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VOLUME Xviii NO. 4 | February 16-29, 2020 | WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA

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‘IMdon’t mind’ 

ANILA, Philippines — Contrary to his Defense chief’s earlier remarks, US President Donald Trump admitted that he does not mind the Philippines terminating its Visiting Forces Agreement TRUMP, 14 with the US.

A farmer carries harvested salt at a salt farm in Barangay Wawa, Nasugbu, Batangas on Thursday morning. Thick clouds were observed as Taal Volcano continues to release steam-laden spew plumes. Alert level 3 remains in place according to Phivolcs.-Domcar Lagto, ABS-CBN News

Samsung makes too many phones

Samsung unveiled three flagships this week: the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. It also showed off a new foldable called the Z Flip, which honestly looks and feels far superior to the incredibly similar Motorola Razr. That’s four entirely new handsets that the company just unleashed.

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DOH braces for local COVID-19 transmission


ANILA, Philippines — Local transmission of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) may be inevitable, as observed now in nine other countries, prompting the Department of Health (DOH) to brace for the possibility of community outbreaks in the Philippines. doh, 14


The Eagles Concert

Dwyane Wade says his 12-year-old kid came out as transgender

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Court orders arrest of Kapa founder, officials for fraud raps THE Regional Trial Court of Bislig City has ordered the arrest of Kapa-Community Ministry International’s (Kapa) founder, key officers and promoters for the investment fraud charges initiated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Bislig City Regional Trial Court Branch 29 on February 11, 2020 iss u e d Warrants of Arrest against K a p a founder and president Joel Apolinario, trustee Margie Danao and corporate Secretary Reyna Apolinario, along with promoters Marisol Diaz, Adelfa Fernandico, Moises Mopia and Reniones Catubigan. The Warrants of Arrest were issued after prosecutors at the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed criminal charges against Kapa for violations of Republic Act No. 8799, or the Securities Regulation Code (SRC). In separate information, the DOJ has accused Kapa of “willfully, unlawfully and criminally” engaging in the selling or offering for sale or distribution of securities in the Philippines without a registration statement duly filed with and approved by the SEC. Accordingly, the DOJ charged Kapa, along with Apolinario and Danao, of violating Sections 8(8.1), 26.1 and 28 of the SRC. It also indicted Diaz, Fernandico, Mopia and Catubigan for violation of Section 26.1 of the SRC for promoting the investment scam. The DOJ further charged Diaz before the Antipolo Regional Trial Court for violation of Section 28. It filed similar Informations against Mopia and Fernandico with the Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 93. The Quezon City Regional Trial Court earlier issued a Warrant of Arrest against Fernandico and Mopia on Decem-

ber 2, 2019. The criminal proceedings stemmed from the complaint filed by the SEC on June 18, 2019 against Kapa for the unauthorized sale or offering for sale or distribution of securities to the general public. In a resolution issued on September 25, 2019, the DOJ found probable cause to bring charges against Kapa, affirming the findings of the SEC. The commission found Kapa to have enticed the public to invest at least P10,000 in exchange for a 30 percent monthly return for life, without having to do anything other than invest and wait for the payout. The SEC also found Kapa to have employed a Ponzi scheme, an investment program that offers impossibly high returns and pays investors using the money contributed by later investors. Under Section 8 (8.1) of the SRC, securities shall not be sold or offered for sale or distribution within the Philippines without a registration statement duly filed and approved by the SEC. Section 26.1 further provides that it shall be unlawful for any person, directly or indirectly, in connection with the purchase or sale of any securities to employ any device, scheme, or artifice to defraud. Section 28 adds that no person shall engage in the business of buying or selling securities in the Philippines as a broker or dealer, or act as a salesman, or an associated person of any broker or dealer unless registered with the SEC. The SEC initially issued an advisory against Kapa in March 2017. It would later issue a Cease and Desist Order on February 14, 2019 and an Order of revocation of the Kapa’s Certificate of Incorporation on April 3, 2019.-Sun.Star Cebu

Taiwan mulling retaliatory measures against Philippines over travel ban — MECO exec The Taiwanese government is mulling retaliatory measures against the Philippines after the Department of Health confirmed that the travel ban imposed amid the coronavirus disease outbreak also covers Taiwan. This was revealed by Chairman Lito Banayo of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO), the Philippines’ representative office in Taiwan, in an interview with GMA News TV’s Balitanghali on Wednesday. Banayo said Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen convened a special Cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning to discuss possible retaliatory measures against the Philippines such as the banning of Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan. Banayo explained that the Taiwanese government took great offense at the Philippines’ inclusion of Taiwan in the travel ban due to the One China Policy. “Ito po yung sa possible retaliatory measures. Imagine kung hindi nai-renew ang kanilang work contracts or ipagbawal ‘yung factories dito ay magbawas ng Pilipino… those are possible retaliatory measures,” he said. On Monday, Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo said Taiwan in included in the travel ban. “When we asked the World Health Organization very, very clearly, they

always refer to just one China, and Taiwan is included, even in their official reports.” “Hindi naman sila kasama doon sa naunang travel advisory no’ng February 2. Ngayon, dinagdag sila, lumalabas [na] ang dahilan talaga… ay One China Policy na siyang matinding kinasasama ng loob ng Taiwanese government,” Banayo explained. However, the MECO chairman said Taiwanese foreign affairs officials are urging the Cabinet to reconsider its plan to implement retaliatory measures after they were given an assurance that the Philippine government will also reevaluate the ban. “Batay sa usapan namin ni Executive Secretary [Salvador] Medialdea at iba pang opisyal, magrere-assess sila ng situation diyan sa atin. Magme-meet ulit within two or three days,” Banayo said. Banayo said the 160,000 Filipinos in Taiwan may be affected if the retaliatory measures are implemented. He added that roughly 100 Filipinos headed for the Philippines are stranded in Taiwan due to the ban. In the Philippines, some 200 passengers got stranded at the airport also due to the travel restrictions. Manpower agencies earlier opposed the inclusion of Taiwan in the travel ban, saying it is considered an independent state by the United Nations. — RSJ, GMA News


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Amazon Catholics pledge to press on after Pope says no to married priests RIO DE JANEIRO/LIMA - Catholic communities across the Amazon said they would keep pushing for married men to be allowed to celebrate Mass in the remote rainforest region, after a papal decision on Wednesday blocked their path to the priesthood. In one of the most significant decisions of his papacy, Pope Francis on Wednesday dismissed the proposal designed to ease an acute scarcity of priests in the Amazon, where the Roman Catholic Church faces growing competition from Evangelical Christian faiths. The proposal, put forward by Latin American bishops in 2019, had alarmed conservatives in the deeply divided 1.3 billion-member Church, who feared it could chip away at the centuries-old commitment to celibacy among priests. The Argentine pontiff’s decision affects isolated communities in Brazil, Peru, Colombia and other countries in the Amazon basin. It places Amazon Catholics in a delicate position, forced to temper their desire for change with religious

obedience. Although some said they were disappointed, many more held out hope the pope could change his mind. Martín Quijano, a bishop in Pucallpa in the Peruvian Amazon and a participant in the synod of Amazon bishops that proposed allowing married priests, said he had faith the decision was not final. “The door is still open,” he told Reuters. “The pope is asking for reflection. This proposal is still ongoing.” Giuliano Frigeni, the bishop of Parintins, a Brazilian town on the banks of the Amazon river, pledged to fight on, despite the obstacles. “Now we have to roll up our sleeves and work even harder,” he said. Francis delivered his response in an Apostolic Exhortation, three months after the proposal passed the synod by 128 votes to 41. Apostolic Exhortations are used to instruct and encourage the Catholic faithful but do not define Church doctrine. Under the synod-formulated proposal, older married deacons with stable families who were proven


US charges four Chinese military hackers in 2017 Equifax breach WASHINGTON - The United States has charged four Chinese military hackers in the 2017 breach of the Equifax credit reporting agency that affected nearly 150 million American citizens, Attorney General William Barr said Monday. “This was one of the largest data breaches in history,” Barr said of the theft. The indictment charges four members of the Chinese Liberation Army, he said. Roughly 147 million people had information, including

