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Alligator //ˈæl.ɪ.geɪ.tər // (noun) Aligator;: Alligator shoes Buty z aligatora a large animal with a long mouth and tail and sharp teeth that lives in the hot wet parts of the US and China Barrister //ˈbær.ɪ.stər // (noun) Prawnik, adwokat (występujący w sprawach sądowych);:;: A barrister must have the confidence of the Bench Adwokat musi mieć zaufanie przysięgłych a lawyer in Britain who can argue cases in the higher law courts [↪ solicitor] Defendant //dɪˈfen.dənt// (noun) Pozwany, oskarżony, podsądny;: We find the defendant not guilty Uznajemy oskarżonego za niewinnego the person in a court of law who has been accused of doing something illegal [↪ plaintiff; = prisoner AmE] Jellyfish //ˈdʒel.i.fɪʃ// (pl noun) Meduza;: Jellyfish can be dangerous Meduza może być niebezpieczna a sea animal that has a round transparent body and can sting you Lobster //ˈlɒb.stər// (noun) 1 Homar a: She bought two lobsters Ona kupiła dwa homary a sea animal with eight legs, a shell, and two large claws, the flesh of a lobster, which is eaten Notebook //ˈnəʊt.bʊk// (noun) Notatnik;: Please write it down in your notebook Proszę zapisz to w swoim notatniku a book made of plain paper on which you can write notes Notelet //ˈnəʊt.lət// (noun) Pocztówka ;: Thank you for your notelet! Dziękuje Ci za pocztówkę!; a small folded piece of paper with a picture on it, for writing a short letter [= note card American English] Notion //ˈnəʊ.ʃən// (noun) Koncepcja, pojęcie;: The traditional notion of marriage goes back thousands of years Tradycyjne pojęcie małżeństwa sięga tysiące lat wstecz an idea, belief, or opinion Prawn //prɔːn// (noun) Krewetka;: A prawn sandwich Kanapka z krewetek a small pink shellfish that can be eaten [= shrimp American English] Tiger //ˈtaɪ.gər// (noun) 1 Tygrys a: A tiger hunt Polowanie na tygrysa ; b a large wild animal that has yellow and black lines on its body and is a member of the cat family

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