詩歌感恩晚會 New Year Eve Thanksgiving Night


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111111 11.6th 街頭佈道 Street Evangelism 11.20th 阿麟及 Lun & Tea ‘s Baptism 1.1st一月之星生日會 January Birthday Party 1.14th教會大掃除 Cleaning up in Chu...

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