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GFR Software Solution The Department of Nuclear Medicine, Aalborg University Hospital, is in the process of developing a softwarebased solution that enables an easier and more secure process for the calculation of patients‘ kidney function also known as the glomerular filtration rate (GFR).

Renal Disease




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Renal Fail ure



A calculation of kidney function is performed for all patients where it is necessary to assess more precisely their renal function - for example in relation to patients who must undergo chemotherapy. Background In some situations, a clinician needs to ensure that a patients kidney function is still efficient before, for example, undergoing chemotherapy treatment, when substances from the treatment are normally excreted through the kidneys and must be cleaned out of the patient’s blood; or after a kidney stone, which may have reduced the kidney filtration capabilities. The most precise way of analyzing kidney function is by measuring GFR by 51Cr-EDTA/99mTc-DTPA method. This analysis is both time-consuming, complicated, and needs efficient and effective risk management to reduce errors. The novel technology developed at Aalborg University Hospital will provide clinicians, a faster, secure and automatic calculation method that will support clinicians in their daily routine.

The system will improve  Patient safety through the implementation of an automated version of the modern “best practices” equation for calculating GFR, which takes place by means of electronic labeling of vials, syringes and test tubes, as well as, monitoring and better management of radioactive solution used for the study.  Working conditions of health professionals through the automated process of data collection, and minimize paperwork and manual processes.  Handling of radioactive substances through an inventory management system in the GFR-app.

GFR Standard-GFR


Description of technology Current stage of development includes:  An Android-app that allows easy data collection for GFR calculation, and the transfer of such data to the server.  A software that can read and transfer data from an analyzer (Wizard 2480) and upload data to the server.  A server where all data is securely stored and from which data is readable. The server will also perform the final calculation of GFR using one of the worldwide, best-accepted algorithms for calculating GFR such as Brøchner-Mortensen, Brøchner-Mortensen children and Christensen Groth calculation models.

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AGE (years)

Example of kidney function for a 74 year old woman. The result is referred to as being „moderately impaired“ - with regard to the patient‘s gender and age.

Current development stage The developed prototype shows that the overall concept is achievable. The prototype consists of the aforementioned parts.

INVENTOR Thomas Bohsen Schmidt Medical Laboratory Technologist Responsible for IT Diploma in Software Development Department of Nuclear Medicine Aalborg University Hospital

In collaboration with an ISO62304 certified partner, we brought the system to a state in which the initial clinical testing can begin. Documentation is in place. Programming is ready to be launched. We are searching for partners We are looking for partners for the following:  A partner who will participate in the development of the system consisting essentially of programming and correction during test phases.  A partner who will be able to distribute the system to relevant customers.

Aalborg University Hospital Science & Innovation Center Sdr. Skovvej 15, DK-9000 Aalborg Tel. +45 97 66 63 00 ideklinikken.dk, ideklinikken@rn.dk The North Denmark Region

APRIL 2015


GFR Software Solution  

GFR Software Solution