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FMP Proposal As it stands, my FMP will most likely be a series of film photographs accompanied by a video. I intend to acquire a super 8mm film camera for the video but have not yet decided upon which camera I will use for the photographs, The content will be simple yet ambiguous in nature: Life & Love. As I mentioned in my independent practice, my work is very personal in the sense that it is showing my world through my eyes. Although I understand I should be conveying something solid, I like my work to leave people guessing as not only do I feel this will make a greater impression in the long-run, it means I don’t have to give too much away. I am a very private person, yet I want to share my feelings with the world. This means it has to be crafted very carefully in a way that is brutally honest but easy to misperceive. The kind of direct content that will be included in my FMP will be similar to my independent practice so far but better. It will be all about capturing those moments where I really feel alive. I will take inspiration from the natural and artificial world, and my lover. I want to really put across the feeling I get when I see something that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This can’t be boring and done half-heartedly I will have to submerge myself into this for it to truly work - that way, hopefully, you will get a sense of what kind of person I am and what really matters to me, without even having a conversation with me. I often find it hard to put across in words what I am thinking about (this may have become apparent while reading this?!) but it does makes sense in my head...most of the time.

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