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A local hero Pat Critchley, not just a Super Hurler…….!


e t t e z Ga Volume 1, Issue 1 23/12/2010

This was supposed to be an interview but we didn’t have the time so I am writing an article about Pat and hopefully will interview him for the next edition.

Scoil Bhríde

Surprisingly the only All- Ireland he ever won was a club football title with Portlaoise in 1983, he deserved more. Hurler: Pat is the only Laois hurler ever to get an all-star .He played mid field in 1985 All-Star team. He played for Portlaoise and Laois at all levels from under-age to Senior until he retired in 1993. He won 7 Laois Senior titles Footballer: In one season, Pat played for 15 teams when he was under 21. Some of those teams were football, for club, county and college. He won 7 Laois titles, 3 Leinster and 1 All-Ireland with Portlaoise. He also won a title in Limerick. Basketballer: Pat played and was secretary for the Portlaoise panthers by his late teens. He later competed in Dublin leagues with them and for one year in the national league.

Production Team Inside this issue: Spotlight on Mrs. WallCoughlan The Awesome All-Blacks W.O.W., it’s the Green

In Basketball he has coached school teams to 11 All Ireland finals, winning 5. In Football he has also coached many teams and lead Portlaoise School to an All- Ireland title.

Travel with Gullible

Pat has had a great career as a hurling coach at all levels including Laois seniors and such teams as Portlaoise under age and James Stephens in Kilkenny.

What do you want for Christmas?

He has also had great success with the Laois ladies football team. Teacher: 23 years as a PE teacher in Portlaoise Musician: Pat is a member of a band called “The Mere Mortals” where he plays accordion and more. He is one of the few people to have played on the pitch and the stage in Semple stadium, Thurles. Writer: Pat wrote his book “Hungry Hill” in 2008 Currently: GAA development team officer for Laois and head of the Setanta project. Future: He isn’t finished yet and much more to come in the next edition……

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The Toy Show Flanagan Flicker


Your favorite computer games reviewed plus much more


Bumper of Exciting Entertainment

By Matthew Daly Minogue

I attended Setanta hurling last year. Pat was one of the leaders and I knew he was a famous Laois hurler. I read about him and found out a lot more.

Our Christmas

Sneak Preview

Somebody in this newspaper enjoys singing rap in their spare time...can you guess who it is?.....

A star in our eyes, Katie Flanagan takes the Late Late Show by storm It is a common fact that the Late Late Toy Show is a moment on our national screen that is assured to bring an electrifying and ecstatic atmosphere to both the homes and classrooms of the children of this country. However on the 26th November 2010, an incredible buzz of excitement hovered through the air of Scoil Bhríde, as each and every student, parent and staff member waited with anticipation for the 9 o’clock news to end and the Toy show to begin. Some may say it is unusual to be so excited about spending a Friday night stuck in front of the T.V., especially when it involves Tubridy, but nothing was going to stop us from grabbing a view of our own Katie Flanagan. Katie Flanagan, a sixth class student in our school, was lucky enough to get the opportunity to appear on one of the most noteworthy entertainment chat shows on RTÉ. Amongst the excitement and trepidation that leads up to the live filming of the Toy Show, Katie, however remained herself, a calm and cool, 12 year old girl.

In order for her preparations to begin, she started with no school. A lucky escape from schoolwork, may I add! As with all girls, she beautified herself with a trip to the hairdressers and dressed in the most fashionable clothes. After a long day of preparations and an even longer drive to the city of Dublin, Katie and her mother finally arrived at the gates of RTÉ. Katie spoke of her first memory of the studio, where she saw a large eye-catching pink doll house placed right at the door and this was when the excitement began to flow. After spending a couple of hours in the green room, meeting and chatting to the other children involved, she finally got to meet the host, Ryan Tubridy.

Katie explained “he was very friendly and nice to me and asked me questions about my class and teacher.” Even after this brief meeting with Mr. Tubridy, Katie’s calmness remained unaffected and was ready and waiting to whizz through the studio one of the most sought-after toys of 2010, a flicker scooter. Each and every eye of Scoil Bhríde was peeled to their screens awaiting Katie’s appearance and when the big moment finally arrived, Katie zoomed before the audience, looking very excited and graceful on the flicker. A proud moment for all was more than achieved by Katie Flanagan and she will remain the star in our eyes for a long time to come. Well done Katie and thanks for putting our school on the map!!

