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Evaluation & Bibliography


In terms of studio practice, even though, admittedly, I wasn’t too keen on the sound of group work, I have enjoyed this semester and feel I have achieved a lot more than in the last one. I think I have pushed myself to work in different ways, which is never a bad thing when it comes to developing work and showing versatility. I feel positive about my portfolio and the variety of work I have produced, although there are things I would have approached differently (as there always is), I can definitely see fewer faults this time round. I particularly enjoyed the manifesto brief and the making do workshop (however I wish I’d had more time on the latter!). As much as I enjoy studio practice and tackling briefs, independent practice is very important to me and is the area that I have struggled with the most in the past. I feel that I have become more confident in the direction my work has been going in these past few months. Even though I found it difficult to place my work at first, I persevered and eventually came across something that really appealed to me (Lonely Spaces). I think I will definitely continue with this and I’m excited to see potential outcomes. There have been a lot of sleepless nights and worried days trying to find a context that best suited both my work and my feelings. When it comes to my personal practice I take things very seriously and have to be able to fully submerge myself into an idea before it works for me. I have started to feel like this is finally happening again which I am happy about, so let’s just see where it goes from here… Aneesha

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Evaluation & Bibliography  

Year 2 Semester 2