Social Security numbers and driver’s license data, compromised by the breach. The hackers spent weeks in the Equifax system, breaking into computer networks, stealing company secrets and personal data, Barr said. They routed traffic through approximately 34 servers located in nearly 20 countries to obfuscate their true location. The Chinese Embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment. — Reuters

leaders of remote Catholic communities would have been free to be ordained as priests. Deacons, like priests, are ordained ministers. They can preach, teach, baptize and run parishes, but they cannot say Mass. Married men can become deacons. Because only priests can say Mass, people in at least 85% of Amazon villages cannot attend the liturgy every week and some have not done so for years. Frigeni said he had only managed to ordain 20 priests in his 20-odd years in Parintins, while there is only one bishop in the Brazilian Amazon who hails from the region. He added his deacons were severely overworked. On Saturdays and Sundays, they would spend up to 11 hours in canoes traveling to preach in remote riverside communities. But despite those efforts, he said their top priority would always be to their families, rather than the Church. “We need bishops and priests from here,” Frigeni said. Alfredo Ferro, a Jesuit priest in Leticia, the capital of Colombia’s Amazonas province, said he believed that sooner or later a more progressive policy would emerge. “The Church is a little slow, it’s not easy to move. It’s like an elephant,” he said. — Reuters


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Samsung makes too many phones from front page

At the same time, Samsung broke tradition. Instead of phasing out last year’s flagships, it’s cutting the prices for the S10s, so they now start at $599 instead of $899.99. That means you can continue to buy the S10e, S10 and S10+, which are still great phones. In fact, the company’s Senior Manager of Smartphone Product Strategy, Caleb Slavin, told Engadget, “The S10 is going to be our new entry point into the flagship lineup.” He added, “It’s a great way for a consumer to get a premium device at an accessible price point.” Let’s not forget though: Samsung also unveiled a pair of socalled Lite phones at CES. The S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite are highpowered smartphones at affordable prices, with small compromises on cameras and chipsets. They’re not available in the US yet, but in the right regions, this means you have two more phones to choose from.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Then there’s the Galaxy Fold, which may or may not be going away depending on what carriers decide to do. Not to mention the Note 10 and Note 10+. So let’s recap. Here are all the Galaxy phones you can buy from Samsung (*deep breath*). The S10e, S10, S10+, S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Note 10, Note 10+, Galaxy Fold, Z Flip, Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite. But wait! There’s also the A series, which is a midrange version of the S series and tends to get features from the flagship line about a year later. That’s at least 13 phones in total. And we’re not counting the S10 5G or limited editions like the Thom Browne Z Flip. This is all part of Samsung’s smartphone strategy. Slavin said, “We wanted to have an option in our portfolio for every consumer.” That’s nice, but what does the

decision-making process look like if you’re shopping for a Samsung phone? Let’s work it out together. Slavin said your first criteria is probably going to be price. Fair point. If your budget is below $1,000, you’re definitely not going to get a foldable flagship or one of the S20s or Notes. In that case, your next factor is likely screen size. Here’s where it all gets more confusing. Samsung Galaxy S10+ The S10 and S10+ have 6.1inch and 6.4-inch panels, respectively, while the S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite both sport 6.7-inch panels. If you want a stylus in this price range, you’ll likely pick the Note 10 Lite. Those who prefer a smaller phone will probably choose the S10. Between the S10+ and S10 Lite, it appears to boil down to price, camera setup and availability. If you’re looking to save even more money, the A series will usually cost even less with an eligible trade-in or carrier subsidy -- you’ll just have to live with less-powerful processors and cameras. Things don’t get easier if you have more money to spare either. Which high-end handset should you spring for if you’re not in the market for a folding screen? Stylus fans are likely to stay with the Note while those more interested in ultra-sharp cameras will find a suitable option in the S20 series. Whew. The myriad options and forks in the road made that decision-making process feel far more overwhelming than necessary. As someone who’s often called on to give smartphone-buying advice, I can already imagine how my conversations with Samsung shoppers will go: “You want to buy a Samsung phone? How much time and money do you have? Not much of either? Just go buy a Pixel.”-Cherlynn Low/ engadget.com

WHO: Not airborne, but NCoV a ‘very grave threat’ GENEVA – The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday warned that the novel coronavirus (nCoV) was a “very grave threat” for the world as he opened a conference to combat the epidemic. “With 99 percent of cases in China, this remains very much an emergency for that country, but one that holds a very grave threat for the rest of the world,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said. Some 400 scientists will review how the virus is transmitted and develop possible vaccines at the two-day forum. “What matters most is stopping the outbreak and saving lives. With your support, that’s what we can do together,” Tedros said. Amid news reports abroad that nCoV is now airborne, the WHO said yesterday there is “no evidence” yet to support this. In an interview, WHO Philippines representative Rabindra Abeyasinghe noted that while there are still many things about nCoV that remain unknown, current evidence shows that the disease “is still largely a droplet infection.” “Our position is that we don’t have evidence to support that... We don’t have clear evidence that this is airborne infection,” Abeyasinghe stressed. He said available evidence “points to the fact that this is largely a respiratory infection that can be transmitted via droplets or through close contact.” The virus, first identified in China on Dec. 31, has killed more than 1,000 people, infected over 42,000 and reached some 25 countries. Participants will also discuss the source of the virus, which is thought to have originated in bats and reached humans via another animal such as snake or pangolin. There is currently no specific treatment or vaccine against the virus, which can cause re-

spiratory failure. Tedros, who has repeatedly urged countries affected to share their data, called for global “solidarity.” “That is especially true in relation to sharing of samples and sequences. To defeat this outbreak, we need open and equitable sharing, according to the principles of fairness and equity,” he said. “We hope that one of the outcomes of this meeting will be an agreed roadmap for research around which researchers and donors will align,” Tedros said. Crackdown on fake news Irked by the spread of false information about the 2019 novel coronavirus acute respiratory disease (nCoV), Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año yesterday ordered the arrest of anyone – particularly netizens – found spreading fake news about the pathogen. Año’s order came after the department itself became a victim of fake news in the form of an infographic allegedly coming from the DILG and which made the rounds on social media last Friday. The infographic stated that the DILG has decided to place on mandatory quarantine all travelers from 23 countries that have confirmed cases of the virus. Existing quarantine only covers people coming from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. “We need to put a stop to their nuisance activity. Let’s not propagate erroneous information that is more viral than the virus itself. We already have enough on our plate,” Año said in a statement. He pointed out that freedom of expression has limitations, especially if its exercise threatens public welfare. “So those deliberately spreading fake news, stop now before we lock you up,” he warned.Philstar

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ABS-CBN is ushering the new decade on a high note as viewers nationwide continue to watch the network’s valuesladen entertainment shows and relevant news programs, making it hit an average audience share of 38%, versus GMA’s 32%, according to Kantar Media. “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” (30.3%) still holds the title of being the top choice of Filipino viewers, followed closely by the new teleserye and LizQuenstarrer, “Make it With You” (27.5%). On the other hand, Judy Ann Santos’ “Starla” (27%) ended its run on primetime TV strongly. Other Kapamilya shows that made the cut include “TV Patrol” (24.5%), “Your Moment” (20.7%), “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (19.9%), and “Rated K: Handa Na Ba Kayo?” (19.7%). Meanwhile, ABS-CBN ruled across all time blocks in January, particularly in primetime (6PM-12MN), where it scored an average audience share of 41%, versus GMA’s 33%. The primetime block is the most important time of the day when

most Filipinos watch TV and advertisers put a larger chunk of their investments in to reach more consumers effectively. The Kapamilya network also won in the morning block (6AM-12NN) with an average audience share of

34%, while GMA only got 27%, as well as in the noontime block (12NN-3PM) with 37%, in contrast to GMA’s 33%, and in the afternoon block (3PM-6PM) with 39%, versus GMA’s 37%. Multinational audience mea-

surement provider Kantar Media uses a nationwide panel size of 2,610 urban and rural homes that represent 100% of the total Philippine TV viewing population.For news, watch ANC on cable or via streaming on iWant.

Follow @ANCalerts on Facebook and Twitter, visit news. abs-cbn.com/anc, and catch other ANC content on iWant. For updates, follow ABS-CBN PR (@abscbnpr) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit abs-cbn.com/newsroom.

