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Article Title: Essential Factors To Consider Before Planting Indoors Article Summary: Indoor gardening not only gives you pleasant feeling but also enhances your house interiors. But before you proceed with it, note few essential factors that you should consider before planting indoors. Article Body: You might not have rambling lawn adjoining your residence wherein you can do gardening that gives pleasant feeling to soul and heart. But, that doesn’t indicates that you have to renounce your interest altogether. If gardening is your passion than indoor planting is the best option to opt for. In such a busy life where everything is artificial, a garden in your house brings feeling of nature and green and keeps you calming every day. Indoor gardening not only gives you the pleasure of gardening but also improves your home interiors with plant’s natural shapes, colors and patterns. There are several varieties of indoor plants available to select from. Though, before starting, note some essential factors that need to be consider before you start planting indoors. Space: Most people overlook this essential condition however space is the bigger issue when comes to indoor gardening. Don’t plant too much of crops in too little space because this can create a situation of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD). In this situation, the plants struggle against each other to get enough light and oxygen. The most vital thing is to start planning your indoor garden in a careful manner so that all plants get the basic requirements of light, oxygen, nutrients and maintenance. Light: If your garden consists of both flowering and non-flowering plants then divide the areas between maximum and minimum amount of sunlight. As flowering plants are mostly sun-lovers hence place them where your plant receives maximum sunlight. Though, there are few plants that require low-light a maximum of six hours a day. Hence for such plants make split mobile arrangements and shift your plant as per the need. You can grow flowering plants indoors such as English Ivy, Hyacinth, Primula and African Violets. Plant species: Deciding which plant species you want to grow is an important factor to consider because you have children, ailing members and pets in your house. There are chances that your belongings might be allergic to certain plant species. Some plants are poisonous and tremendously dangerous for pets and children. Few of them can be carnivorous! Some plants have leafy edges which are sharp that can cause bruise or cuts to kids. Few indoor plants can cause harm to nervous system and hence a proper background study is necessary before you choose a specific plant to grow. Time: Indoor gardens need rigorous care and concentration all through the year. You have to be familiar with all plants and its maintenance on your fingertips. Thus, this means that you should have enough time for your garden. The detailed facts about your plants species will help you know about the plants requirement related to sun, light and nutrients on a daily basis. Occasionally, add compost and fertilizers to your plants that keep them happy and healthy. Make sure to clean your plants from dust and co-webs because such things can make your plant look dirty and unhygienic.

Material requirement: Now, you know what kind of plant you want to grow but beginners has to spend amount of money on early set up of the garden such as plants fixtures, containers and stands and indoor gardening tools. Containers: Most people use earthen pots to plant their seedlings but you can use different type of containers such as plastic and tin. However, if you want to decorate your house then it is advisable to choose beautifully crafted flower pots. Though, most people do not require enough lighting hence you can go for flower stands that add more beauty to your house. Gardening Tools: Whether you choose outdoor or indoor gardening or vegetable or flower gardening, the gardening tools is almost the same like spades, floral scissors, garden gloves, shears, pruners and knives etc. Buy your tools from reputed gardening shops that work for longer time and require less maintenance. Everything aside, maintain your garden, look for cleanliness, prune your plants periodically and love them well. If you follow these tips wisely and diligently, your garden produce will boost up same as your neighbor’s outdoor garden.

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Indoor gardening not only gives you pleasant feeling but also enhances your house interiors. But before you proceed with it, note few essent...

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