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“Andy Reynolds did a great job contacting specific institutions to host book events for me. He worked closely with venue marketing directors to ensure a full audience. For example, after my talk at the Birmingham Museum of Art, I sold all the books in ten minutes! He works hard to ensure book events happen smoothly and result in success for all concerned.” – VERONICA KAVASS, author, Artists in Love

“This was a tremendously successful event!! The radio interview was wonderful and we sold 43 books. So pleased you brought us together in this.” – KAREN WEST, Book Passage, San Francisco

“Andy coordinated a very successful book tour to six hospitals across the U.S. He tenaciously pitched, sought press opportunities and followed-up from six months prior to the book’s release to eight months post-release, ultimately securing a combined publicity reach of nearly 103 million (circulation + impressions).” – LISA FRANK, producer, The American Nurse Project

“Andy – you have really done a great job, and may I just say again you’re my favorite publicist I’ve worked with this year!” – JENNY LIZAK, Publicist, Metro/Smart Bar, Chicago “I like him. He is an honorable person. He is focused. He sees the forest for the trees.” – LENA TABORI, Welcome Books


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