‘The first time was really tough’: Jimuel Pacquiao on breakup with Heaven Peralejo MANILA -- Lack of respect? Money? They never did clarify the reason for their split last year. On Tuesday, talk show “Tonight with Boy Abunda” tried to clear the rumors that floated around after Jimuel Pacquiao and Heaven Peralejo broke up by asking the former about what really happened. According Manny Pacquiao’s son, his breakup with Peralejo was “really tough.” “Kasi po parang may galit kasi doon sa first time, and parang hindi po maayos iyong naging breakup,” he admitted. He shared that they got back together after regretting the decisions they made when they fought, but ultimately decided that they’re not for one another. “The second time around, it was a peaceful

breakup.” Jimuel refrained from the finer details, but pointed out that they managed to maintain a good relationship. “Sometimes we have shows outside and wala naman kaming problema sa isa’t-isa,” he said. It was early in the second half of last year when rumors began about their breakup. In confirming it, Peralejo said: “Sabi nga ni mommy, ‘Don’t let anyone ever make you feel that you are not enough, because you are.’ ‘Pag nangyari ‘yun, it’s time to let it go.” The two first revealed that they were a couple in March last year, and Jimuel had to immediately bat away criticisms that Peralejo was motivated by money when she entered the relationship. -ABS-CBN News


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ABS-CBN International launches new podcast, The Last Piece DALY CITY, February 3, 2020 – You might be familiar with that last piece of food served at a Filipino party. Sometimes, out of shyness or modesty, no one reaches for it. Other times, people will race to grab for it. That last piece represents topics served up in The Last Piece podcast, streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud starting February 4, 2020 (Pacific). The Last Piece is a digital forum that entertains and informs nativeborn Filipinos across North America

through fun, honest, and candid conversations with influencers and thought leaders that make them proud of their heritage and community. Rommel Conclara, Emmy nominated reporter for ABS-CBN - the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the Philippines, hosts The Last Piece. Conclara currently serves as the San Francisco Bay Area correspondent for the nightly news program

BA on The Filipino Channel or TFC. On the podcast title The Last Piece, Conclara says that “I just use that as an example of issues within our community. Sometimes, we don’t want to talk about it so we’ll just shy away from it, or we want to get into it like what I do.”

On topics and guests, Conclara shares that he has “built an incredible network through TFC, through Balitang America. A lot of times, these are people you know and I’m going to have people that you probably never even heard of, but they have amazing stories.” In the official premiere episode, Conclara sits down with singer/songwriter Gabe Bondoc who talks about his recent EP “One,” his journey from YouTube to around the world, and their “best friend” John Mayer. ABS-CBN International Head of News Production in North America Troy Espera explains that “The Last Piece is our pioneer effort to serve our audience on platforms they love, like Spotify and Soundcloud.” Espera adds that “With Rommel at the helm, they’ll get unfiltered, real conversations with newsmakers on topics we rarely get to discuss in traditional news.” The Last Piece is a podcast created for Filipinos in North America. Through stories that reflect them, the podcast aims to uplift and challenge through candid, curious, and fun conversations. The Last Piece podcast is streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud starting February 4, 2020.For news, watch ANC on cable or via streaming on iWant. Follow @ANCalerts on Facebook and Twitter, visit news.abs-cbn.com/anc, and catch other ANC content on iWant. For updates, follow ABS-CBN PR (@abscbnpr) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit abs-cbn. com/newsroom.

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Back in early January, I was approached by a couple of wonderful ladies at my regular Saturday meeting place. Two of them took the time to explain to me the impact of the Taal Volcano eruption. I was not surprised to learn that Winnipeg is home to many people who have family and

I was happy to go to the event held at PCCM. It was very heart-warming to see hundreds of people attend the event and support a very good cause. friends in the area around Taal Volcano. At the end of the talk, they told me about a fundraiser that the Filipino community here was going to have in sup-

Straight up (www.mpkevin.ca) port of the victims of the volcano eruption.

I met some wonderful people, tasted yummy food and was given a t-shirt as a token. lamoureux, 12

Chasing the Wind

What can really make us happy? How can we find true peace and fulfillment in life? These are questions many find difficult to answer. The phrase “the pursuit of happiness” was written as part of the United States Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in July 4, 1776. Since then, every American in all generation has been pursuing the much elusive “happiness”. Whether we are in the U.S, Canada, Philippines or in any other country in the world, we are all pursuing happiness and fulfillment from the day we were born. But are most people happy? From Our Daily bread of Octo-

ber 11, 1994, Dennis Wholey, author of Are You Happy? reports that according to expert opinion, perhaps only 20 percent of Americans are happy. Those experts would probably agree with the wry definition of happiness offered by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, who said, “Happiness is an imaginary condition, formerly attributed by the living to the dead, now usually attributed by adults to children and by children to adults.” Simply happiness is, “what I don’t have”. In answer to the question, “Where is happiness?” Clarence Macartney said, “It’s not found in pleasure--Lord Byron lived such a life if anyone did. He wrote, “The worm, the canker, and the grief are mine alone”. Happiness is not found in money--Jay Gould, the American


Frayed alliance

gnoring a Senate resolution, cautionary calls from several Cabinet members and – according to President Duterte himself – an appeal from his US counterpart Donald Trump, Duterte has ordered the Department of Foreign Affairs to serve the notice of termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement to the US government. The Mutual Defense Treaty and Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement remain in place, but the VFA is needed to operationalize numerous aspects of the MDT, which underpins the decades-old security alliance between the two countries. Senators are still mulling whether they should demand a say in the abrogation of an agreement that required the ratification of the chamber. In the meantime, the two countries have 180 days to wind down programs and projects involving the presence of US troops in the Philippines. The two countries conduct an average of about 300 joint military exercises or operations every year, to enhance interoperability not just for external defense but also for cooperation in humanitarian activities, counterterrorism and support in law enforcement involving cross-border crimes.


President Duterte has said his move is in pursuit of his avowed independent foreign policy. His preferred ally China, meanwhile, continues to occupy Panganiban or Mischief Reef over which the Philippines has sovereign rights, and which effectively exercises control over Panatag or Scarborough Shoal off Zambales.

Agent 777 millionaire, had plenty of that. When dying, he said, “I suppose I am the most miserable man on earth”. It’s not found in position and fame--Lord Beaconsfield enjoyed more than his share of both. He wrote, “Youth is a mistake, manhood a struggle, and old age a regret”. It’s not found in military glory--Alexander the Great conquered the known world in his day. Having done so, he wept in his tent because, he said, “There are no more worlds to conquer”. We fail to find true happiness because we are looking

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The revelation of this truth enabled me and many others find happiness and joy in Christ.

www.angperyodiko.ca February 16-29, 2020

mp kevin lamoureux

I was happy to go to the event held at PCCM. It was very heart-warming to see hundreds of people attend the event and support a very good cause. The venue was packed.

I, the Teacher, was king over Israel in Jerusalem. I applied my mind to study and to explore by wisdom all that is done under the heavens. What a heavy burden God has laid on mankind! I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 1:12-14



Celebrating the diversity and caring spirit of Filipino-Canadians n February 8, I attended two events that in many ways amplify how people come together to do good deeds in very different ways.

Take a STAND

If the President wants to drastically scale down the country’s security alliance with the United States, which remains the biggest source of foreign military assistance for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the government must be prepared to replace what will be lost in the AFP’s effort to achieve minimum credible defense capability. Both sides stand to lose something in the VFA abrogation. The question is how well either side can deal with the loss. The US can still maintain its military presence in the region through its bases in Japan and South Korea and its special security arrangements with other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand and even its former enemy Vietnam. It is unclear how the VFA abrogation will affect US military aid. The Philippines has a status of visiting forces agreement with Australia and defense cooperation arrangements with several other countries. The AFP sources military hardware from Japan, South Korea and certain other countries. It will require a substantial infusion of funds, but the Philippines may be able to replace whatever might be lost as a result of the scrapping of the VFA. What will be harder to replace is confidence in the Philippines’ commitment to its alliances. Such alliances must be defined by broad, long-term national core values rather than personal whims that shift with every leadership change.-Philstar

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Church in the modern world


have just finished reading the book The Irony Of Modern Catholic History: How the Church Rediscovered Itself & Challenged the Modern World to Reform. One reviewer wrote: “...Weigel’s sweeping account of 150 years of Catholic history challenges the long held assumptions that secular modernity has always been the prime mover, forcing the Church to either resist or accommodate it. In reframing the narrative with the Church as a creative protagonist in this drama, Weigel describes how the encounter with modernity led to the renewal of Catholicism’s mission in its third millennium, and suggests that the Church might redirect – indeed redeem – the modern project itself.” Throughout much of the last two centuries, secular and Church leaders assumed that the Church was locked in a battle. The modern world was confronted by new moral trends like same sex marriage, divorce, abortion and homosexuality. The triumph of these new personal values would not only “finish Catholicism as a force in world history; it would also lead to the death of religious convictions. “But today the Catholic Church is far more vital than it was 200 years ago. Ironically, in its sometimes bruising encounter with modernity Catholicism rediscovered its evangelical es-

