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Guide Get professional sparring and advice for your idea, invention or challenge that you meet or issue. We will guide you through the process of realising your idea by collaborating on developing a solution.

Be sure of reaching your goal with your healthcare related idea.

Idéklinikken (the Ideas Clinic) is an innovation department affiliated to Aalborg University Hospital and the North Denmark Region. We aim to bring good ideas to the market in collecting, testing and realising good ideas related to professional healthcare. We are interested in all kind of challenges ideas and inventions ­— from our clinical staff as well as from patients and relatives. We are able to deal with good ideas and follow them all the way through. We are a team of specialists within different fields — right from idea, project development and industrial design to commercial law and commercialisation. Idéklinikken provides you professional sparring and advice in order to qualify your idea get it realised and possibly patented.

The process — from idea to reality Acceptance Go to and file a description of your idea, invention or challenge. Evaluation An internal project team will evaluate the potential of your idea: Is there already a known solution to that problem? Is there an interesting market potential? Is it something Idéklinikken can help with? Qualification and planning Idéklinikken qualify the invention/ idea and identify possible collaboration partner. We start by making a project development plan. Protection and implementation Idéklinikken will evaluate the possibility for patent protection. We also assist with project development as well as implementation in our hospital. Commercialisation Idéklinikken will seek for collaboration partners and ensure the negotiation of agreements between parties.

Product innovation

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Service innovation

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Research innovation

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contact Idéklinikken with your invention as soon as possible to entability.

hallenges associated with a workflow, process or procedure of an help you develop a solution. Through interviews, observae analyse the problem, and develop concrete solutions in close nd your colleagues. Idéklinikken has for example, assisted Aalls blood bank in reducing the number of unintended incidents d depots. Idéklinikken places a great deal of emphasis on user ut the process and the project is thus always closely linked with ment. This ensures a solution that meets the users‘ needs and a local ownership within the department.


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