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“The life is not so short as a flower neither eternal as a smash, simply beautiful as a flower and diamond as a smash� When I started a new stage of my life always I had illusions.

On day I was very happy because on Monday, I began class in the university, I planned know very friends studying and have good grades.

That Monday I arrived with my sister, I was very happy also I was anxious, of

have new friends.

But this day I did not meet my best friends because all the girls were nervous.

My first class of welding


was very happy with my first class of welding my teacher is Vicente Soria, and I have very anxiety for knowing and handle


first time, because I did not know one machine milling or one drill, very big,

Also I know machine of welding and this is my first class of welding and every my classmate had, that welding one piece metallic but in the class, I had also five friends woman’s and we did not know how to start, and no body of the man us help. I was very angry...

On day I was in class of machine my teacher explication the class about of


parts the lathe, my friends and me played up the finish hours. My friends

and I

went to eat pizza and soda in the garden.

When we eating. The sounds remove and begin to rain very strong, and we run. When. We run to the class, but we were



friend while we run, she fell down.

On day my friends and me organized a trip, we did not know BaĂąos.

We traveled the day of woman (8th

march), we were very happy, we

were singing in the bus, when my

fiends did not have a dinner

because she forgot the wallet in the

taxi driver, she was very sad and


When my friends and I were Baños, we celebrate the women´s day we eat very delicious, we eat juice, eggs, bread and milk, We traveled to the Rio Verde,

And we played in the water, Also we traveled to “Manto dela Novia” this is a cascade, buy when we walked began to rain and the car have not cover and we were damps.

On day my teacher of Unitary Operation, speak and say: that We had a tour for Quito, We have that visited many company..

We traveled in the night because in the morning we are the visited the company “Franz Viegener� .

This health

company makes health, the engineer explicated the procedure. The was elaborate manually.

We walked every the company and We took many pictures, but We had that travel to another company……

The second company was the company “Escala”, this company is a textile, this company elaborate tex cloth, for uniform of police, fireman, jeans and another

We arrived very tired but my teacher told us that we have to know the company and then we will buy food, because we were with hanger.

But we enjoyed the tour and we returned to Riobamba. “Safe and Sound”

In the university began the party of the “Facultad de Ingeniería”, I thought not to go to the class, every the week,

But my teacher told us that: my colleagues and I had dramatized a program. We talk and we decided make a force, we decided make the movie “The ghosts of Scroosh”. We practice many times. But we enjoy the faction, we were very nervous. But we were very happy because we received congratulation