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The explosion of fancy

Introduction This novel enriches Elena Diena’s literary production with a remarkable as well as pleasant work for the young: deep, lively, sparkling, rich in fantastic episodes and wonderful adventures; set into a stimulating virtual context made of lights, sounds, colours, feelings, longing for life and dream; offering cues for a serious and deep existential meditation. At a first sight this work seems to detach from all what the author has produced so far. It seems a casual as well as pleasant desire of proposing the reader something new, charming, amusing. Really, a more careful and deeper reading of the work produces the conviction that the novel is the fruit of a clever intuition that perfectly combines with the author’s traditional and inspired narrative line and faces, with sharp cleverness, courage and wise carefulness, the theme of the UNIVERSE and of its CREATOR who is constantly present in DAVID AND GIADA’s adventures in the world of the visible and of the invisible. The itinerary Elena proposes deftly and wonderfully wanders through the virtual and space-time world and introduces the brave protagonists into extraordinarily emotional situations, projecting them into the heart of heavenly dimensions among galaxies, stars, planets, comets, wonderful landscapes and breathtaking virtual battles, often fought with the help of the angels of light, always ending with the triumph of GOOD, another great protagonist of the novel. 1

The narrator clearly detects the presence of good and evil in everybody and dwells upon the ensuing moral moment, underlining the close relation existing between good and love. This is a theme on which Elena’s narrative sensitiveness reaches heights of true poetry, particularly in the description of the WORLD OF LOVE, in which, in an atmosphere of magical suggestion and pure bliss, the GOD OF LOVE appears and gives Davide and Giada the keys of his REIGN, rewarding them for practicing good, giving love and preserving the purity of their souls. Through the theme of love Elena introduces into the text a constant meditation over what will be later revealed as the true protagonist of the tale, strongly tied to love itself: the MIND, which in the cosmos represents the origin, the prime mover, the centre of everything, what THE SUPREME MIND, whose thought has always belonged to all living beings, uses to govern the universe. Owing to this, the mind allows the inhabitants of the Celestial World to move, virtually, in the space-time dimension, through the past and the future, to use the propulsive energy for travelling in the immortal world at the speed of light, to improve their knowledge in the folds of thought, to communicate with their likes thanks to interchangeable thought and much more. Above everything the figure of the EMPEROR OF THE SKY stands out, the SUPREME MIND who, after explaining Davide and Giada the function of the seven celestial dimensions of knowledge, leads them onto the highest peak of the infinite, showing them the absolute beauty of the universe and soon after, under their amazed looks, starts ‘playing’ with the uncontrollable forces of nature, and then with the stars, the suns and the planets of cosmos, moving them as he likes and then setting them back to their places, just clapping his hands. It is a demonstration given Davide and Giada by the CELESTIAL FATHER, so that, returning to the earth, they may produce a direct evidence of the magnificent power of his mind that, belonging also to us, is an expression of the hidden potential of our mind. 2

Undoubtedly it is a wonderful conclusion of an unforgettable virtual travel of the two protagonists’ minds through the light dimension, entrusting them with the task of demonstrating that everybody’s mind possesses all the conditions, unimaginable ones, that can connect the cosmic union to the earthly one. This is the true message that through her lines, and not only, Elena Diena conveys to us. It is a message that most certainly will have a much more direct and explicit follow-up. Andrea Giglio



Travel in the world of the invisible

…”The children were laughing at our squabbles and, as if by magic, a blooming garden appeared before us, similar to the ones in fairy tales… …The children started playing and we noticed that magically the games appeared like the garden… …In our hands two shining swords appeared, they were made with diamonds, they flashed and started moving without our will”…



Travel in the dimensions of cosmos

…Welcome to the world of Sistok, the planet of life. If you drink from this spring you’ll keep young both in mind and body… …”I’m the prince of life and my kingdom is based on knowledge and intelligence. The dimension you’re living in here is high, because the invisible of the mind reigns here. I’ll teach you to understand the passages of light in our life, they’re made of music, waves and magnetism. And once more it’s going to be an extraordinary experience”…



The upper galaxies

…A dazzling light flooded us and two enormous wings enveloped us. Before us there were the angels of iridescent light… …Approaching us the major angel said: “You’ve come into the world that seems virtual, but we’re true and really exist. You aren’t willing to accept our reality. We love you and you don’t understand it. Our light is in your mind and if you search for it you’ll find us. We are no sprites of your thought, but angels of the eternal cosmic boundary that involves everything. 6


Back to the world of the invisible

… Nuel answered: “We’re always present, but you don’t believe it. Our mind is everywhere. We try to communicate you cosmic information through excellent seers, as you are in this moment, but your fantasy is limited, you don’t open the doors of invisible knowledge, because you take care of what is material only… …How can you believe in angels, if you don’t even believe in the existence of your life?”… 7

The Explosion of Fancy  
The Explosion of Fancy  

Travel in th World of invisible