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Activity Animotion Best Foot Forward

Proposed Showcase Activity Already sending out top five music videos to tutor groups to vote on. Perhaps top 3 can be shown at showcase? Showcase of the different activities pupils have been experiencing in this option. Day split into two sessions (morning / afternoon). Pupils to complete two activities (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) from the following: Bowls Pertanque Futsal Climbing Golf Squash TG gym Martial arts

Ceramics C2C Cycling Cultural Bites Cupcakes Custom Creations Digital Photography DIY SAS Fit for Forces Headliners Helping Hands Makaton Salon TG Sculpturing

Display board of photos taken at the various options over the past academic year to be on display in the sports areas. Exhibition of work produced to be held in P3, along with workshop demonstration by pupils showing examples of techniques learned. Cycling Activity under shade on turbo trainers Cooking Skills If we can get a food room, we could do a version of the TV show cupcake wars, which would be very impressive for visitors to the school. Photography of the showcase day A range of practical projects: one group erecting the shed and laying a base. Another group working on the Art quad. Another group refreshing and re-planting the memorial garden. A range of fitness tests and challenges. Completed work on the forces and services that have been covered. Reporting on the SAS Showcase day. Because we are helping in other schools this would be difficult to showcase. Ideally we would have liked to show how we can help the silver surfers but as none of them attend any more this is impossible as well. Talking in a silent language Providing treatments for visitors and display of activities Students could display their sculpture work; they have all been completing their designs and explanations of their work. Could also get Doug Northam to photograph their work

Silver Smith Dance Stay ‘n’ Play

T Glee TG Top Gear Vogue Fashionable Flowers Who do you think we are?

Wild about nature Xpedition

to add to their displays. Can showcase some of the jewellery that has been made by the group SAS can show case three different types of dances street, ballet and jazz. As people walk in SAS can either hold it as a dance show, or a normal lesson can go on. Due to health and safety issues and consent of the parents /child minders it will not be possible for visitors to see the playgroup live in action. However, we will choose a small number of pupils to give a short presentation on stay and play. Performances of chosen songs and acts. Go-Kart making and racing 1x 2 hour session designing and creating button holes. Pupils will produce three button holes by the end of the session. 1 x 2 hour session designing and creating a layered flowers design. We are happy to have visitors in who can watch the pupils doing research, see the presentations they have made on various different aspects of their research. If the visitors have names of ancestors then the pupils can try to find them on the censuses (1911 0r 1901) and print out information for them. We will have about 25 pupils after year 11 leave. It would be nice if the local history librarian came (I have an email addess) to see what we have done, but we happy to share with any people interested in ancestors or local history. Showing clearing of pond. Allotment. Posters of work on general wildlife. I am sure that we will be able to do something for the day based on the three themes we have running. First Aid, Expedition and Leadership. There will be no 11's around so we will have the 12's who take part in the silver DofE group around and I am sure that they would love to show of some of there skills or present to small groups about their experiences and what they have gotten out of the DofE program.

SAS Showcase Day  

Brochure to advertise SAS Showcase Day

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