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In the first person / Career I am Professor of Ethics & Emerging Technologies at the University of the West of Scotland, where I am also founder and Director of the Creative Futures Institute; a cross-faculty research unit focused on bringing together research perspectives around key questions confronting the future of humanity. Beyond coordinating our submission to the REF2014, my principal role is to nurture the research culture of the Institute, build research capacity and lead research.

I am a passionate science and technology communicator and prosumer of social media. My personal website receives around 4,000 page views per month and I have over 3,000 followers on Twitter.

“Andy Miah is the Renaissance man of the enhancement enlightenment” H+ Magazine “Andy Miah is no ordinary academic. Part futurologist, part philosopher, his work on the science of sport grew to encompass bioethics, medical law and now covers all aspects of the way technology impacts on human beings” The Scotsman

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Qualifications During my first degree I specialized in philosophy and science, while my PhD drew on various intellectual traditions, notably from cultural studies, philosophy of technology, and ethics to examine the human genome project and its implications beyond therapy. It explored the emerging culture of biotechnological body modification, which led to my writing in such areas as medical sociology, digital health studies, biolaw, mediated spectacle, and posthumanism. Impact Throughout my career, I ensured my academic research extends beyond academia. I hold several formal roles with media outlets, notably the Huffington Post for which I write in the USA and the UK. I also interview approximately fortnightly for the world’s media, where some of my most well-received work includes writing for the Washington Post, The Guardian, The Independent, interviewing for Andrew Marr, appearing live on BBC Newsnight, BBC World and BBC News 24. Several broadsheet newspapers and magazines have also written extensive profile pieces on my work, most recently the Spanish national El Pais (2012) and Scotland on Sunday (2012) and I’ve been interviewed by such magazines as Vogue, Wallpaper* and Fortune. I am invited to give public lectures and conference keynotes on a fortnightly basis and I am a regular contributor to science festivals, recently Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Manchester and the Battle of Ideas in London. Over the last 5 years, and I have been invited to over 30 nations and given over 80 funded talks. Often, my involvement around events is drawn together by projects that allow me to influence and shape the work of others and, in turn, for them to inform my trajectory. In this respect, choices about relationships are intimately connected to my own research interests and where I consider there to be gaps in knowledge and understanding. All of my research discusses the intersections of ethics, technology and culture and I have published 150 academic articles in refereed journals, books, magazines, and national media press on the subjects of digital media, medicine, technology, and sport, a selection of which is listed here.


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Career / 2009-present:

2010-present: 2009-present: 2008-present: 2008-present: 2008-present: 2005-present:

University of the West of Scotland, UK. Director, Creative Futures Institute Professor of Ethics & Emerging Technologies, Global Director, Centre for Policy on Emerging Technologies (Washington, DC) The Guardian, occasional writer. The Huffington Post, Columnist Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), UK Fellow Fellow, Royal Society for the Arts, UK. Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, USA Fellow for Visions of Utopia & Dystopia / Envisioning the Future.

Previous Appointments / 2011:

Otago University, visiting scholar


University of the West of Scotland, UK. Reader in New Media & Bioethics


University of Glasgow, Scotland. Lecturer in the Ethics of Biomedical & Life Sciences,


The Hastings Center, New York, USA International Visiting Scholar

Education & Qualifications / 2003-2006: University of Glasgow, Scotland MPhil: Medical Law and Ethics Dissertation Title: Genetic Selection for Enhanced Health. 1998-2002: De Montfort University, England PhD: Bioethics, Philosophy of Technology and Genetic Enhancement. 1994-1997: De Montfort University, England First Class, BA (Hons) Degree.

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Contribution to Discipline / EDITORIAL BOARDS Active (2012-) Performance Enhancement & Health (Elsevier Science) (2011-) Teknokultura: Revista de Cultura Digital y Movimiento Sociales (Open Journal Systems) (2010-) International Journal of Technoethics (IGI Global) (2007-) Studies in Ethics, Law & Technology (Berkeley) (2005-) Genomics, Society and Policy (2001-) Culture @ the Olympics: Issues, Trends & Perspectives Past (2009-2011) Second Nature: International Journal of Creative Media (2005-2010) Health Care Analysis (Springer)

ADVISORY BOARDS / COMMITTEE MEMBER (2012-) NeoHumanitas, Switzerland think-tank (2008-) International Astronautical Federation, International Technical Activities Committee for the Cultural Utilization of Space, Committee Member. (2006-) The Lifeboat Foundation, Scientific Advisory Board


(2012-) Arts and Humanities Research Council, Peer Review College (2010-) National Science Foundation (USA). (2009-2012) The Wellcome Trust (occasional reviewer)

REFEREE FOR JOURNAL I am frequently asked to review articles for journal, this list provides an indication of the breadth of topics for which I review. American Journal of Bioethics; International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics (Intellect); Theory, Culture, Society (SAGE); Cultural Politics (Berg); Institutional Review Board: Ethics & Human Research, (The Hastings Center); Research in Philosophy and Technology (Elsevier); Journal of Medical Ethics; Journal of the Philosophy of Sport (Human Kinetics); Medical Science Monitor: International Journal for Experimental and Clinical Research; International SportMed Journal; Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics; Bioethics; World Leisure Journal; Public Understanding of Science.

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Publications / I have published over 150 scholarly papers and present here a recent selection.

BOOKS 1. 2. 3. 4.


Miah, A. & Garcia, B. (2012) The Olympics: The Basics, London & New York: Routledge. Miah, A. (ed.) (2008) Human Futures: Art in an Age of Uncertainty FACT & Liverpool University Press / University of Chicago Press. Miah, A. & Rich, E. (2008) The Medicalization of Cyberspace Oxon & New York: Routledge. Miah, A. (2004) Genetically Modified Athletes: Biomedical Ethics, Gene Doping, & Sport London and New York: Routledge. a. trans. Miah, A. (2008) Atletas Geneticamente Modificados. Phorte Publishers, Sao Paulo. Miah, A. & Eassom, S.B. (eds) (2002) Sport Technology: Philosophy, History and Policy. Special Edition of Research in Philosophy and Technology, 21, