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Hey Key Clubbers! My name is Aneesh Pappu and I am a junior from Pullman High School located in Pullman, Washington. November has been an incredibly busy month! With Trick or Treat for UNICEF and the Dues early bird deadline having just past many important deadlines are among us!

Let Me Introduce Myself!

Age: 16 Grade: Junior Nationality: Indian Sports: Tennis, Swim Instruments: Violin, Cello Hobbies: Reading, Ultimate Frisbee, Key Clubbing! Previous Position: Vice President Future Plans: Go to medical school

Speaking of dues, if you have not paid yet please contact me immediately! I have received confirmation most of the clubs in our division and if you haven’t contacted me you know who you are! I understand m any of you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with school work just starting to heat up and Key Club getting in gear (I know I am!) but don’t worry and remember why you’re doing all the hard work that you are – for the love of Key Club and for the love of service! Thanks for all of the hard work you do for our organization! And let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you out in the important work you do for our division! In caring & service,

Aneesh Pappu

Division 56 of the PNW consists of Pullman High School, Moscow High School, Kamiah High School, Orofino High School and a new club being chartered in Lewiston. We are one of the eastside divisions of the district and like to celebrate this fact with one of our slogans, “Eastside Beastside!� Our Divisional Mascot is the Penguin. Although we are very spread out as a division we, like penguins, can come together in order to serve. Our Divisional Colors are Blue and Yellow. Try to incorporate these colors in any future apparel your club designs! Club Officers, Faculty Advisors and Kiwanis Advisors! I need your e-mail address, phone number, home address, school address, meeting information (day, time, location), sponsoring Kiwanis club name, and their meeting information (day, time, location). This information is REQUIRED for the District Directory and Division 56 Contact Information sheet, and I need this information ASAP. My contact information can be found at the end of the newsletter. Thank you!

Eliminate Merchandise Eliminate Merchandise has arrived! I am currently selling Eliminate t-shirts and Eliminate Lanyards. The t-shirts are being sold for $15 and the lanyards for $5, with ALL proceeds going to the Eliminate project. If you want to make a difference in a fast and easy way, then contact me for more information about selling these awesome products in your clubs! Unfortunately I have a very, very limited supply and have already sold a few of each, so please contact me ASAP if you would like to sell/purchase these products.

Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF “Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF was a successful event this year for the Pullman Key Club. This event raised money for the Eliminate project, a projectthat Kiwanis International and UNCIEF have joined forces on to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. The Pullman Key Club raised $1,718.19 this year by asking the community for donations on Halloween. To put this into perspective, the amount raised will provide enough vaccinatinos for 954 people! Pullman Key Club also partook in additional fun activities, having a costume contest and sharing laughs and smiles with stomachs full of pizza.” – Jaeyoung Heo, Pullman Key Club Vice President

Taken by Jaeyoung Heo

Club Visit History was made when the first club visit in our division’s history to the Moscow Senior High Key Club was made on October 29, 2013. At the meeting preparations were made for Trick or Treat for UNICEF and afterwards I had the opportunity to present on the district project, the ELIMINATE project! Thank you to the Moscow Key Club officers for working with me to schedule a time for the visit and for allowing me to present make a presentation!

Taken by Dean Walker Taken by John Choi

Fall Clean Up “We had a very organized and successful leaf raking event. We had several Kamiah High School Key Clubbers show up, including our vice president Sabrina Hatch and our promising new freshman, Joey, who were very helpful and lively throughout the event. Our little town is littered with leaves and so we decided to help an elderly gentleman who was trying to rake his enormous yard. We worked hard and laughed a lot and finished easily in 1 hour. We plan to do many more simple service projects in the community and with more clubbers!” – Shannen Kellim, Kamiah High School Key Club Treasurer Taken by Shannen Kellim

Game Night

Taken by Diwaker Tripathi

“On Wednesday, November 6th, Kamiah Key Club hosted a game night for the high schoolers in Kamiah with a Key Club meeting beforehand for the Key Club members. At the game night we played twister, dodge ball, basketball, and more, and made around $100 for our club! I would consider this a very successful night and the first of hopefully many to come!” – Shannen Kellim, Kamiah High School Key Club


Âť Student

The time to elect the incoming Lieutenant Governor for the 2014-2015 term is fast approaching! Unlike the regular school year, the Key Club year starts and ends at District Convention. This year, DCON 2014 is April 4th -April 6th. The election rally for the position of lieutenant governor is tentatively set for Tuesday, January 14 2014 at 3 PM at Pullman High School in Pullman, WA. In order to hold a legitimate election, two candidates must be present from every club. I will be emailing the candidate packet out soon to officers from every club which will contain more information about running for lieutenant governor. Please let me know if you would be interested in running. As a lieutenant governor, you will be in charge of overseeing the clubs in division 56 which are Pullman, Lewiston, Moscow, Kamiah and Orofino. Additionally, you will be required to attend District Board meetings and fulfill roles assigned to you on the board such as committee work. I strongly encourage all remotely interested individuals to run for the office! Although the job has been a challenge, running for lieutenant governor was one of the best decisions of my life and I wouldn’t sacrifice the experience for the world.