The sexual abuse by Catholic clergy exposed a deeper problem which was the manifestations of “clericalism”. sence and developed intellectual tools capable of rescuing the imperilled modern project.” The sexual abuse by Catholic clergy exposed a deeper problem which was the manifestations of “clericalism”. This term referred to “malevolent distortion of the powerful influence priests enjoy by virtue of their office. “Clericalism“ also meant some bishops acting as if they were members of a privileged caste taking care of their own “rather than as shepherds protecting the flocks entrusted to their care.” Clericalism is the root malady that allowed sexually dysfunctional clergy to prey on young men. There are other ways that clericalism has distorted Church teaching that we, including the ordinary Catholic, are part of the same “mystical body of Christ.” But there are parish priests and diocesan bishops who believe that they are the Supreme Authority” in their jurisdictions. There is a parish in Paranaque where the majority of parishioners have been campaigning to replace the parish priest. The contention is that this is the sole prerogative of

the bishop. It should be noted that the bishop did not even call for a dialogue with the parishioners. The fact that attendance at masses and collections are down do not concern the powers in the Church in Paranaque. One of the greatest challenges of the Church today is how to ensure that the lessons and policies it wants will permeate to the level of the parish. Continuity between the pontificate of Pope Francis and the previous two popes – John Paul II and Benedict XVI – seemed assured. Their common papal theme was the dynamic development of Evangelical Catholicism that would position the Church as a vital force in the modern world. Weigel writes that there are two issues in particular to the Church mission of New Evangelization. The issue centered around the core belief of sacramental discipline: “Could the Church legitimately admit to Holy Communion men and women living in marriages that had not been blessed by the Church? Given the widespread incidence of divorce in the West, this was an issue with serious pastoral implications.

Elfren S. Cruz

BREAKTHROUGH At the theological root was the main contention “...that history judges divine revelation such that contemporary circumstances permit and may even require the Church to modify or radically change what had long seemed to be clear instructions from Christ himself on the nature of marriage.” The second largest issue confronting the papacy of Francis is “...the emergence of a new 21st century Gallicanism that imagined Catholicism as a federation of national churches rather than a universal Church with distinctive local expressions. The Catholic Church in Germany, in German speaking Austria and German speaking parts of Switzerland was living a different ecclesiastical reality than much of the rest of the world and saw nothing wrong with that de facto state of schism; indeed it eagerly sought to export its scepticism

about settled Catholic truths throughout the world. The Catholic Church must now face a new challenge. A century ago, the principles of religious tolerance and the separation of church and state seemed to have been widely accepted. Today, this divide between spiritual and temporal realms is disappearing. The rise of Islam and evangelical Protestantism has turned religious issues into social and political issues. The Church is no stranger to politics. There was a time when it used to support Christian Democratic Parties and Social Democratic parties in Latin America and Europe, This was meant to battle the influence of Communism among the working class. The ideological basis for these groups were the Catholic Social Teachings, “...the body of social principles and moral teachings articulated in the papal, conciliar and other official documents issued since the late 19th century dealing with economic, political and social order. Deep reaching reform, particularly of the Catholic priesthood and the Catholic episcopate is essential if the Church of the future is to live its commitment by serving the world, setting a firmer foundation for the future.Philstar

Blame is on us


NE cultural trait we have is the proclivity to dump problems and their solutions on personages or entities other than ourselves. Like, we blame the National Government for all the wrongs in our society and expect it to solve them for us. We may not be blaming God for our problems but we do depend on him, to a fault, for their solution. Take our lack of hygiene and sanitation which is making us vulnerable to all kinds of infectious diseases. Why can’t we come together to solve our water problem? Why do we allow politicians to stymie the new MCWD Board that urgently needs to hunker down for a long-term solution to this problem? Yes, I am saying why are we not banging on the doors

ONE cultural trait we have is the proclivity to dump problems and their solutions on personages or entities other than ourselves.


Break Point of city hall to demand for quick action? We are told to wash our hands constantly with soap and water or alcohol if water is not available. But how can we when there is no water? Or if there is water how does the marginalized sector observe proper hygiene and sanitation when it cannot afford soap or alcohol? The City Council is asking restaurants, hotels and malls

to provide their comfort rooms with running water, anti-bacterial soap and paper towels. But are not the comfort rooms of these classy establishments more sanitary and hygienic than the (dis)comfort rooms of government owned buildings like barangay halls, bus terminals, and public markets, especially. Yet I do not write to blame the local government. I write to put the blame on us who allow political leaders to neglect us, who allow them to stop discussing lack of water when excess rain water is flooding us, and who allow them all the techni-

cal and legal excuses to delay the solution of our two water problems: no water during the dry season and wasted flood water during the wet. Actually, the lack of hygiene and sanitation is most pronounced in poor sections of Metro Cebu. These are obviously places where informal settlers eke out a living in makeshift houses on squatted land without running water, drainage, and other hygiene and sanitation basics. Again I am not blaming government. I am blaming us who

let them get away with doing nothing to provide informal settlers decent housing and security of tenure in relocation sites that have running water and adequate drainage and waste disposal systems. I include here bishops and priests who could otherwise lend their respectable voices to the poor when these go to city hall to ask for relocation and housing. But no, they care only that souls go to heaven even if bodies are weak and sickly in their hell-holes. It is also in our elitist culture that government people will always get away with everything we allow them to. Hence, until we admit the blame is on us our social problems will never ebb. Sun.Star Cebu

Chasing the Wind JOSUE... 

From 7

in the wrong places. We feed our physical and emotional life with what the world offers only to miss what we are looking for. Human life is more than the five senses. The real “you” is the spirit within you. Imagine yourself physically hungry but all you do is watch commercials and shows on TV about food. No amount of food on TV will satisfy the hunger you have. What comes in to

our ear and eye gates cannot stop the growling of our stomachs. We need to go to the fridge and stuff real food into our mouths. We sometimes hear people saying that they feel “empty” or there is a “vacuum” they feel inside. But in order to be really content and satisfied, we need to feed our spirits too the same way we feed our bodies. No amount of feeding our bodies, emotions and mind

can bring us happiness and fulfillment. Our spirits need to be satisfied first and foremost in order for us to enjoy life. Only God who is Spirit can fill that void. He designed us not to live apart from Him but in and for Him. To run after what the world says is happiness and be far from God is pursuing the wind. It is what King Solomon calls vanity, an empty and unfulfilled life. Only a relationship with God through Jesus Christ can do the job. Jesus

declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” The revelation of this truth enabled me and many others find happiness and joy in Christ. It is a simple act of faith of coming to Jesus and surrendering our lives to Him and believing Him for who He is. He then comes into our spirits and fills the vacuum

in our hearts. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”, is Christ’s invitation to weary travellers towards the pursuit of happiness. Friends, it is time to stop chasing the wind and begin enjoying the Bread of Life, and you will never be feeling empty anymore. (Junie Josue, Lead Pastor, International Worship Centre, 1077 St James Street, Winnipeg Manitoba, 204-774-4478)

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ABS-CBN and its relevant news and current affairs programs were recognized for media excellence in the 3rd National College of Science and Technology Dangal ng Bayan Awards. The Kapamilya network raked in nine awards, including the Media Excellence Award for Engineering, Media Excellence Award for Information and Technology for ABS-CBN News Online, and the Makabayan Media Excellence Award for its comprehensive Halalan 2019 election coverage. “Failon Ngayon” was also bestowed the award for Media Excellence Award for Public Administration, while “Matanglawin” was hailed as the recipient for the Media Excellence Award for Education. Other ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs programs that received recognition were “My Puhunan” (Media Excellence Award for Business and Entrepreneurship), “G Diaries” (Makakalikasan Media Excellence Award), and “On The Money” (Media Excellence Award for Accountancy), which airs on the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC). Meanwhile, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation was named as the recipient for the Makatao Media Excellence Award. Launched in 2018, the Dangal ng Bayan awards program “recognizes the outstanding body of work of different media practitioners that correspond to the values upheld by NCST’s current curricular offerings.” For updates, follow ABS-CBN (@abscbnpr) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit www.abs-cbn.com/newsroom.