Cakes for Sale, anyone….? Frenetic action surrounded a hive of activity as the crowds raced into the hall. A common purpose was to admire, acquire and devour as many cakes as was seemly or ‘till the money had run out. Three hours, 2000 assorted cakes, scones, buns, brownies and biscuits later as well as countless exclamations and exchanges brought this medieval souk like Roald Dahlesque extravaganza to an end! Mission accomplished?

Exclusive Must have Toys for Christmas 2010

Well, the cake sale was initially devised by those in the know to raise much needed funds for anything one needed urgent funding for? On this occasion the deserving cause was to pay for the publication of the school’s first Student Newspaper, The Gazette! A Big thank you to all who baked and to all who bought as the target was indeed achieved ensuring the first edition of this worthy undertaking was selffinancing. Donations for this edition will hopefully finance the second and future editions.

17/12/2010 17:39:57

The Gazette

e A note from The Gazett production team It was a normal, autumn school day for the teachers and students of Room 4. TTRS had the children in their robotic, concentrated computer mode, while the sound of the repetitive rhyming ‘-at’ words created an irritating buzz in everyone's ear’s. But little did we know that this normal activity was to be greatly disrupted by the innovative and imaginative thoughts of two young boys, Colm Greene and David Fitzpatrick. Their creativity, clear vision, enthusiasm and immense ideas fueled the true fuel for this project to be undertaken,, so on behalf of the Gazette production team, I would like to send


a humon

THANK YOU to Colm and David for being the initiators of this exciting undertaking. In saying that this newspaper would have not been possible without you, the reader, for being so kind to purchase and support Scoil Bhríde’s first ever published newspa-

per. Without your support, our paper wouldn’t exist and our journalistic talents would not have been revealed, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Much thanks also goes to the staff and children of Scoil Bhríde, for your co-operation, understanding, enormous input and enthusiastic feedback towards our newspaper. To Mr. Laffey and Ms. WallCouglan, we greatly appreciate your tremendous and endless support towards this project and hope that you both remain holding those thumbsup! We also salute the hard work and persistence of Pat, Susan and staff from Quality Printers. We thank them greatly for assisting our deadline and agreeing to be our printing partners. We would also like to express our appreciation to Ms. Fitzpatrick, Ms. Thompson, the resource classes from Room ** and the Green team for their superb work and baking skills revealed in the Cake Sale, which was held as a fundraiser for the production of The Gazette. A huge effort was give by all and much appreciation goes to

Scoil Bhríde Gazette Production Team Editor: Ms. M. Fitzpatrick Financial and production director: Mr. T. O’Lionaird Sub-editors, typists and news reporters: Calum Coffee and Madara Kolea

The Awesome All-Blacks

those parents and family members who kindly donated homemade goodies in aid of our fundraiser. They did a good job to warm up our stomachs for Christmas! Finally, last but certainly not least, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. O’Lionaird and The Gazette production team for volunteering to give up their lunchtimes, their thoughts, their ideas and concerns for The Gazette newspaper to become a success. As a final word from the team, we really hope that you thoroughly enjoy reading The Gazette and perhaps it will bring a small smile to your face or a tiny tear to your eye. We are hopeful that you will continue supporting the work and production of The Gazette and don't be afraid to offer suggestions. On behalf of The Gazette production team, we wish each and everyone a very enjoyable read, a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! We look forward to our next publication in the year 2011, see you then!

IRELAND V ALL BLACKS (Result 18-38) A REVIEW By Matthew Daly Minogue. I went to the magnificent Aviva Stadium with my parents to see Ireland play against The All Blacks. There were over 40,000 people at the match which meant the atmosphere was amazing .The All Blacks started the entertainment with the Hakka. Stephen Ferris scored the first try for the Irish and we were leading for a while but then the All Blacks came back and scored three tries. It was a great match but the score didn’t go with Ireland. Both teams fielded great sides. The All Blacks never missed a kick throughout the match, their kicker Dan Carter was scoring from all angles. Johnny Sexton scored a great penalty from just in front of the half way line. Keith Earls ran for the end line but his elbow landed in touch. Dan Carter was man of the match. I hope to see Ireland beat them some time soon. I hope that the school trip to the Aviva Stadium has a better result.

