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HOW DO WE GET THERE? Let's evaluate your brand right now, where you are and where you want to be! Outline

Where are you in the process of being a total #boss? Completely lost? On the rise? Half-way there, but need some help? Outline in the box above where you are RIGHT NOW. Use fact-based statements... Don't brag OR insult yourself. This is your chance to outline your 'baseline' to work from.


An effective and sustainable brand will reflect who you truly are and what you value. Consider the values that you hold most dear (kindness, strength, wisdom, etc.) Your brand should clearly broadcast the top 3-5 values. Getting clear on what you value helps you craft an honest brand. An honest brand will get you the results you are looking for!

Personal Branding Guide 2020 |

Identify your brand signature

What does your brand look like? Think purely aesthetics here. Colors | Fonts | Logos Branding Template can be provided for all Personal Branding Clients


Sharing your story is the most effective way to connect with other people... when done well.

What does your day to day consist of? Are you on the phone with clients? Are you creating/making? Are you working at your computer? Are you juggling being a stay-at-home mom while running the business? Are you meeting clients?


What are some things you love to do, to eat, to make, to drink? Think about your lifestyle and hobbies outside of your day-to-day business.

"People want to connect with you, see the REAL you and seeP e rthe authenticity behind your brand." sonal Branding Guide 2020 |

Stand out from the crowd with custom content specifically created for you!

Hey there, Anett here!

Your Personal Branding Coach & Photographer Are you struggling to reach your right target audience with your social media content to grow your business? Are you pulling your hair out when you compare your Instagram grid with your fellow entrepreneurs and wonder how THEY do it? Let me help you to create the perfect content specifically geared towards your brand, so that you can sit back and focus on running your business, grow your followers and convert images into sales!

"Anett created beautiful images according to my vision board and brand color. After a thorough pre-planning session and half a day of shooting, I had three months of creative content lined up." Personal Branding Guide 2021 |