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Filipinas are a breed of strong women who are determined to carve their own path in the world and make a lasting, positive impact. Three of them who have chosen to lead meaningful lives through their extraordinary deeds recently got together to tell their inspiring stories. NANETTE MEDVED-PO

One is former actress Nanette Medved-Po who was famously known for breathing life into Darna, which ultimately inspired her to pursue a bigger dream–--building classrooms across the Philippines with the sales from the bottled water company, “Hope in a Bottle,” which she leads. The CEO of Generation HOPE is a living proof that anyone can be a reallife superhero. When asked about how she makes the most of her time, Nanette shared this stirring insight: “Everyone has a unique space in the world where they have an opportunity to do something good. Find what you are passionate about and just tell yourself that you’re not going to be a waste of space.” RACHEL RENUCCI-TAN

The other is Filipino-Chinese Rachel Renucci-Tan, CEO of ChenYi Agventures. Rachel used to live a glamorous life in Europe, but decided to return to the Philippines to help Filipino farmers get back on their feet, after she saw the devastation caused by typhoon Yolanda. Through her company, she is not only able to help bring income to families affected by typhoon but also promote the country’s rice as one of the best in the world. For Rachel, the key to writing the best story of your life is to listen to your heart: “You cannot let other people dictate your narrative. It has to come from the murmurings of your own heart, your own soul, and your own mind. Have the courage to reinvent yourself, no matter how many times it takes, to be the best person that you can be.” MAKATI MAYOR ABBY BINAY

There’s also Mayor Abby Binay who serves as the leader of one of the country’s richest cities. Coming from a family of politicians, Abby proved that a woman can challenge the status quo and develop her own brand of leadership. She said, “I think now they appreciate that the mayor is a woman because I am very motherly. Most of my projects are targeted towards making the lives of families easier.” She added, “I prefer that people say ah si Mayor Abby she’s strict, she’s straight. That means I follow the rules, I am very transparent. I want to remembered to be a very fair leader.”


Nanette, Rachel, and Mayor Abby were the featured speakers in the recent ANCx Her Story event held at the Salon de Ning of the Peninsula Manila Hotel and hosted by Karen Davila, which were attended by some of the country’s most influential people in business, social enterprise, and governance. Highlights from the talk will be featured in “Think Possible Lightbulb Sessions” interstitials to be aired on ANC. For news, watch ANC on cable or via streaming on iWant. Follow @ANCalerts on Facebook and Twitter, visit news. abs-cbn.com/anc, and catch other ANC content on iWant. For updates, follow ABS-CBN PR (@abscbnpr) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit abs-cbn.com/newsroom.


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JULIA’S COMEBACK TELESERYE “24/7” TACKLES MOTHER’S LOVE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Julia Montes’ TV comeback has gotten fans excited and guessing about its timeslot, after the trailer of her action-drama series “24/7” hit millions of views and offered a peek into its timely and relevant story. “24/7,” a Dreamscape original series that airs this February, follows Mia (Julia), a single mom and a security guard who will do everything to save his son from dying from a new strain of dengue. After Mia’s son falls seriously ill and becomes one of the millions affected by the dengue epidemic, she must race against time in order to find the cure for the disease. To her disbelief, the company is mass-producing the treatment but chooses to hide it from the public. There begins her saga to fight an entire system in order to expose the truth and ultimately, keep her

son alive. The show’s title alludes to a mother’s undying love for her child – a love that never sleeps. The show also aims to spread awareness of important social issues and highlight the value of looking after each other – whether one is rich or poor. The powerful story will be brought to life by a powerhouse cast composed of Pen Medina, Arjo Atayde, Edu Manzano, Denise Laurel, JC Santos, Anna Luna, Joross Gamboa, Melissa Ricks, Pepe Herrera, Paeng Sudayan, Eric Fructuoso, Benj Manalo, Patrick Sugui, Joem Bascon, Alora Sasam, Amy Austria, Meryll Soriano, McCoy De Leon, and Matt Evans. It is directed Emmanuel Q. Palo and Darnel Villaflor. Watch out for “24/7,” a Dreamscape original series, this February on ABS-CBN. For more updates, log on to abscbnpr.com and follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

12 odd news

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Man finds venomous snake in helmet after 7-mile ride Feb. 12 (UPI) -- An India man said he took a nearly 7-mile ride on his m o to rc yc l e b e f o r e discovering a venomous snake inside his helmet. KA Ranjith said he rode his motorcycle to St. Mary’s High School in Kandanad, where he works as a teacher, and removed his helmet to discover a venomous snake known as a common krait was coiled up inside. Ranjith went to a local hospital, where doctors determined he had not been bitten or otherwise injured by the snake. Ranjith said he decided to destroy his helmet in a fire and replace it.-By Ben Hooper

Japanese man dubbed world’s oldest at 112 years, 344 days Feb. 12 (UPI) -- A re s i d e n t a t a Japanese nursing home was named t h e w o r l d ’s oldest living man at an age of 112 years, 344 days. Chitetsu Watanabe of Niigata, Japan, was presented with a Guinness World Records certificate Tuesday naming him the oldest person living (male).

Guinness said Watanabe took the mantle following the death of Masazo Nonaka, who died Jan. 20, 2019, at the age of 112 years, 226 days. Watanabe lived on a farm with his son, Tetsuo, until age 104, growing fruits and vegetables. He also cultivated 100 bonsai trees. Chitetsu said the secret to his longevity is to “not get angry and keep a smile on your face.” The current oldest living person (female) is Kane Tanaka of Fukuoka, Japan, who is 117 years, 41 days old. The oldest man on record was Jiroemon Kimura, who died in 2013 at age 116 years and 54 days. The oldest woman was Jeanne Louise Calment, who died in 1997 at age 122 years and 164 days.-By Ben Hooper

Man comes down from pole after 78 days in a barrel Feb. 7 (UPI) - A South African man who broke his own Guinness World Record for staying in a barrel atop a pole finally returned to solid ground after 78 days. Vernon Kruger descended from the 82-foot pole in Dullstroom after spending 78 days, 23 hours and 14 minutes in the 132-gallon barrel at the top of the pole. He was air-lifted from his perch via helicopter. Kruger first set a Guinness World Record for the feat in 1997, when he spent 67 days in a barrel affixed to the top of a pole, and this time around he stayed in the barrel for 11 days after breaking his own record. The man said he stayed for the extra time to make the record more difficult for the next person to break. He said he does not intend to attempt to break his own record again.-By Ben Hooper

Answer for February 1-15, 2020 issue.

A man is looking at a photograph of someone. His friend asks who it is. The man replies, “Brothers and sisters, I have none. But that man’s father is my father’s son.” Who was in the photograph? Answer: His son A man stands on one side of a river, his dog on the other. The man calls his dog, who immediately crosses the river without getting wet and without using a bridge or a boat. How did the dog do it? Answer: The river was frozen.

In 1990, a person is 15 years old. In 1995, that same person is 10 years old. How can this be?

What makes this number unique: 8,549,176,320?

Celebrating the diversity and caring spirit of Filipino-Canadians from page 07

In my remarks, I emphasized that when a calamity or disaster happens in the Philippines, such as the eruption of Taal Volcano, people in Winnipeg and, in fact, in Canada react and reach out to help. During my recent trip to the Philippines, I met with many volunteers, in particular a group of firefighters and health workers from Bulacan, who wanted to donate their time and skills to help in the evacuation centres. I know that there were many people from all over the world who joined the thousands of volunteers, providing food,

Answer on next issue.

temporary shelter and livelihood assistance. The second event I attended was the annual Aklan fiesta celebration held at St. Joseph’s

Parish Community Centre. It was a wow event. It was so nice to see people in full celebration mode when the parade began. Cindy and I were provided a

costume and black paint stripes were drawn on our face. For many years, I have attended Aklan’s fiesta but this was the first time that I really dressed up and danced to the music, along with many others who wore costumes for the occasion. The following morning, I wanted to get a better understanding of the fiesta so I asked Professor Google and found the following website: http://aklan.gov. ph/tourism/kalibo/. To quote directly from the article, it states: “KALIBO STO. NIÑO ATI-ATIHAN FESTIVAL – This festival dates back when the peace agreement between early Negrito settlers and the Maraynons that came over from Borneo was being commemorated. Therefore, participants willingly blacken themselves with soot and put on colourful tribal costumes. Nowadays, it is one of the most vibrant celebrations honouring the Holy Child Jesus, Sto. Niño. Hence, it is considered as the Filipino Mardis Gras. Known to be “The Mother of all Philippine Festivals”. To me, I love the way that people from Aklan who live in Manitoba share their heritage with others as they commemo-

rate their religious festivals. Through this article, I wanted to highlight two facts: firstly, very soon, Canada will have over one million people of Filipino heritage. As a country, we have been blessed with the positive impact of the Filipino-Canadian community to Canada’s diversity, its contributions to the larger community, and to the economy. Secondly, no one should be surprised to know that when a calamity strikes in the Philippines, whether it is flash floods or a volcanic eruption, Canada cares. As Chair of the Canada Philippine Parliamentary Friendship Group, I know that the caring attitude of Filipino-Canadians exemplifies the overall spirit of helping those in need.


