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LOWER COSTS IMPROVE STAR RATINGS SUPPORT INTEGRATED CARE Non-medical in-home care services are now covered as an additional supplemental Medicare Advantage benefit, which includes the kind of services that members value

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Live-in and 24-hour care Personal care services Help with daily living activities

• Meal planning and preparation • Companionship • Errands and transportation

SYNERGY HomeCare® provides Medicare Advantage members with non-medical in-home care. We have designed our processes and systems to support members with an unparalleled level of personalized care and service. Our approach to in-home care even helps Alzheimer’s and dementia patients stay at home. We provide operational consistency and support for our clients’ clinical and operational protocols, and technical and financial goals.

MEET HOME CARE … SYNERGY STYLE WE HELP YOUR MEDICARE ADVANTAGE MEMBERS STAY INDEPENDENT IN THEIR HOMES STAR RATINGS SYNERGY HomeCare understands the importance of Medicare STAR ratings, the nearly 50 measures that go into them, and how to help Medicare Advantage plans achieve and maintain 4+ STARS. Our non-medical in-home aides can be key players in a plan’s efforts to improve HEDIS performance (e.g., getting physicals, immunizations, blood pressure screenings), provide extra support for those with chronic conditions, improve the member experience, and reduce complaints.

COST EFFECTIVE CARE We support Medicare Advantage plans in providing high-value care to keep beneficiaries healthy, minimize disease progression and provide care in the most effective setting at HOME.

DATA AND REPORTING We use objective data to identify, understand and validate our impact on the plan’s population, with patient satisfaction metrics, changes in clinical condition, inventories of completed tasks, and percentage of on-time services, to name a few.

COORDINATED PREVENTIVE CARE AND READMISSIONS We can function as part of a broader preventive care strategy, supporting consistent high-quality care that can be coordinated and integrated across provider settings, and we can help contain and reduce hospital readmissions with our effective in-home care programs.

Call Katrina Cope SVP, Medicare Advantage at 1.844.685.2111 or email at katrinacope Visit medicareadvantage.

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