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Bartele Gallery Gambar-Gambar akan Peladjaran dan Kasoekaan Anak-anak dan Iboe-bapanja.

(Fig 1) Plate no. 1 of 24. This plate depicts typical day-to-day goings on in a typical dutch colonial home in Batavia.

During the last three decades of the nineteenth century, numerous illustrated children’s books on Indonesia were published, and one particularly curious print book, Gambar-Gambar akan Peladjaran dan Kasoekaan Anak-anak dan Iboe-bapanja, or Prints for the Education and Enjoyment of Children and their Parents, must not go without a mention. Published by G. Kolff & Co. in about 1870, this print set contains twentyfour chromolithograph school plates presenting domestic and social life of the Dutch and Indonesians, with captions printed on each plate in both Dutch and Malay. The plates are by G. J. Thieme, Arnhem, possibly after drawings by J. C. Rappard, who is referred to on Plate no. 19 and were created for the Malayan children to learn Dutch and the Dutch children to learn the Malay language. The richly coloured and lively plates each illustrate a specific relation to the life of the natives in the Dutch East Indies showing trades and professions, plants and animals, instruments and activities of indigenous life, and more. We have one complete original set of Gambar-Gambar in Bartele Gallery, but for those of you who are watching your wallet, reproduction sets are now available also. These come in a printed card folio or in a more decadent red box with the title embossed in gold-colour on the cover. Perfect for a that special gift perhaps?

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(Fig 2) Plate no. 2. Dealing with thieves & robbers.

(Fig 3) Plate no. 3. Bamboo and its many different uses.

(Fig 4) Plate no. 4. Different types of local trees.

(Fig 5) Plate no. 5. A warung and items associated with it.

(Fig 6) Plate no. 6. Villagers and their daily activities.

(Fig 7) Plate no. 7 showing different modes of transport.


Gambar-Gambar akan Peladjaran dan Kasoekaan Anak-anak dan Iboe-bapanja.