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ANERA’s work in

1970 - 1990

West Bank & Gaza






Wholesale Markets

Olive Oil Production

Delivered more than 50 tractors, 8 bulldozers and 300 pieces of new agricultural machinery, including direct assistance to 4,000 farmers.

Built a wholesale produce market in Halhoul, the first of three in the West Bank and Gaza.

Constructed olive nurseries and helped cooperatives buy automatic presses to increase production.

Water and Irrigation


Built reservoirs and pools, improved canals and trained farmers in modern irrigation techniques.

Assisted in the establishment of six new factories for processing milk products and one for producing chicken feed.

Agricultural Credit Program

“ ANERA is remembered to this day in land reclamation conferences as the pioneer. ”

Helped two West Bank cooperatives capitalize revolving credit funds in order to provide members with loans for land reclamation.

Ibrahim Matar, former ANERA Deputy Director in Jerusalem

Eradicating Diseased Grapevines Eradicated phylloxera in the Hebron and Al-Khader areas by providing technical advice and replacing infected grapevines with diseaseresistant strains.

1991 - 2000

Modern Seedling Nursery

Soap Factory

Established a nursery for growing vegetable and fruit seedlings on an acre of land in Khan Younis, Gaza.

Established factory in Beit Jala to make soap from olive oil production surpluses at local presses.

Grading and Packing House

Cheese Processing

Olive Oil Factory

Built a state-of-the-art packing house in Jiftlik – benefiting 1,000 farmers – that exported to Europe.

Helped the Bedouin community in Jericho, West Bank, process and market local white cheese.

Established an olive press and canning factory in Deir Sharaf and Ein Sinia, West Bank.

Mobile Veterinary Clinics Established three mobile veterinary clinics, equipped with essential laboratory items.

Treating Cow Disease

Grape Juice

Formulated a national strategy, in partnership with WHO and the MoA, to eradicate brucellosis in the West Bank.

Helped the Grape and Food Marketing Cooperative in Hebron turn grape surpluses into bottled, natural juice.

Polinating Palm Trees

Breed Enhancement

Provided two aerial lifts to pollinate palm trees cultivated in the Jericho area of the West Bank.

Improved local Awasi sheep through providing a variety of 150 rams to the Ministry of Agriculture’s Beit-Qad livestock station.

2001 - 2010

Othman Al-Deek, Ramallah Farmers Poultry Cooperative Manager

Agricultural Credit Provided $7-8 million in loans to thousands of farmers in partnership with the Arab Bank.

Animal Feed Factory Established an animal feed factory in Tulkarem to provide high quality feed to livestock rearers at reasonable prices.

Reservoirs Installed irrigation and water reservoirs in Al Far’a, Bardala, Zbidat and Ein El Badya in the West Bank’s Jordan Valley.

Home Gardens

Agricultural Cisterns

Training and Workshops

Built greenhouses and delivered agricultural training and equipment to more than 100 Gaza families.

Built 22 cisterns and restored water for 28,000 people in remote areas of the West Bank.

Trained West Bank and Gaza farmers on fertilizing, composting, poultry rearing, pesticide control, etc.

Recycling Farm Plastics

Farm-to-Market Roads

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

Employed workers to clean agricultural plastics from Gaza fields to be recycled into irrigation pipes.

Built over 100 kilometers of roads to help West Bank farmers get their fresh produce to markets.

Helped farmers obtain the Global GAP certification for export of vegetable products into the European market.

Wholesale Markets

Greenhouses and drip irrigation

Built two markets in Jericho and Tulkarem for farmers to sell directly to end-users.

Rehabilitated greenhouses for 350 farmers in the Jordan Valley and improved drip irrigation techniques.

Cold Produce Storage

Land Reclamation

Funded the establishment of cooling facilities at three West Bank cooperatives.

Reclaimed 400+ dunums of land in Hebron and Nablus through leveling, planting, terracing and water harvesting.

Providing Poultry

Irrigation System

Provided chickens to 550 Gaza families for long-term food and income generation.

Replaced an old canal system at Ein El Sultan spring in Jericho with a state-ofthe-art system. 900 farmers benefitted.

2011 - 2014

“ ANERA was our cooperative’s propellers in the most critical years, pushing us forward and helping us grow. ”

“ From the beginning, ANERA has been synonymous with agricultural projects – from Jenin in the northern West Bank all the way to Rafah in southern Gaza. ” Mazen Dabbagh, ANERA Program Manager

Using Reclaimed Wastewater

Egg Harvesting

Helped farmers in Jenin use reclaimed wastewater, shifting from rain-feeding 700 acres of fertile land to irrigating.

Equipped a chicken coop to house 1,200 donated chickens, which provided the Dar Al Yateem Orphanage with protein-rich meals and muchneeded extra income.

National-Level Knowledge Sharing Introduced basic knowledge-sharing tools and methods and created a knowledge base for best agricultural practices.

Biogas Piloted a system for converting plant and animal waste into a useful fuel – to save families money and improve livelihoods in marginalized rural areas.

“ Here, we celebrate the earth from season to season, aware of how vital this resource is to our survival. ” Naser Qadous, ANERA Agricultural Manager

Funding for ANERA's agriculture work through the years has come from thousands of individual donors and the following institutional donors: ADCI/VOCA, Firedoll Foundation, International Development Research Centre, Moriah Fund, OPEC Fund for International Development, State of Kuwait, UN International Fund for Agricultural Development, the US Agency for International Development, and Waterford Foundation.

ANERA's Work in Agriculture  
ANERA's Work in Agriculture  

ANERA has been working with Palestinian farmers for over 40 years. See some of the highlights.