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Idee de L’Isle de Java. Jacques Nicolas Bellin, 1747 - 1775. $590 Framed. Attractive hand-coloured mid to late 18th century French map of Java and Madura Islands compiled by Jacques-Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772), hydrographer to the French Marine service, engraved by Jacob van der Schley (1715 - 1779) and published in Paris in Antoine F. Prevost’s L’Histoire Generale des Voyages between 1747 and 1775. The map differs from later versions in having less detail, particularly on provincial boundaries and no coastal depth soundings. Measures 205 x 430 mm. Very good condition.

Many people don’t realise that there’s a gallery above the Cazbar, so next time you’re having lunch or early dinner there, why not take ten minutes to come to the fourth floor and see us? We have an extensive collection of antique maps, prints and photographs with some of our new items featured here which have travelled all the way from Europe to be with us. During this Ramadhan month, we will follow the opening and closing times of the Cazbar. Signs in the bar. Carte du Japon et de la Coree. Pierre-Louis Crepy, 1767. $625 Mounted. An attractive and rare mid-18th century black and white map of Japan and the Korean peninsula by George-Louis Le Rouge and originally published in his Atlas Nouveau Portatif a L’Usage des Militaires et des Voyageurs in Paris in 1748. This edition of the map was published later between 1768-80 by Pierre-Louis Crepy (1753 - 1771), a member of the Crepy family of geographers, engravers, publishers and map sellers based in Paris between 1670 and 1785. Measures 207 x 271 mm. Very good condition.

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Kantor Taman E3.3 Unit A1 4th Floor (entrance via Cazbar) Jl. Mega Kuningan Jakarta Tel: +62 21 5764575 Fax: +62 21 5764576 Email:

Carte de L’Hemisphere Austral. Robert Benard, 1776 - 1785. $780 Framed. A rare late 18th century map of the Southern Hemisphere in outline colour showing the routes of the principal navigators and explorers in the region. These explorers and navigators included Mendana (1595), de Quiros (1606), de la Maire and Schoten (1610), Abel Tasman (1642), Edmund Halley (1700), Bouvet (173839), Carteret (1767) and finally Captain James Cook, whose journeys in the region during his two world voyages between 1768-71 and 1772-75 are recorded on the map. This map is engraved by Robert Benard and published by Andre Prevost in his French edition of Cook’s Voyages published between 1776 and 1785. Measures 545 x 540 mm. Very good overall condition.

Tabula Indiae Orientalis. Frederick De Wit, C. 1670. $3,200 Framed.

A very attractive coloured mid-to late 17th century map of South-east Asia and the East Indian Islands engraved by Johannes Lhuilier of Amsterdam for Frederick de Wit (1603 - 1706) and published in De Wit’s world atlas, Atlas sive description Terrarum Orbis around 1670. Frederick De Wit, an apprentice of William Blaeu, founded his own printing house in Amsterdam in 1648 and became one of the most prominent and successful map engravers and publishers in Amsterdam following the decline of the Blaeu and Jansson establishments. A good strong impression with excelent modern colour. Measures 460 x 564 mm.

Newsletter Edition 9  

Bartele Gallery Newsletter Edition 9

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