Sports: MatthewDaly Minogue Comic writer: David Fitzpatrick Comic Illustrator: Conor Dwane Entertainment: Khakan Ibrahim Photography: Colm Greene

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Our School News

W.O.W., It’s the Green Team Let’s check out what our main man in the sports field has to say about Scoil Bhrídes success in 2010 Mr.Mc evoy’s Sports Questionnaire

has dreams of playing for Laois should join the Portlaoise club and train and practice their skills everyday. 7. Who is the sports person you most admire/and

1. What teams do you train? School hurling and football teams.

why? Brian Cody - he has given so much to hurling over the

2. Which sport do you prefer?

past 30 years ,all for the love of the game and without

Love Gaelic football and soccer, but hurling would be my

seeking monetary ,rewards . His attitude to the game is


excellent .

3. Why do you prefer this sport?

8. Which team do you admire most/and why?

In terms of skill and speed, it is the best game in the

Kilkenny— four in a row , their attitude and spirit should

world to play or watch.

be a model for any team their to follow . They have

4. Do you wish your Gaelic team could be still in the league? We did very well to reach the semi-final and were un-

achieved a huge amount but their feet have remained firmly on the ground .

Our Gaelic team had great spirit . They worked hard and

However he can take consolation in the fact that the

battled for each other .Over the course of the league the

team that beat us won the final.

team really improved. I enjoyed working with them.

5. What are your hopes for the hurling team?

10. Can you give us some sporting tips?

Hopeful we can improve over the course of the league


Listen to your coaches.

and improve our skills level. Hopefully everyone will en-


Train hard and practice your skills


Eat and drink healthily


Whatever sport you play enjoy it .

see playing for the Laois team? Any member of the panel has the potential to play for Laois if they work hard and practice hard. Anyone who

- 12 -

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Here are some handy home tips on keeping it Clean and Green x Always recycle, keep separate bins for waste, compost, bottles, cans and cardboard. x Re-use any old biscuit tins or jars for storage. x Always make sure that you don't leave that tap running! x If it’s a nice day outside, leave the car behind, it can help kick-start your healthy routine for 2011. x Especiall during the winter months, close all doors and windows in your house to keep the heat in and this will also reduce your heating costs.


9. In your own words describe your team?

lucky to lose, but we would have liked to reach the final.

joy the competition.6. In the future, who could you

Wow day is one of the biggest events in this school and it stands for Walk On Wednesday. This year it’s all about transport and making the world a better place. Every Wednesday, children, staff and the parents of Scoil Bhríde are encouraged to leave their cars at home and travel on foot, by bike or with public transport. This will reduce the amount of traffic on the road and also help you activate your health kick for 2011. On the W.O.W. day, each class room will have a picture of a tree without any leafs stuck to their door and when a child walks to school, the child is given a green sticker to put on the tree. At the end of week, there will be award for the class who has the most stickers on their tree, this also means that they are the class that had the most children walking to school. The junior to First classes will be awarded the Magic shoe and the 2nd to 6th class will be awarded the Golden shoe to keep for one week in reward for their contribution to helping the environment and bringing us one step closer in getting our fifth green flag. Everybody who gets involved with the WOW Day events will be awarded small prizes, such as safety wrist bands etc. On behalf of Ms. Thompson and the Green Team, we encourage everybody to support our efforts and remember to WALK ON WEDNESDAY!!

What’s hot and what’s not??.... Among the junior and senior infant children they seem to like Barbie dolls , toy cars, toy story , flikers. Flikers are the most popular toy! You can have get fun on it hours and hours of fun on it!. Barbie dolls are also very popular where you can dress them, comb their hair and do lots more with them. The Toy Story is quite popular also as you can get the Mrs and Miss Potato and if they is a loud sound, there bits will fall off and you can put them back together. You can also get Woody, Buzz and the dog. If you have a Nintendo DS you know how much fun it is. If you don’t have one and you want one, ask Santa for one. It is so much fun and you can play lots of games like the dogs , Mario, imagine doctor, fashion designer ,cooking mama 2, Sims 2 vet ,Sims 2 city life and lots lots more!!! There is plenty of toys out there for you!


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Santa’s Sweet Factory

Volume 1, Issue 1

Our Interview with Mrs. Wall-Coughlan Mrs. Wall-Coughlan is the longest standing member of Scoil Bhríde and presently holds the post of Vice-Principal of the school. Even though we know that she is a fantastic vice-principal and inspirational role-model to both the staff and children of the school, I think it’s about time we got to know the REAL Mrs. Wall-Coughlan……

Reindeer Food

Minty Snowballs

Ingredients 100g granola 5 chocolate chips 10 peanuts 15 M&M's 20 raisins

Ingredients One egg white 4 tsp peppermint 50g seived icing sugar

Directions •Measure granola.


