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Andy has been instrumental in promoting my book, “The Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man to Mass Effect”. From arranging press opportunities, to speaking engagements and on camera interviews, Andy and Welcome Books have been fantastic collaborators and partners! – Chris Melissinos, co-author and curator, The Art of Video Games This was a tremendously successful event!! The radio interview was wonderful and we sold 43 books. So pleased you brought us together in this. (regarding an event for The American Nurse book) – Karen West, Book Passage, San Francisco Andy coordinated a very successful book tour to six hospitals across the U.S. He tenaciously pitched, sought press opportunities and followed-up from six months prior to the book’s release to eight months post-release, ultimately securing a combined publicity reach of nearly 103 million (circulation + impressions). – Lisa Frank, producer, The American Nurse, The American Nurse Project I like him. He is an honorable person. He is focused. He sees the forest for the trees. – Lena Tabori, Welcome Books Andy Reynolds did a great job contacting specific institutions to host book events for me. He worked closely with marketing directors to ensure a full audience. For example, after my talk at the Birmingham Museum of Art, I sold all the books in ten minutes! He works hard to ensure book events will happen smoothly and result in success. – Veronica Kavass, author, Artists in Love I found Andy to be dedicated, creative and persistent in his efforts to secure press on Gay In America. To this day, nearly two years later, he continues to seek press opportunities for the book. – Scott Pasfield, photographer and creator, Gay In America Andy Reynolds is a great p.r. guy. His motto is “push lightly,” something I, as an editor and freelance journalist, really appreciate. It also gets him results– something some of the other, pushier flaks would do well to take into account! As a first-time author working via anWeinstein, independentEditor-in-Chief of EdgeOnTheNet.com (world’s largest — Steve LGBT publisher, Andy gotLGBT me coverage andentertainment reviews news and network) of my book that I could’ve never gotten on my own, AndyI’mReynolds done including my very first cover! looking tohas work withan excellent job with presenting my current work to the LGBT community. Be it the recent release of “District Line,” or his ongoa larger publisher for my next project and I know that ing involvement with BLOWOFF, Andy treats both artist and journalist with the amount of major press that I was able to land class and respect. Andy also pays close attention to detail and context, which with Popular Publicity forserves my first both book will legitimize sides well. I highly recommend Andy, and Popular Publicity. me and help me move to–the next level. (Artist) Bob Mould – Rob Smith, Author, Closets, Combat & Coming Out

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Andy Reynolds RESUME as a visual book  

Andy Reynolds RESUME as a visual book