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Ivana Alawi, Tony Labrusca, and Donny Pangilinan are now officially Kapamilyas as they ink their respective contracts with ABS-CBN recently. Ivana, who is currently seen in FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano, said, “This is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to be part of this network, and today’s the big day.” She also signed contracts with Star Cinema and Star Music. Meanwhile, James & Pat & Dave star Donny Pangilinan is working on a new music release which he described as “very different from his past music releases.” Apart from the new music release, Donny is looking forward to do an action movie this year. On the other hand, Tony Labrusca is set to do a horror movie, a new teleserye, and an iWant Originals se-

ries with Julia Barretto this year. Present in the signing were ABS-CBN chairman Mark Lopez, ABS-CBN president and chief executive officer Carlo Katigbak, chief operating officer of broadcast Cory Vidanes, TV production head Laurenti Dyogi, head of films productions Olivia Lamasan, head of ABS-CBN Music Roxy Liquigan, head of treasury Rick Tan, head of finance operations Catherine Lopez, and head of Dreamscape Entertainment Deo Endrinal.For news, watch ANC on cable or via streaming on iWant. Follow @ANCalerts on Facebook and Twitter, visit news.abs-cbn. com/anc, and catch other ANC content on iWant. For updates, follow ABS-CBN PR (@abscbnpr) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit abs-cbn. com/newsroom.

Sunshine. Ayaw mo naman siyempre na ‘yung mga anak mo maging katulad mo. Baka akalain kasi nila na tama. Baka akalain nila na okay lang, na ‘Ang mommy ko nga at ‘yung daddy ko ganito, ‘pag nag-asawa ako okay lang pala.’ Ayoko,” she stressed. That’s when she decided to

leave Cesar and prioritize her daughters. “Kaya yun yung naging wakeup call ko na kahit gaano mo kamahal ang isang tao, kailangan talaga priorities,” she said. “Unahin mo ‘yung feelings at future ng mga anak mo kaysa ‘yung sarili mo.” -Jan Milo Severo (Philstar.com)

Sunshine Cruz recalls Cesar Montano’s cheating escapades

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Sunshine Cruz revealed that she caught her ex-husband Cesar Montano cheating multiple times. In a recent episode of ABSCBN’s morning talk show “Magandang Buhay,” Sunshine said she decided to separate from Cesar when her daughters were the ones who caught their father. “Maraming beses. Pero ‘yung huli nakumpirma ko not

through me but through my children,” Sunshine said. “Magkakasama sila sa kotse, nakita nag-text ‘yung girl. ‘Yung mga anak ko at first, they didn’t want to tell me. Siyempre, masasaktan ako e. Hanggang sa pinilit-pilit ko,” she added. Sunshine said that she can take the pain because Cesar was her first boyfriend, but her daughters are also affected on that incident.

“Kung ako lang kaya ko pagtakpan, kaya kong patawarin, kasi he was my first boyfriend, 13 years na rin kami,” she said. “But nagising ako sa katotohanan na kapag ‘yung anak ko na, puro babae sila, na ‘yung naapektuhan at sila na ‘yung nakakaalam, ay, teka lang

Economic stagnation plagues Canada despite G7 rank The notion that leading the G7 is evidence of strong economic performance or rapid growth in living standards is not simply off base, it’s dangerous By Ben Eisen and Finn Poschmann The Fraser Institute Recent forecasts suggest Canada may compete with the United States for the top spot in the G7 in 2020 for economic growth. Those forecasts include one from the International Monetary Fund. Political partisans have since flooded social media with the impressive-sounding factoid that Canada may lead the G7 in growth next year. There’s nothing new about this talking point; partisans trot it out regularly when it suits their purposes. There’s just one problem: Different population growth rates among G7 countries mean that straight comparisons of gross domestic product (GDP) growth numbers produce skewed results. Canada’s population growth ensures it will almost always be at or near the top of a slow-moving pack. Most G7 countries feature minimal population increases and weak economic growth. Japan provides the most striking example. With an aging population that shrunk by two million in the past decade, its economy is barely growing. Between 1999 and 2018, average nominal growth in Japan was just 0.2 per cent. Other G7 members (France, Germany and Italy) also have slow-growing populations and economies. While Canada’s population has grown 1.1 per cent per year in the past decade, Germany’s has grown by 0.4 per cent. Even though it’s composed of some of the richest countries in the world, the G7 is a slowgrowth club and topping the list in topline growth is nothing to crow about. Because population is growing a little faster in Canada and the U.S. compared to other advanced economies, one of the two North American G7 members will lead the pack in growth almost every year. In fact, in 14 out of the past 15 years, Canada or the U.S. has led the G7 in nominal GDP growth. And almost

every year, Canada is at or near the top of the G7 ranking. Of course, it’s generally good news that Canada’s population is growing fast compared to other G7 countries, and that nominal GDP has kept up. And perhaps more overall growth will give Canada relatively more weight to throw around in future trade and climate change negotiations. However, the notion that leading (or almost leading) the G7 is evidence of strong economic performance or rapid growth in living standards is not simply off base, it’s dangerous. Why? Because comparing nominal Canadian economic growth to the slow-growth G7 club – and then bragging about our apparent success – may blind us to the fact that Canada has been plagued for years by slow inflationadjusted per-person economic growth. In fact, real per-person GDP didn’t budge much in Canada during the past decade, averaging 0.6 per cent per year. And when real per-person income has almost completely stagnated, that should raise serious concerns about what we can do to attract more investment, increase productivity and create a policy environment more conducive to growth. This won’t happen, however, if we continue to pat ourselves on the back for appearing annually near the top of the slow-growth club known as the G7. So the topline growth rate is not just a misleading talking point, it’s a dangerous one that ought to be retired once and for all. That would allow for a more constructive conversation about how to break out of the economic stagnation that has gripped our country for too long. (Ben Eisen and Finn Poschmann are analysts at the Fraser Institute)-© Troy Media


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‘I don’t mind’

From front page

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper earlier said the decision of the Philippines to end the defense pact was a “move in the wrong direction.” Trump, however, views this move of President Rodrigo Duterte differently. “I never minded that very much, to be honest,” Trump told reporters Wednesday. The transcript of his remarks are uploaded on the official website of the White House. Noting that the US helped the Philippines in its campaign against ISIS-inspired militants in Marawi City in 2017, Trump said the two countries have a “very good relationship there.” “But I — I really don’t mind. If they would like to do that, that’s fine. We’ll save a lot of money,” Trump said. “You know, my views are different than other people. I view it as, ‘Thank you very much. We save a lot of money,’” he added. Trump continued to claim that US troops “came in” and “literally, single-handedly” saved the Philippines from the attacks of terrorists in Marawi City almost three years ago.

Dingdong Dantes is hoping for a fair judgment when it comes to ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal. Kapuso star Dingdong Dantes took to Twitter to stand with ABS-CBN after Solicitor General Jose Calida filed a quo warranto petition for the Supreme Court to void its franchise. “Magkaiba man ng bakod, we are one in the media industry. We have one love for the many talents and crafts under this Network, the products and output of which, directly or indirectly, benefit the lives of millions of Filipinos,” he wrote. He then quoted Buhay Representative Lito Atienza’s recent privilege speech, “Inaction will only spell the weakening of the foundations of our democratic system... This Congress is really

paralyzed with inaction; and we should not be deserving to be called representatives of the people. Rep. Atienza of @buhayparty_list in his speech yesterday at the Congress, said that: “Inaction will only spell the weakening of the foundations of our democratic system. “In the end, I pray that the true interests of the people, under the rule of law, will prevail over any other political agenda conveniently veiled as a

countermeasure against alleged abuses,” Dingdong shared. The actor ended his message with, “I pray too that the government, thru Congress, will hear out its constituents. After all, Congress is supposed to represent our ‘voice.’ #NoToABSCBNShutDown.” Dingdong, who is an exclusive talent of GMA network, has also starred in Star Cinema movies and worked with various actors from the Kapamilya network.PUSH TEAM

DOH braces for local COVID-19 transmission From front page

Good relationship with Duterte The American president also noted that he has a good relationship with Duterte. “And my relationship, as you know, is a very good one with their leader. And we’ll see what happens. They’ll have to tell me that,” Trump said. Earlier this week, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin confirmed that the Philippines had issued its notification to the US about the country’s decision to abrogate the VFA. While US Defense chief Esper considered the Philippines’ decision as an “unfortunate” move, Malacañang said terminating the VFA was a “move in the right direction” and should have been done a long time ago. “Our studied action is consistent and pursuant to our chartering an independent foreign policy, with our foreign relations anchored solely on national interest and the general welfare of our people,” presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said.-Philstar

