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Valentine’s Day Style Ideas for Men: Look Like a Star & Impress Your Partner! Valentine’s Day season has arrived! Only few hours left for the special day! Every person who has been in relationship is searching for new Valentine’s Day ideas to impress their partner. Men spend much less time when comes to grooming themselves and thus in most occasions show a similar look. It is very important for men to look orderly and presentable through dressing smarter in the right manner. Sometimes, they ignore minute details like hairstyle, shoes, belts and tie; hence they end up dressing shabby. Here are some fashion tips for men to look like a star and make their day more romantic and memorable. Several couples across the globe have been preparing plans to enjoy this February 14. Fashion experts suggest some Valentine’s Day fashion ideas and tips that men must follow on this V-day. Fashion Tips - Look Like a Star Generally, your partner will expect something different from you. Keeping your partner happy makes your valentine date romantic. First, amaze your partner by dressing smarter. Let us take a look at few do’s and don’ts in fashion for men:      

Wear vibrant shirt to make a good impression. Pant and shoes should be of the same color. Avoid older styles pleats and double pleats. Bold print shirts are eye catching every time. Fancy or casuals, that depends on you. The Best fancy outfit - Black slacks, charcoal gray or black sports jacket, bold striped shirt and a pocket square in a contrasting color. As for shoes, leather loafers are the best choice for fancier outfits. The Best casual outfit - Dark denim jeans. Don’t pick skinny jeans.

Lunch/Dinner Date Tips Plan a lunch/dinner date at a nice place which is always safe and enjoyable option. Keeping your partner happy makes your date more romantic. Make sure your eyes should look into your partner’s eyes. Share memorable experiences of each other. Avoid discussing about the past and look in the present and future. Give some time to let your partner speak otherwise the date would look like an interview. Celebrity stylist Amanda Sanders says – “I picked out a winter wardrobe for a successful businessman once. He was being set up on a date by a friend. The weather was not too cold yet, but it happened to be a rainy day. He bought a pair of navy suede loafers and wore them in the rain on his date. He ended up walking around with soaked feet the whole time and ruined the shoes. This is common sense: you don't wear suede in the rain.” Valentine’s Day quote – “All you need is love. Where there is great love, there are always wishes.”

Valentine’s Day Style Ideas for Men: Look Like a Star & Impress Your Partner!