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Making Of Anestasia Vodka Anestasia vodka is created by Ukrainian-born, American Yuliya Mamontova. It is a world-class vodka which is new, handcrafted, American-made, ultra-premium spirit positioned to become the purest, smoothest and most refreshing spirit in the world. It has the essence of two natural ingredients, First is the sweet corn and second is the exceptionally pure water of the cascaded mountains and this results in anestasia vodka's naturally derived purity. The snow-capped Cascade Mountains provide us with one of the world’s purest water sources. As water flows down through lava bed rivers, it picks up some of the harmful minerals and chemicals like magnesium and calcium. In fact, our water is 90% less of these compounds because it is distilled 5x and filtered 5x through Quartz Crystal, AnestasiA Vodka is delightfully smooth, delicious, and naturally gluten-free. Anestasia Vodka serves as an homage to a longstanding American tradition- the domestic creation of handcrafted quality- as well as a beacon for a new generation of innovative American luxury. This world-class ultra-premium vodka is handcrafted in bend, Oregon, USA- a city to 19 microbreweries, three distilleries and four wineries due to its extraordinary pure water supply hailing from snow-capped cascade mountains. The distillation process begins when locally grown sweet corn are mixed with fermenting sugars and high quality yeast producing fermentation and then distilled five times and filtered five times through natural volcanic rock, neutral charcoal and quartz crystal until a 190 proof distillate is reached. It is then blended down with pure bend water, which flows down from the mountains through lava lined riverbeds, leaving the water virtually void of calcium carbonate and other impurities. This continues until the vodka reaches the desired 80 proof resulting in a uniquely sweet, pure gluten-free vodka. Packaging is the most effective and powerful way to promote your brand, but some times packaging becomes a bit more than that. Unlike any other bottle on the market, Anestasia vodka bottle is multi faceted decanter-like sculpture made with recycled glass resulting in a stylish, sleek and functional object. To create a bottle as powerful and special as its contents, Mamontova called upon her love of art and design. She found karim rashid as perfect visionary after falling in love with the watch designed by him at MoMa store and finally chose karim rashid to design the bottles. Anestasia vodka bottle represents the visual embodiment of innovative American luxury. In visualizing the bottle’s design, Rashid began by referencing the angular strokes of the letters V and K contained in the word ‘vodka’, which he then integrated into the free-flowing, organic form of the final product. The bottle’s shape conveys excitement, confidence, and anticipation for the ultra-premium vodka itself. Anestasia vodka strives to deliver a superiors product, inside and out, from the ingredients and process to the award-winning bottle design and Eco-friendly packaging.

Making of anestasia vodka  

AnestasiA Vodka is a new, handcrafted, American-made, ultra-premium spirit positioned to become “the purest, smoothest and most refreshing s...

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