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Real Estate Investment & Rental Opportunity IN GRANDE PALLADIUM MUMBAI


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Investment Opportunity Grande Palladium Grande Palladium is located on CST road which is a junction away from the Bandra Kurla Complex. Grande Palladium is visible from BKC landmarks such as Citigroup office and newly completed Wadhwa Platina and trade centre. The location is easily accessible and centrally located. It is 1.5 Kms away from Kurla railway station and around 3 Kms from Santa Cruz railway station.

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The Transaction The Fourth Floor measuring around 12,407 is available on Lease with or without Tailor made Furniture or on Sale at an appealing Price. Level Fourth Floor

Carpet Area 8313

Chargeable Area 12,407

Current Status Construction is entirely complete and the building is ready for fit outs..

Features: Incomparable Futuristic Design / Class “A” Commercial Real Estate – As can be seen from the photographs and the renderings, this building will stand out as an architectural landmark for several years to come. There is no other design like in Mumbai or for that matter, in India. Ideal for corporate headquarters. The building has been constructed entirely with Structural Steel (primarily imported), high strength /laminated glass from St. Gobain and Cal-zip façade. Very large and highly efficient floor plates – The floor plates range from CARPET areas of 18,198 to almost 19,000 square feet. In addition to which there are AHU and server rooms as well as lift lobbies and staircases. The building is designed to with huge column spans (16 meters) to give the feeling of a completely open office space. This significantly raises the efficiency of the floor space being utilized by the user.

Central Air-conditioning: The building is centrally air-conditioned with chillers and AHU’s being provided and commissioned upon handing over possession

100% Power back-up – The building will have 100% power back-up as well as an additional generator for server room back-up in case the electricity is lost at night.


USGBC GOLD Rated Green Building: In this day of increasing focus on the environment, this building incorporates several key features that will result in a gold rating from the USGBC. Apart from being conscious to the environment, it also results in key commercial savings with lower electricity Cafeteria: There is a cafeteria being provided on the podium level to cater to building residents.

Club House: In this day of increasing employee welfare and productivity, the building comes with a club house / gym that will cater to the needs of the employees of the organizations inhabiting the building. High end Security Systems – With the increasing focus on security in the wake of recent terrorist attacks, the developer has partnered with renowned international security experts. Intelligent Building - The entire building management systems are automated and can be controlled entirely from one room within the building

High speed data and voice connectivity – All forms of high speed voice, internet and other data connectivity is enabled at the site. The developer is working with multiple vendors to provide the most state of the art systems to the building which will enable all forms of connectivity

Covered Terrace garden – available for corporate functions. Unique feature is that it is completely covered.

Other Services On Request - Professionalized Property Management – will take care of all arrangement within the site including handling of Building Management systems, security, landscaping etc.

Contact Person:                                                                                                                                                                                   Ayush Goenka

Mobile: +91 9820644961 Email:

Rajesh Modi

Mobile: +91 9867477227 Email:

S. Patel

Mobile: +91 9820644959 Email:

Address: 49, Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021. 1st floor, Mangal May Tower, Opp Surbhi Comlpex lane, Sai Nagar, Behind Kala Hanuman Temple,M.G. Road, Kandivali (west), Mumbai – 400067.

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