•Add : 5 chocolate chips, 10 peanuts, 15 M &M's and 20 raisins.

When did you join Scoil Bhríde?

•Pour into a paper bag and shake. Taste! How To Feed The Reindeer: It's the night before Christmas And you know what to do You're going to treat Santa, But feed those Reindeer, too! Wait until Christmas Eve. Open bag and sprinkle Reindeer Food on lawn. Hop into bed. Listen for Santa. Close your eyes and wait for morning!

1 September 1986 Do you think that Scoil Bhríde is the perfect school for children and why? It’s very good for children, because there are always a lot of activities going on for the children. What do you like to do after school on Fridays? I like to relax, have dinner and meet some friends. What do you like to eat? I love to eat a fillet steak. How do you like to relax for Christmas? My favourite thing to do is to stay at home with friends and have a party. What is your favourite sports team?

What television programmes do you like to watch? Strictly come dancing.

Separate an egg and put the egg white into a bowl and whisk on a fast speed.


Before the egg white gets to a stiff form, whisk in the peppermint.


Add the egg white to the sugar and mix together and form into a ball.


Cut the ball into small squares and roll the mixture into very small balls like marbles.

Tasty tips for cooking the Christmas Turkey: •Instead of roasting the turkey the most common way with the legs and wings touching the roasting tray, turn it upside down after you have it well oiled so that all of the turkey juices run down into the main breast of the meat when cooking, which will leave you with a tender, moist and juicy bird.

What are your hobbies?

•If roasting the turkey the most common way, layer a few slices of streaky bacon on top of the turkey to help keep the bird moist and juicy.

I am very interested in interior design and also I love to travel.

•At the neck of the bird, use your finers to make an opening through the skin and the mind of the bird. Separate it further using a spatula. When the skin is loose, run a well buttered knife between the skin and the meat, stuffing in as much as possible. One could also use garlic butter or herbed butter. This leaves the turky meat juicy and tender.

What is your favourite movie, song and book?

•Always ensure you season your turkey well with salt and pepper and dress well in oil of fat of your choice.

My favourite book is ‘Jane Eyre’; my favourite song would have to be ‘Perfect Day’ and I really enjoy watching the movie ‘Emma’. Do you like to sing and what genre of singing do you prefer?

The Irish rugby team.


•Roast the turkey on a bed of red onions, carrots, parsnips and other winter vegetables to absorb great flavour and the vegetables can be used as an accompaniment to the dinner. •There are many options to go with when stuffing your turkey, but always remember not to overload the cavity as it needs heat inside to cook also. One could stuff the neck of the turkey with a citrus such as oranges or also with a sausage meat stuffing. •Goose fat tends to be the tastiest when roasting your potatoes and turkey but always remember to baste the turkey with the juices over the top of the turkey, every 20 minutes to ensure it remains moist.

Yes I love to sing, especially rap. Where did the word Scoil Bhríde come from? It came from St Bridget.


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- 11 -

17/12/2010 17:39:58

If you want to know the latest story on what book, game or movie to check out, read our awesome reviews and we guarantee that they will be worth it. Call of duty: Modern warfare 2


This game is full of action and thrill. It has three game modes the first one is Spec Ops. You can play offline and you can play online to help out your friends. Second up is campaign mode. In this mode you play as Joseph Allan. The game starts of in Fire base phoenix, Afghanistan. The first mission in campaign mode is “cliff hanger”. It needs a lot of concentration. It is very intense. The last mode is multiplayer mode. You can only play online in this mode. According to me multiplayer mode is the best of all. Multiplayer mode has more modes to play in. There are many maps in this mode to play on and you can create your own private match. The top 3 modes are search and destroy, team death match, and domination.

This game is true American gangster life. This game is for over 18s so be aware before buying it. You play as a Roman Bellic, this guy who comes from another country probably Slovakia or place somewhere around there. This game is setup in an imaginary city called Liberty city, which is just like America. It has got its own time square, now that’s cool! Your cousin Roman Bellic set you up with his friends and they set you up with other people and you do missions and jobs for them and you make money. You can do anything in this game from go on to computer steal bikes, steal cars, which is my favourite part of the game. You can make money by killing people but that’s not so good! I think the best part of the game is getting new houses. The most you can get is 4 houses but you lose 1 of them because it is set on fire. Overall, I really think you should buy this game, because it’s very enjoyable.

