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10.2nd 翻譯班上課 Interpretation Class starts Cora 歡送會 Farewell to Cora

8.26th 詩歌分享會 Hymns Sharing Night 8.28th 蘭蘭浸禮 Lanlan’ s Baptism


10.30th 出席忠奸道之「You are the One」培靈奮興大會


Attend “You are the One” Revival Conference

9.4th 街頭佈道 Street Evangelism 9.10th 中秋打邊爐 Hotpot in Mid-Autumn Festival


9.17th-19th 出席香港真道教會培靈會 Attend Hong Kong Truth Church Revival Conference 9.25th 皓琪英國留學歡送會 Farewell to Grace for Study in England

p11 Review & Photo Album_  
p11 Review & Photo Album_  

101010 10.2nd翻譯班上課 Interpretation Class starts Farewell to Cora 10.30th出席忠奸道之「 “You are the One” Revival Conference 8.26th詩歌分享會Hymns Shari...