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Bartele Gallery Beautiful Old Photographs of Sumatra

(Fig 1) No. 8. Medan. Kesanan Street from North. J. B. Obernetter/C. J. Kleingrothe.

Sumatra’s O.K. 1890 - 1910. A superb publication both in terms of the quality of printing, as well as the selection of the images. The images give an excellent and stunning overview of Sumatra during the colonial period. Starting with Belawan, ten plates record life in the capital, Medan, followed by images of commercial interest including a Petroleum factory (figure 5 on proceeding page), tobacco and coffee plantations (figure 2, left). This collection of photographs also shows views of various parts of the island, including Sinabong, a Batak village called Roema-Kinangkong and Sibayak. These beautiful images were photographed by Charles J. Kleingrothe, who worked in Indonesia from 1889 to 1925, and printed by J. B. Obernetter in Munich, Germany.

(Fig 2) No. 35. Coffee-gatherer (Javanese Woman). J. B. Obernetter/C. J. Kleingrothe.

At Bartele Gallery, we have the full set which includes 65 of these numbered images on collotype plates with printed Bartele Gallery captions in German, Dutch Kantor Taman E3.3 Unit A1 and English. This set is 4th Floor (Via Cazbar) presented in its original blueJl. Mega Kuningan cloth portfolio which measures Jakarta, Indonesia 345 x 450 mm. Apart from Tel: +62 21 5764575 some very light foxing, this is Fax: +62 21 5764576 an excellent copy. Come and Email: see us to view the full set!

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(Fig 3) No. 6. Medan. Race-course. J. B. Obernetter/C. J. Kleingrothe.

(Fig 4) No. 43. Soengei-Belawan. Virgin Jungle. J. B. Obernetter/C. J. Kleingrothe.

(Fig 5) No. 18. Petroleum tin manufacturing & Petroleum tapping place. J. B. Obernetter/C. J. Kleingrothe.

Bartele Gallery Newsletter Edition 13  
Bartele Gallery Newsletter Edition 13  

Sumatra's O.K. By J. B. Obernetter and printed by C. J. Kleingrothe, Munich, 1890 - 1910.