Overall I love this game. I bought it a few days after it came out and I love it since then. I give it 4.5 out of 5! I suggest you first download a demo of this game and try it out for yourself. By Khakan Ibrahim. Rating: 9/10

Rating: 9/10

Š‡…–Š‡…”‡ƒ–‹˜‡Š”‹•–ƒ••–‘”‹‡•„›•‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡‹†•‹•‹š–Š…Žƒ••Ǩ THE NORTH POLE By Kerry Carroll Talbot It was Christmas Eve and I was in my bed counting sheep when I heard a jingle, a bang and a thump. Descending the wooden stairs, with a creak at every step, I walked down the hall and peered around the living room door. There, I saw a big red suit with puffy white pieces and big leather black gloves. High above me was a big red hat with a fluffy bobble. Shoes were of brown leather. I heard the pressing sound of the couch and the springs break!!!! ”Oh butternuts…..I got to lay off the cookies “. All of a sudden I saw a big red sack and a name tag that said “Eille”. ”That’s my name!” I whispered. I tiptoed over to the sack and I tripped and fell into it! “Oh no” I whispered. After that I was about to get out but before I could I heard Santa get up and walk over to the sack. “I better get going, those toys aren’t going to deliver themselves” I felt myself getting lifted into the air and I heard a tinkle. Suddenly I felt myself shrinking smaller and smaller. Then I felt a big gush, as if I was being pulled up a roller-coaster. After the shrinking and being pulled everything just stopped with a thump. I peered over the bag top and looked around, then I realised we were… we were … on the roof! I was lifted into the air again, (I feel like I’m going to get sick) and thrown onto something hard. I looked out again and realised I was on his sleigh. “Oh my reindeer” I whispered. “All right boys, we’re done for the night. Let’s go home” I heard Santa say. “Uh-Oh” I thought. I felt a big gush and I peered over the bag and I realised I was flying.“This is amazing” I screamed. I put my hands over my mouth. “Who said that? I have a weapon” shouted Santa. “It’s Ok Santa, it’s just me!” I said in a very panicky voice. I struggled out of the bag and tripped over a train. (a toy train, not a real one). “Oh, that’s…um…weird. How about I bring you to my workshop and then straight back home” said Santa. “Yes please!” I shouted. I was very excited to be going to the North Pole. It took us two magical hours to get to there, and it was worth it! We walked through a thick blanket of crunchy snow. My feet were freezing, because I was wearing slippers. Santa pushed open the wooden doors. We walked on through and saw these little people dressed in green tights, red jumpsuits and pointy shoes, with little bells on the top. They had pointy ears. “Elves!” I screamed. They all turned around and looked at me. The toys were amazing, there were trains, helicopters and bouncy balls. It was festive and colourful. Santa brought me into his office. There was a big Christmas tree and a huge wooden desk. “Cookie?” asked Santa. “Yes Please” I said politely. “Milk?” asked Santa?” “No thank you” I said. “I don’t like milk.” “Oh. How about chocolate milk?” he added. “Thank you” I said. When I finished my cookies and chocolate milk I said good-bye to the elves and went sadly back to the sleigh with Santa. We were back at my house in no time. “Thank you Santa.” I said. “The pleasure was mine” he said.

Ho...Ho….Ho….I just love these stories kid’s. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas!

- 10 -

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I waved tearful good-bye and went up to my room and looked out of my window. I saw Santa’s sleigh lift into the starry moonlit sky. In the stillness I heard him say” Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”


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Page 7

Volume 1, Issue 1

Kids Horoscopes LIBRA ARIES

You are diplomaitic, romantic and charming, easygoing, sociable and peaceable. But sometimes you can be indecisive and changeable, gullible and easily influenced, flirtatious and selfindulgent. Possible Libra characters: Genie, Bianca, Pumbaa, Jane