Dingdong Dantes supports ABS-CBN amid franchise issue

At a press conference yesterday, DOH Undersecretary Eric Domingo said all three confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Philippines at present are “imported,” but preparations are underway for a local spread of the virus at the community level. “We can already see that local transmission is happening in other countries,” Domingo pointed out. “These developments are compelling reasons to prepare mitigation mechanisms for the possibility of community spread (in the Philippines).” Local transmission has been reported in Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. As of noon yesterday, Domingo said there were 408 persons under investigation (PUIs) for COVID-19 and 240 of them are Filipinos. Ninety-eight are Chinese, eight are Americans and 50 others are of different nationalities. So far, 208 have tested negative for the virus, while 197 are still awaiting confirmatory laboratory tests if they have been infected, like the three Chinese who tested positive for COVID19 in the Philippines. The World Health Organization (WHO) has signified that all countries should get ready because they have been seeing local transmission of the virus in several countries, even those that are very far from China. “We always have that at the back of our minds that it will and can happen. That’s why we are preparing our hospitals that if cases increase significantly, we might have to change strategies and we should be ready,” Domingo said. DOH readiness Domingo gave assurance that the country is ready to address the possibility of local transmission of COVID-19 in

the sense that there is a hospital system. “We have isolation rooms. Right now, these rooms are full because we admit even the PUIs. If more people get sick, there will be changes in the indication for admission,” he said. Citing how Singapore is addressing the situation, the DOH official said only patients with severe manifestations of the virus will be admitted in hospitals. In terms of diagnosing patients, he said the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) has four “sub-national reference centers that can do testing on possible cases of COVID-19.” These are the Southern Philippine Medical Center in Davao del Sur (Mindanao), Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City (Visayas), Baguio City General Hospital (northern Luzon) and the San Lazaro Hospital in Manila. The RITM is now accrediting private laboratories that have capabilities to do the testing. “Many private hospitals want to apply for accreditation, saying that they have PCR (polymerase chain reaction) capability and trained personnel to do the testing. We just have to make sure the tests that will come out from their labs will be valid,” Domingo said. The DOH is also waiting for the WHO to validate a rapid testing kit that will scale up the testing capabilities to validate suspected coronavirus cases. Domingo added their supplies for personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers will last for one to two months. At present, the DOH has requested for a supplemental budget of P2 billion that will be used to procure PPEs. This, however, is still pending approval of Congress.Philstar

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15 Ang Peryodiko

ANALYSIS: What would happen if Pacquiao fights McGregor in boxing match? If Manny Pacquiao doesn’t get that rematch against Floyd Mayweather Jr., then he might just go after the next best thing. This is one of the possible reasons he signed with Paradigm Sports Management, the same company handling MMA superstar Conor McGregor. “Paradigm has no solid track record in pro boxing. The bulk of its clients are MMA combatants. However, when you consider that it was able to make McGregor the richest debutante in the history of pro boxing, then

it must be doing something right,” said boxing commentator Ed Tolentino. “If the outfit was able to do that to McGregor, then I think Pacquiao, who is on the last legs of his career, believes that the outfit can help him get that golden parachute before he calls it a day.” Pacquiao signed with Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) two years ago with hopes of landing that elusive rematch with Mayweather. But instead of getting Mayweather, the Filipino

champion was made to face other champions on PBC’s stable. “This is not the reason why Pacquiao joined PBC,” Tolentino said. If a boxing match materializes between McGregor and Pacquiao, then Filipino fans could be in for a treat. “Yes, I definitely see Pacquiao demolishing McGregor with the tenacity of a wrecking ball toppling a condemned building. We may be looking at a scenario that resembles Pacquiao(Ricky) Hatton,” Tolentino said, referring to Pacquiao’s

brutal second round knockout victory over the British champion in 2009. But Tolentino said Pacquiao’s affinity with Paradigm could affect his existing contract with PBC. “Many want to know the complete details of the deal with Paradigm considering that Pacquiao had also inked a deal with Al Haymon’s PBC. Personally, I think Pacquiao has grown tired of PBC’s failure to deliver him Mayweather Jr.,” said Tolentino. According to the Telegraph’s boxing columnist

Gareth Davies, the PacquiaoMcGregor bout could generate as much as $250 million in revenues. The Pacquiao versus Mayweather fight in 2015 is considered boxing’s richest fight, generating somewhere between $300 million and $400 million in gross revenue. Pacquiao, who fought Mayweather with a bum shoulder, lost that fight via unanimous decision. McGregor fought Mayweather, too, in his professional boxing debut in 2017, losing via 10th round TKO.Dennis Gasgonia, ABS-CBN News

Dwyane Wade says his 12-year-old kid came out as transgender Retired NBA superstar Dwyane Wade revealed that his 12-year-old child came out as transgender. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Wade expressed his support to his child, born Zion but now prefers to be called Zaya. “We are proud parents of a child in the LGBTQ+ community. And we are proud allies as well,” he said. Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union, also posted a video of Wade and Zaya on Instagram. “Meet Zaya,” she wrote. “She’s compassionate, loving, whip smart and we are so proud of her. It’s Ok to listen to, love & respect your children exactly as they are. Love and light good people.” Wade told Ellen how Zaya came out to him and Gabrielle. “Hey, so I wanna talk to you guys. I think going forward I’m ready to live

my truth. And I wanna be referenced as she and her. I would love for you guys to call me Zaya,” she said to her parents. The three-time NBA champion said he and his wife take their responsibilities as parents “very seriously.” “When our child comes home with a question, when our child comes home with an issue, when our child comes home with anything, it’s our job as parents to listen to that, to give them the best information that we can, the best feedback that we can,” Wade said. “And that doesn’t change because sexuality is now involved in it.” “We’re just trying to figure out as much information as we can to to make sure we give our child the best opportunity to be her best self,” he said. —MGP, GMA News

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s g n i h t g n i s i r 7 Surp d a o r g n i s u a c that are s r e v i r d g n o m rage a control them) to how on tips , (Plus


hile the world may be embracing—and even celebrating—the concept of Mental Wellness, the story is very different here in the Philippines. From the moment you step outside your door, the omnipresent Metro Manila traffic conspires to upset your peace of mind. And in some cases, even leading to all-out road rage. Bridgestone Philippines, being an advocate of road safety, emphasizes that while it is imperative to ensure that your vehicle is using good and reliable tires, they also advocate safe driving by encouraging you to have the proper disposition and state of mind before getting behind the wheel. That being said, we can help fight this by understanding the factors that upset our equilibrium on the road. Here are some of them:

Poor road design There’s a lot of uncertainty and stress that comes with simply driving where you need to. A road can go from four lanes to just two, becoming chaotic when everyone starts jostling for position, while lane restrictions can cause traffic to pile up at your exit. Even worse are the hidden or unclear signs or stoplights that create ‘traps.’ It’s enough to give anyone road rage. Hunger Hunger on the road is no joke. It triggers the release of cortisol and other hormones that cause irritability and aggression. Not that we advise driving on a full stomach—which can cause drowsiness—but carrying light snacks or drinks can help

keep the hunger at bay. Snack breaks at gas stations or rest stops along the road also give the benefit of taking you away from the stress of traffic for a few minutes. Your car’s condition Nothing causes more irritation than a beat-up car—a dirty and weak air conditioner, a cluttered cabin, dark or peeling tint obscuring visibility, and poor mechanical condition forcing you to wrestle with the car in hot traffic. Even noisy and old tires can put a frown on your face. These little things add up, potentially pushing you over the edge. Keeping your car clean and in good shape goes a long way. Being late The knowledge of how late

you are can add to irritability on the road. Leaving a little bit earlier, even if you’re still going to spend a few hours in traffic, can really help. If you know that you can still make it to work on time, the irritation at being delayed by other motorists is much less. Erratic driving Every little thing we do on the road has an effect on others. Take merging without using turn signals, taking a little too long to move when traffic starts moving ahead, or tapping your brakes to start and stop in a jerky manner. These minor, irritating behaviors add to the stress of everyone around you, heightening the tension on the road. Be mindful of your driving. Keep it smooth, and stick to one lane.

The act of driving itself If you have uncontrollable irritability or aggression, perhaps it’s time to see a doctor. Chronic irritability or explosive anger can be signs of underlying conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or of actual mental health issues. Avoiding driving—by taking public transport or simply working from home or closer to it—can help ease the symptoms, but tackling the root cause is also important. Being too assertive It’s obvious that being a jerk causes road rage. But playing the white knight and actively fighting back can also be counterproductive. Blocking an aggressive driver or blaring your horn at them in irritation can increase their hostility, causing them to drive even worse. Aggression and counter-aggression can and will eventually lead to a fight. Know when it’s safe to assert your rights and when you need to back down. Calm driving doesn’t just help prevent road rage, it also helps keep your car in good shape. Smooth, calm driving is gentle on the engine, the brakes, and the tires. It ensures you’ve got enough grip and traction in reserve for any emergency that might arise—which definitely boosts confidence and peace of mind on the road. Having reliable and trusted tires like Bridgestone helps contribute to that peace of mind, keeping you centered in even the worst traffic situations. In its advocacy for road safety, Bridgestone is a committed partner in promoting mental wellness. Working hand in hand with motorists to promote responsible driving and a healthy driving environment. To know more about this campaign, follow Bridgestone on Facebook.-TopGear.com. ph/Article created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Bridgestone.

