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AKNOWLEDGEMENTS Cover images: Street Art photographs, including cover, Andy Reynolds. Gym #1, copper plate scan, approximately 1910. Nice find at the old Grand Street flea market. Cover includes a cropped bit of Mark Rothko “Blue & Grey,” 1962. Feral is Kinky, photo by Patrick Lindblom for Glass Magazine (UK). Feral is Caron Geary, a brilliant UK artist first heard doing her signature Jamaican-influenced toasting as MC Kinky on the early 90s UK chart hit, “Everything Starts with An E” by E-Zee Possee. Banned by the BBC, it was an anthem on the Summer of Love (1988 - 89) rave scene. Produced by celeb DJ Jeremy Healy (of Haysi Fantayzee), Kinky appeared at the suggestion of Boy George. She went on to toast on a number of Culture Club singles. Introduced to her by Lady Bunny, I signed her band, Cantankerous, to a U.S. deal after flying to London with label execs to see her live. Sadly, the deal fell apart due to a contract dispute. Feral has released several solo singles and has been a featured guest vocalist on numerous ballistic UK club hits, such as 2013’s “Raging in the Dancehall by Endymion & The Viper featuring Feral is Kinky. Her current solo single, “Tweet,” is a worldwide club hit. www.feraliskinky.com Gaz Nevada, “I. C. Love Affair” 12” single cover image (cropped), an iconic ItaloDisco record from 1983. Featured on the brilliant 2006 2xCD/2xLP compilation, Confuzed Disco. Reviewed in Rolling Stone. www.popularpublicity.com/confuzed-disco Alvin Lustig bio from Wikipedia www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alvin_Lustig Endpaper, Wikia.com Tweaked and type-set by Vince Joy. www.vincejoy.com


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Andy Reynolds RESUME as a visual book  

Andy Reynolds RESUME as a visual book