You are adventurous and energetic, courageous, enthusiastic, confident and quickwitted. But you can sometimes be selfish and quick-tempered, impulsive and impatient and a bit of a daredevil. Possible Aries characters: Jasmine, Ariel, Mushu, Esmeralda, Mowgli


u!! o y n o s ’ ke o J The



Q. What gets bigger the more you take away the more you take away?


Q. What’s Tarzan’s favourite Christmas song?


Q. What walks on 4 legs in the morning,2 in the afternoon and 3 in the evening!!!


A. Man!!!

Q. What did one wall say to the other? A. Meet you at the corner!!!



(november 22nd--december 21st) You are optimistic and freedom-loving, jovial and good-humored, honest and straightforward and philosophical. But sometimes you can be careless, irresponsible and superficial and tactless and restless. Possible Sagittarius characters: Pongo, Tramp, Robin Hood


(december 22nd--january 19th) You are practical and prudent, ambitious and disciplined, patient and careful, humorous and reserved. But sometimes you can be pessimistic, miserly and grudging. Possible Capricorn characters: Sebastian the Crab, Mufasa, Scrooge McDuck, Duchess

(july 23rd--august 22nd) You are generous and warmhearted, creative and enthusiastic, faithful and loving. But sometimes you can be pompous, bossy and dogmatic. Possible Leo characters: Beast, Megara, Simba, Kuzco

A. Jungle bells!!!

You are determined and forceful, emotional and intuitive, powerful and passionate and exciting and magnetic. But sometimes you can be jealous and resentful and secretive and obstinate. Possible Scorpio characters: Tinkerbell, Mulan, Pocahontas, King Triton, Sheer Khan

(june 22nd--july 22nd) You are emotional and loving, intuitive and imaginative, cautious, protective and sympathetic. But sometimes you can be changeable and moody, overemotional and touchy. Possible Cancer characters: Snow White, Gepetto, Donald Duck

A. A hole!!!

(october 23rd--november 21st)

(may 21st--june 21st) You are adaptable and versatile, communicative and witty, intellectual and eloquent and youthful and lively. But sometimes you can be nervous and tense, superficial and inconsistent and cunning and inquisitive. Possible Gemini characters: Belle, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Aladdin, Pinoc-

A.A woolly jumper!!!

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(april 20th--may 20th) You are patient and reliable, warmhearted and loving, persistent and determined and placid and security loving. But sometimes you can be jealous and possessive, resentful and stubborn, self-indulgent and greedy. Possible Taurean characters: Daisy Duck, Baloo, Thomas O'Malley

Q. What do you get when you cross a sheep and a kangaroo?

(september 23rd--october 22nd)

(march 21st--april 19th)

(august 23rd--september 22nd)


(january 20th--february 18th) You are friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal, original and inventive, independent and intellectual. But sometimes you can be unpredictable, unemotional and detached. Possible Aquarius characters: Basil, Merlin, Bagheera, Rafiki


(february 19th--march 20th) You are imaginative and sensitive, compassionate and kind, intuitive and sympathetic. But sometimes you can be too much of a dreamer, secretive and vague, weak-willed and easily led. Possible Pisces characters: Peter Pan, Hercules, Aurora, Cinderella, Quasimodo, Taran

You are modest and shy, meticulous and reliable, practical and diligent and intelligent and analytical. But sometimes you can be fussy, overcritical and harsh and a bit of a worrier and a perfectionist. Possible Virgo characters: Lady, Bernard, Wendy, Flora, Eeyore


17/12/2010 17:40:00

A puzzle to get you puzzled

Why look at the g? g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

Hi, I'm Anna Agony Angel and I'd like to welcome you to my agony aunt column. If you have a problem or dilemma that you can't cope with alone or need advice with, I am here to help you and offer support and encouragement. Hi Anna, what do you do when you are trying to get someone to be quiet but they won't, even though you keep telling them to stay quiet? Babybear

Dear Agony Aunt, My parents sometimes say that I am no good in school, even when I say I am. What should I do? 007

Hi, I am finding work hard in school and in other areas. What do I do? KFC

Dear Babybear, I understand that you are finding it difficult to deal with this classmate because the wont stay quiet, especially when you really want to get on with the work and they are disrupting you. Most children can't help being talk active, especially around their friends, but also this child may be chatty because they are not busy enough or because they have a lack of interest in what they are doing. The first thing I suggest is to approach your teacher and ask them would it possible for you to move desks away from the chatty child because you find it is distracting your work. Also I suggest that you could talk to the chatty child in a calm manner and explain to them that it's unfair on you. Try not to worry, it's always better to ignore and not give them the attention they are looking for. Besides, if there is no that will listen to them, the chatty child will have nobody to talk to.

