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Comparison Charts Comparison charts are an effective way to compare different products and highlight specific qualities of one product over another. As with any marketing technique, there are many approaches to present the information through design. With effectively constructed charts visitors can get important information in visual and textual form that leads visitors to choose the best rated product. Experience and tests shows that if visitors trust and feel comfortable with the website it is 9095% likely visitors will buy the top rated product. This article lists many different samples of charts that compare and rate products in different layouts, dimensions, visual techniques and categories. Some charts are very impressive and some are simply amateurish. But all these charts rate products and lead the visitor to *the best choice*.

How to rate products Horizontal approach Horizontal approach - Products are compared against each other, one pill against another pill or device with another similar device (SizeGenetics versus PenisPlus or MaxExtender). Usually a comparison is made between 3 to 5 products, this is the critical amount of information the visitor can receive and understand correctly. Less is more. The same applies to claims that state that the review website has reviewed 50 pills on the market or 20 exercise programs. It is unrealistic and may raise doubts. Stay with less - less is more. A mini-horizontal approach compares similar products - but just one or two elements of each product, for example, ingredients. Ingredients can be compared showing that current product has more *good* ingredients than others or the opposite, for example, showing pills without Yohambin verses an other that has it and state *how bad it is if pills contains such a dangerous ingredient*. This shows the website owners knowledge and that he cares about potential customer. Vertical approach A vertical approach is the comparison of totally different methods, for example, pills versus exercises, surgery, pumps and devices. This technique is great because it significantly highlights one type of product over another, showing significant benefits or disadvantages. This will help visitors to choose the best product type. Copyright Š MoreNiche affiliate program

After that is done the top method or product can be compared using horizontal approach to different products of this type. This will give a double top rating to this product as it was number one in vertical and horizontal ratings. Facts versus testimonials Product effectiveness can be illustrated in a number of ways. Medical endorsements are potent tools as they can be stated as fact. Testimonials are great elements that connect other customers with the product and the results they have experienced. This is the place where the medical community can come in to backup these testimonials.

This sample demonstrates a really great approach. It does not just state that it is doctor approved with a checkbox or YES word in the cell, we have gone step further and listed all these doctors. It looks very impressive compared to “-” signs for other products. It automatically draws visitors’ attention to this column because of the visual aspect and textual information that increases credibility. Of course, the chart design is not the best but it clearly demonstrates – ProSolution Pills are approved by 3 doctors while other pills are not.

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To receive an even greater response from the medical endorsement of the product, consider stating how important is to have medical persons’ opinions and involvement. What aspects can be compared? All these will matter to visitors and helps to highlight a product’s quality and effectiveness over others. A classic approach is to use parameters like reputation, quality, effectiveness, prices, shipping, bonuses, support, money back guarantee, doctor approved and many more that usually depends on the product type – EG pills will have different aspects than membership sites. How to design rating layouts? Layout depends on the number of products and parameters you plan to list in the chart. The most classic approach is to have products as column names, also known as vertical listing - works for 1-5 products and parameters listed on the left like in this sample.

If the list of products is much longer, they can be listed horizontally. This may limit the number of parameters you can list for the ratings. A totally different example of horizontal product listing is following sample.

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How to show the ratings? Ratings can be shown as numbers, texts and pictures (stars) What are MoreNiche standard features? - Quality Customer Support (4 Full time staff in UK and 24h/7 sales Line in USA) - 6 Month Refund policy - Free bonuses, exercise guide etc - Free shipping, tracked shipping Copyright Š MoreNiche affiliate program

- Proven past results - Doctor/Herbalist endorsements - The assurance of buying from a credible company like Lativio, we have been around for over 4 years and we are not going anywhere - The safest ordering systems in the industry Samples of different charts In this sample collection are many ideas to borrow from. Please respect original author and do not copy directly.

Using votes as rank factor.

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Excelling number 1 products with text formatting (applying bold).

Right top approach for best choice product.

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Simple and yet powerful product listing.

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Nice design and lot of details covered.

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Interesting visual approach.

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Top 1 gets 2x more space than 2nd and 3rd place.

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Interesting comparison positioning SizeGenetics as 1 and 2 choice products.

Use of stars to display best product.

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Great visual design with stars.

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Simple chart but demonstrates lots of benefits as well as rates different types of products.

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Comparison charts are an effective way to compare different products and highlight specific qualities of one product over another. As with a...

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