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Use the Best Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services for Your Valuable Clothes We all love our clothes and want them to look new for a long period of time. If by chance they get stained by ink or food, we would like the stain to be removed as early as possible. For removing stains and keeping our clothes neat and clean we often use the dry cleaning and laundry services. Dry cleaning is a cleaning process which removes soils and stains from the fabric with the help of fluids. It has an amazing ability to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water cannot. Natural fibers like wools and silks gets shrink, distorted and even lose their color when washed in water. For such fabrics dry cleaning is the best option. Dry cleaning takes various precautions to prevent shrinkage, loss of color, and change of texture thus making the garments look new for a long time!

Laundry is the regular washing of our clothes. We often don't have enough time at home to wash our clothes and prefer sending them to laundry departments where shirts, cotton pants and other items are processed. It not only provides convenience to us but also gives a superb level of pressing that cannot be achieved at home. Laundry pickup and delivery services are available in New York City. The services use scent/perfume free detergent for their customers with allergies and also give a choice of making the order either through the website or the I Phone application. Unattended service is also provided which is a favorable choice for customers who have a busy schedule and are not available at home for the entire 3-hour time window required for the pickup and delivery. One can also track the status of their laundry online from the pickup till the point it gets delivered and both the pickup and delivery are done free of cost! Recurring service can also be used with which you can set the service time weekly, bi-weekly or monthly according to your convenience and edit it anytime. An e-mail reminder is sent to the customers on the night before pick up and delivery.

Best dry cleaning rates are there for the customers with which they can get their dry cleaning and laundry done. Generally, minimum pick up is made at $30. For comforters the charge is $12, for blankets $9, bathmat $3, pillows $6. Air-dry is available at a cost of $.50 per item. Dry cleaning of household items are also done at an affordable rate. For more information visit us:-

Use the best laundry and dry cleaning services for your valuable clothes