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Who invented the magazine? Annette Krubner. Blogger, editor of the portal girls, fashion stylist and writer. The idea originated in a few minutes in August. Since then I have worked and worked out until the publication of the first issue, published November 26, 2011 in the Czech language. Following the publication of findings and magazine I found a few e-mails about the language. There were many people interested in the English language, so I did not hesitate and started to form a magazine in English. Unfortunately, the Czech magazine pages 38, this number will be around eight. There will be written the most important articles. In the magazine you will find a few words about current fashion trends, new and interesting blogger, fashion, cosmetics and interesting interviews. In this issue you can read an interesting interview with an American actress AnnaLynne McCord, who was so glad that the interview be happy to accept. I hope your magazine will be a little bit like it.

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November's feature: Nars Bronzing Powder mark, lip gloss in nude color YSL, Moschino perfume or red nail polish YSL.

Although the Chanel fashion giant blue models also produced, but otherwise is it with nail polish. Before we met with various colors, but blue not.

November will be for a while in full swing and dream and fashion trends. Some trends are pochyceny from September or October this year, but believe that they are current throughout the autumn. The exceptions are leather shortky, scarf with animal pattern or color small envelopes. November gave three major catch that would not be missing in your wardrobe. How to wear leather shortky? Inspiration can be found at Nikol blogger or have already mentioned the Ejvi Freedom.

Pari Coleini loves timeless ouftiy. This time it was a love letter from an online store ASOS, which give order to the Czech republic.

There is no doubt that camel coat is coming back into fashion trends. Even blogger Ejvi Freedom fancy him, so unless you know what to combine, we give you less inspiration. Note that red lipstick is not excluded to coat. The red color gives a neutral tone, the right characteristi

Studded jacet have been and are still in the course. For this fall has become a hot trend, which can be supplemented with both pants and skirts or dresses.

AnnaLynne, tells us what is your favorite brand. There are a lot that I like. Roberto Cavalli, Christian Louboutin, Dior, DVB (best jeans in the world) from Victoria Beckham. I do not always buy only the brands, you can look good without them. My advice to girls: "Do not buy fake clothing or bags!" Well, I understand that some girls are buying fake handbags, but it's much better to buy one expensive thing to keep it for long time, but never BUY FAKE. What perfume do you use most? I loved J'adore by Dior, Chanel and Chance Eden Cacharel perfumes. What do you think the style of Lady Gaga? Do you like? Definitely. She is very young and has a great fashion sense. It's great. Do you watch at Gossip Girl? No. unfortunately. I am a very busy time and I do not have time for television. What city do you think is considered a paradise for fashion? I would say that New York and London. Now, hand on heart, you spend a lot of money on clothes? Almost everything I buy clothes with her sisters. Prices will then be divided into three equal amounts, so it will not cost much. Never the amount you spend on clothes, can not exceed more than $ 30,000 per month! What brand of cosmetics do you use? What do you prefer? I use Sephora, Benzaclin, Eco-tools Nars. The key is to win the match with my skin type. love these products. What was the most expensive thing you've ever bought in fashion? Hermes bag, I bought it for $ 18,000. You live in Los Angeles, so this question might not be complicated, Los Angeles or New York City? Well, even though I live in Los Angeles, so I choose New York. I love him, is part of my life.

Best brand fragrances? Dior, Chloe, Nina Ricci, Chanel and Gucci. Each has its own scent, which is always original. Nina Ricci Nina is a favorite. Sweeter romantic scent that you love. Similarly, on Chloe Chloe fragrance as done in the spring. Coco Chanel, best of all Chanel fragrances. Almost no matching composition as Chanel No.5 perfume, Chanel or Chanel Chanel No.9 - no aldehydes, a romantic intoxication. Gucci Eau de Par I, the first splashes to realize that he began to fall and approaching winter.

Teenage girls are tanned supportem skin, artificial eyelashes, tons of makeup, extended hair and dark hair (brown, black, mahogany) Why so many girls eager for unnaturally brown face and a tonne of makeup? They are ridiculous. Why? They look as if they fell out of Photoshop. Why not try a break from tons of brown makeup and strong depicted? Why not to try something lighter, natural, show their true face? Anne Hathaway, Michelle Trachtenberg and Lady GaGa are famous with white skin and look as glorious. Before you start recounting, brighten up your skin using brightener. Choose your color according to it with luminous skin and not overdo it too much it really just a small amount. Before you continue, wait for the luminous soaks into the skin. Then apply liquid makeup, rub it over around the face. Be sure to spread it around and ears and neck, have a darker shade of the face and neck several tones lighter to do is laugh. After crushing makeup, apply a suitable brush. Try loose Dior that you skin gets dull. In addition, powder or Nars Makeup Nars, which is available at Sephora perfumery.

What do you prefer for winter about make –up ? Do you like Nars products? What is your favorite brand of cosmetics? Have you something from Nars? – Do you like this brand?


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