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The Eagles


The Eagles Concert was held on February 1 at the Essence on McPhillips, Jefferson Avenue at 6 pm-9:30 pm. Dinner was served at 6 pm-7 pm. There was a frenzied atmosphere when the Eagles started playing different instruments which were mostly guitars and drums led by Raffy (Swap) Ramiro, a winner of the National Balangay Award as the Musician of the Year in 2017. He is so versatile as he plays several instruments, such as saxophone, guitar, trombone, piano, and other instruments. The Eagles’ other members were: Bruce Moore, Paul Henderson, Paul Morrow, Robbie Sobrevilla, Bernard Florentino, Louie Rosales, and Ronald Trinidad. The Eagles soared to greater heights in the middle of the night with them playing almost nonstop several fast danceable music. The audience gave them thunderous applause, yells, and whistles. Raffy added zest to the performance by playing the instruments on top of the stage’s stairs overlooking the excited crowd of more than 300. He also engaged the audience by going around the VIP tables doing techniques with his guitar to the delight of the onlookers. Children, who are being trained by Raffy to play different instruments, were also called to the stage and introduced. They were the following: Byce Cruz Virtucio, Jacob Cruz, Myrielle Althea, Ishana Pulad, Kenneth Salonga, Karson Liam Gloria, and Kyleen Neis. The concert ended with Mary Mallari, also a vocalist, thanking the audience, sponsors, and volunteers for their help and drew the winning door prize ticket, an electric guitar. The crowd went home so pleased and happy to have attended an excellent concert. Raffy’s Café is located at 1060 Ellice Avenue corner Wall St./Phone: 204-5050898-By Gemma Dalayoan

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aintaining your strength and stamina is very important when you are pregnant. The second trimester for many women is when the energy level comes back. If you are feeling motivated during that period, these exercises are for you. These 6 intermediate exercises are a step up for the previous article. I do hope that you are feeling motivated even though you’re out of breath with every move you make. Please consult your doctor before participating in the workout program. If you’re good to go then let’s get started!

Exercise 1: Squat Press

5 Intermediate exercises for expecting moms Exercise 2: Chest press

- Great for maintaining upper body strength. Push exercise. - Adding an exercise ball to target core for strengthening. - Squeeze the glutes and engage your core (like the bridge position). - Be sure you are stable on the ball. - Slow and controlled with lowering the weights wide aligned with your armpit. - Slow and controlled extending the elbow touching the weights on top. - Complete the exercise three sets of ten repetitions.

- Awesome for full body workout. - Focusing on legs and arms. - Used 10 lbs. but you can use what is comfortable for a shoulder press. - Slow and controlled during the squats, then explode up. - Squeeze the glutes on the way up, then press up with the weights. Complete the exercise three sets of ten repetitions.

Exercise 3: Bent over row - Pull exercise to balance the chest and back workout. - Keep your shoulders down when pulling the weight up. - Squeeze your mid-traps/rhomboid muscles on the up phase of the exercise. - Lower slowly, then pull up again. - Using 10lbs. dumbbell a comfortable weight. - Hinge from your hips and engage your core – stick your chest out. - Avoid rounding your back during the exercise. - Complete the exercise three sets of ten repetitions. Disclaimer: Information in this article is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider prior to starting any new treatment or with any questions you may have regarding an injury or medical condition.

Exercise 4: Standing side crunch - One of the most challenging exercise because you need to be good at balance. - I added a squat in between the side crunch. - Focusing on the obliques and hip abductor. - Complete three sets of ten on each side.

Exercise 5: Calf raises

Written by: Melanie Talastas-Soriano BA-Kin, CAT(C), ISSA-CPT Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer

insahyu_ thrpy&insahyu_training

Insahyu Training & Therapy page We direct bill to MPI, WCB, Manitoba Blue Cross and Great-West Life. Call 204-999-0933 to book your appointment today!!!

To view other articles, please visit www.insahyu.com Services we offer at Insahyu Training & Therapy: St. James area near MacDon and Boeing

250 Saulteaux on Murray Industrial Park Athletic Therapy Kinesio-tape Athletic Taping Custom Fitted Orthotics Personal Training Group fitness classes

- This exercise helps to maintain calf strength and it helps with pumping blood to reduce blood pooling (swollen ankles and foot). - Simple and effective exercise with slow and steady lowering and raising your heels. - Those bright blue socks are compression socks which also help with blood circulation and to reduce swollen lower leg. - Complete the exercise three sets of ten repetitions.

Thank you for reading and I hope that these exercises challenge you a bit before baby arrive. In the meantime, enjoy your favorite workouts and do your best during the motivated days. As an Athletic Therapist, we specialize in exercise prescription that caters to your need. Whether you need exercises for prevention or recovering from an injury, we can help you. Please visit our website to get to know our team of Certified Athletic Therapists and to explore more on what we can offer. Our online portal is now available – book your appointment – online and we hope to see you soon!!!!!

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Paulo Avelino joins cast of ‘Darna’ movie

Nadine Lustre

offered a Mustang as Valentine’s gift from Xian Gaza

MANILA, Philippines — An early Valentine’s gift awaits Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre from controversial social media personality Xian Gaza. In his Facebook account, Xian posted a photo of a flowerclad Mustang car and called it “Bouquet of Mustang.” “Dear Nadine Lustre, First of all, Happy Valentine’s Week! Sana ay nagustuhan mo at nawa’y tanggapin mo ‘tong “Bouquet of Mustang” na regalo ko para sayo,” Xian wrote. Xian rose to fame online last 2017 after he commissioned a billboard in Manila, asking Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales for a date. “Since my teenage days, KSP na talaga ako. Whenever I really like someone, gagawin ko ang lahat-lahat para makuha ang atensyon n’ung babaeng gusto ko in the grandest way possible within my means. Just like my ligaw efforts to Ella Cruz way back 2016 and so with my epic fail billboard for Erich last 2017,” Xian said. Xian continued his post, admitting that he might be doing “annoying things” again, but that is how he expresses

himself. “Three years after, here I am again. Nagpapapansin naman this time sayo. Maaari nanamang magmukhang tanga at katatawanan ng publiko but idgaf sa opinyon ng iba. This is me, this is how I express myself, this is the way I am,” he said. He also clarified that he is not buying Nadine, but his financial capacity is good at the moment. “Maybe iisipin ng madlang people that this Ford Mustang is too much, na parang binibili kita at yung pagkababae mo. Nope! It’s just that my financial capacity at the moment is a little bit good and I believe that you deserve to be the first ever person in the Philippines to receive a ‘Bouquet of Mustang’ as a Valentines gift because that’s how high I value you as a woman,” he said. He added that he just wanted to be friends with Nadine. “All I want is to be your acquaintance, nothing more nothing less. Happy Valentines to you, Nadine,” Xian said.-Nadine Lustre offered a Mustang as Valentine’s gift from Xian Gaza- Jan Milo Severo

MANILA – Paulo Avelino is the second actor who is confirmed to be joining the upcoming movie adaptation of “Darna.” This was announced by Avelino’s manager Leo Dominguez in an Instagram post last week. He, however, did not reveal what the actor’s role would be. “#PauloAvelino joins #darna,” he simply wrote in the caption. Aside from “Darna,” Avelino is also part of the upcoming ABS-CBN series “Burado,” which reunites him with Nadine Lustre. It also stars Julia Montes, Zanjoe Marudo and Thai actor Denkhun Ngamnet. It was only last January 20 when cameras began rolling for the much-anticipated movie project under the helm of filmmaker Jerrold Tarog. Tarog officially became part of “Darna” in October 2018. He replaced original director Erik Matti, who departed from the project due to “creative differences” with producer Star Cinema. Actress Jane de Leon will be playing the titular role, and Tarog had described her as an “instinctive actress.”


De Leon, 20 and an exclusive talent of Star Magic, has appeared in a number of TV projects, including “Halik” where she played Jericho Rosales’s sister Maggie Bartolome. She also appeared in 2017 fantasy drama series “La Luna Sangre” as one of the moonchasers. She was also part of the girl group Girltrends of “It’s Showtime.”-ABS-CBN News


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