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Message from K.Sow

FEB #02-2013

Dear Leaders, Heartiest Congratulations to New Master Coordinators Abdul Halim & Norpishah! They have shown that positive mindset, right spirits & burning passion to excel, it is possible to live their dreams with Shaklee. I am sure their achievement will inspire many family members to achieve greater height in Shaklee. Jan 2013 has been an exciting month for everyone in SDFG. We have launched our theme 2013 Year Of Globalization, during our 2012/2013 Celebration Dinner & Achievers’ Banquet held at hotel Empire Subang Jaya. It was undoubtedly a very memorable & fulfilling event for all of us. I know that all would not have been possible without the strong & unconditional teamwork between leaders & mastermind team. I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks for all your contribution, active participation & team spirit which resulted in uniting SDFG regardless of race & religion into one big family. To all award recipients – Rank Advancement, First level count growth, Recap Growth, Top Ten PGUV, Top Ten First Level Count, Top Ten Recap Achievers & 2012 Outstanding Performance Achievers – Congratulations & keep up the excitement & momentum in your quest to achieve greater success in Shaklee.

DYNAMIC FAMILY GLOBAL 269th Leadership Seminar New Year Kick-off Special Training – Harnessing Your Success DNA (Part I) 20th Jan 2013 9.00am – 2.00pm Hotel Singgahsana P.J.

DYNAMIC FAMILY GLOBAL 2012 Outstanding Performance Award Dr Desmond Ng Vejayan & Omahvathy Brenda Wong Ley Mee

Dynamic Newslette r

Dynamic Family Global 270th Leadership Seminar 24 Feb 2013 Sun 9.00am-5.00pm Hotel Singgahsana, P.J

MEETING CENTER No. 14-03 Jalan USJ 9/5N, Subang Central, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor Monday – Training ( BM/English ) Tuesday – BOM ( BM / English ) Thursday – BOM / Training (Mand ) Time: 8.00pm

SDFG FEB 2013 – Schedule of Activities MON







2 OPP Meeting Sommerset Hotel, Miri


Leadership Seminar (BM) 1.30pm-6pm

Leadership Seminar (Chinese) 1.30pm6pm

Leadership Seminar Sommerset Hotel, Miri

4 Thoughtsmanship For Well Being Chapter 10 – Revision – K Sow

5 BOM William / Viji

6 OPP Meeting (Eng) SPM JB

7 思想藝術的福祉第三 章




11 Why Food Supplement –Omar

12 Peluang Perniagaan Syarifah Zamrud /Raja Noor


14 享瘦計劃 - Cinch Kelly



17 Toastmaster



24 Leadership Seminar Hotel Singgahsana PJ 9am – 5pm

Prospecting – Viji

( 复习 )- K.Sow

建立龐大的客戶網絡 – CJ Yong

Round-up - Vejayan

14-20/2 Taiwan 18 Digestive Cleansing – Siew See

19 BOM Norpishah / Subra


21 創業良機 Katherine/Eng Jin

26 BOM Shaun/ Jo


28 自然的保持活力 Bee Hong

Tips On Effective Closing – Eng Jin Round-up –C.J Yong 25 Liver Cleansing – Soo Yin Tips On Getting People To Meeting – Charlene Round-up - Teoh

消費者與傳銷商教育 Cerene