DUES The deadline for Earl y Bird dues has now passed! As of November 1st, I have only received confirmation from Pullman, Moscow and Kamiah Key Club that their dues have been paid. Why do we have to pay? The dues from every member go to funding and operating our district. They also go towards funding printing of the Espresso, the official publication of the Pacific Northwest. A specific distribution of dues can be seen below in the pie chart. How much are dues? Dues per member are a minimum of $12. Of the $12, $5.50 goes to the PNW District and $6.50 goes to Key Club International. However, a club is allowed to charge up to $18 and use the extra funds as funds for the club! Of the possible $18, a club could charge $1 for the Eliminate Project and donate that amount. A minimum of 15 paid members is required for a Key Club to be recognized as active.

Last year’s Espresso. Printing, among other things, comes from dues payment.

Graphic by Eric Grewal

DUES Dues sound so important! How do I pay? All dues payments are made through the Membership Update Center, found at or by searching “Key Club Membership Update Center” through Google. You will need the username and password sent to your adviser to login. If you have not received one, email stating your name, club and adviser’s email address. The email Kiwanis International has on file should be your adviser’s email which is the one that has to be used! After receiving access, you can watch a helpful tutorial video found at I highly suggest that you pay by credit card through the membership update center. Using a school credit card or any approved credit card for this payment allows very easy processing of your payment WOW! Looks like we need to get started on dues. When are they due? Early bird dues were due by November 1st and I expect that every club hadall dues paid by then. However, if you have not paid yet, the regular dues deadline is December 1st. If your club did not meet the early bird deadline I expect that you contact me and tell me your plan of turning them in by December 1st.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me or your district treasurer Eric Grewal at Dues are crucial to smooth operation and the success of Key Club so please be prompt and on time with your payment!

It’s the district’s pleasure to welcome our new International Trustee from Texas, Roshni Chandwani! “Hi PNW Key Clubbers! I want to start off by saying it’s an absolute honor to represent the mighty Pacific Northwest District. Every single PNW Key Clubber that I have met so far has been so nice, inclusive, and wonderful to talk to. I absolutely love your district, and I know I’m going to love all of you as well! Feel free to contact me whenever: whether you have a specific question or you just want to say hi.” -Roshni Chandwani Key Club International Trustee For Eastern Canada, Kentucky-Tennessee and Pacific Northwest Email: Roshni was elected at the 2013 International Convention in Washington D.C. after impressing the Key Club members from all around the country with her character, platform and experience . Every International Trustee on the board is assigned to three districts and acts as the liaison between the international board and the district boards. Along with PNW, Roshni will be serving the districts of Eastern Canada and KentuckyTennessee. We look forward to seeing what Roshni will bring to the PNW district as our new International Trustee. Congratulations and we’re happy to have you!

Pacific Northwest District Contact Information Governor: Trang Tran Secretary: Hakikat Bains Treasurer: Eric Grewal Bulletin Editor: Sara Thomas Convention Chair: Denny Lim District Administrator: John Jay Assistant District Administrator: Tom Saunders

CLUB RESOURCES The Club Building, Membership and Reactivation committee has been hard at work compiling resources for every club. Here is their finished version: g2tfzz/kYksCbkEW2

I would love to hear feedback on my newsletters! PLEASE let me know what your club has been up to! If you send me a few pictures and a short paragraph describing the activity I would love to include them in my newsletter! For Club Secretaries: Please remember that Club Secretary Reports are due by the 5th of every month! It’s very important that you turn these in, and our district secretary Hakikat Bains is counting on each and every one of you to turn them in! Here’s the link: Aneesh Pappu Lieutenant Governor of Division 56 Pacific Northwest District Board (509) 432 9908 Skype/Oovoo: aneesh.pappu Address: 505 NW Robert St. Pullman, WA 99163

November 2013 Newsletter  
November 2013 Newsletter  

The November edition of Club Penguin, the official newsletter of Division 56 of the Pacific Northwest Distrit Key club!