Dear 007, First of all I am very glad to hear that you have belief in your own school work, that is very important. When you have belief in yourself, you can do anything, so stay positive and work hard. I do however think that your parents may be worried about you in school and your future and that is the reason they may think you are not working hard enough. I suggest that you talk to your teacher and parents about this situation and explain to them that you need their support and positive belief in you. I am sure your parents love you and support you in everything you do and sometimes they can become worried and angry that you may not be putting enough effort in as you are capable of putting in. I hope it all goes well for you, but remember be-

Hi KFC. It's quite normal that some children may find parts of school difficult, especially with tricky schoolwork or homework and perhaps some areas of art or PE may be challenging. I f you are experiencing problems with bookwork, it is very important that you tell your teacher. Don't be afraid, they are there to help you. If you are finding it difficult to get time to complete everything, try and get organised and complete the most important things first, or ask your teacher to reduce your workload because you cannot handle the amount of homework. Also I advice that you talk to your parents or guardians and explain that you are finding work difficult in school and maybe they will give you extra help at home. Always remember that nothing is easy, you must always work really hard at everything you try and never give up.

Hello, I like this boy. He is younger than me and I am scared to tell him that. How will I be able to tell him how I feel? He is my friend and I am scared to break our friendship. What will I do? xoxo Cherry Girl Hi Cherry Girl, This is a really good question and I can totally see where your worries lie. The fact that the boy is younger than you should not make a difference that is depending that he is not TOO young, as at the end of the day, age is only a number! However, I would be more concerned about the fact that you are friends, but again that depends on the degree of your friendship. I would advice that you talk to the boy and tell him how you feel. It would be quite natural for the boy to react in a dismissive way perhaps, because he would'nt be expecting it and also at such a young age, some boys and girls may get embarassed even though they could feel the same way. I suggest that you don't put pressure on the boy to feel the same way, as you still want to remain friends and as long as you have a strong friendship, that's all that really matters at the moment. Best of luck, let me no how it goes! Dear Agony Aunt, When I am at home, I used to have a best friend but now he is always playing with my other friends and they never let me join in. What can I do? Jim Dear Jim, I can understand that you my be feeling a little sad and lonely at the moment because you feel that your best friends are leaving you out. I advice that you approach your best friend and talk to him about how your feeling. Your best friend may not have even realised that they are excluding you from the games, therefore it is always best to confront them first calmly before you get really annoyed and upset. I am sure once you have talked to your friends, everything will back to normal and you will be all playing happily together again..

Hello, I am just sick and tired of my sister acting all great and using my stuff whenever she wants. Can she not just stop acting this way. What can I do? Butterfly Hi Butterfly, It sounds like you have got the sisters syndrome, where everything they do can get just get on your nerves. Don't worry I among many other girls out there get so agitated by there sisters actions, but we must remember, we are a sister too and we probably annoy them just as much! It is normal for a sister to use your stuff especially when she is younger because they really look-up to their older sister and admire the possessions they have. I suggest that you talk to her and explain that she should ask before taking your stuff, then you mightn't mind as much. But this is part of our sisterhood to take and borrow, you need to work as a team, so you must borrow from her also. With regards to your sister 'thinking that she is all great', she probably isn't thinking that way at all. I believe that you may just be a little envious of your sister and want to be a little like her, but it works in both ways and I am positive, that your sister feels the same way about you. Try not to worry, a discussion will help things, but always remember, sisters are the strongest bond one will ever form.


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Hi, I have a fear of tests or if a teacher calls my name. It makes my heart skip a beat and I usually feel queasy because of it. Also when we have an important test, I sometimes feel sweaty and my palms may go soft. What can I do? Angel


Hi Angel, It appears that you get a significant dose of performance anxiety/worry. This may also occur when you are put on the spot. Have you experienced something before that has rattled your nerves? If so think back to this situation and why you felt this way. Its very normal to react this way, as we all get nervous at some stage in our lives. However I must suggest that you start building on your confidence and belief in yourself. Remember everything will be ok in the end! It's good to practice breathing slowly in and out through your nose when you feel like you are getting worked up. Also when you are at home and school, try to relax, if you have studied and worked hard for your tests you should have no problems. Try not to get so uptight when your teacher calls your name because more often than not she will not be giving out to you, she would be only trying to get your attention. You will be fine, just chill!!


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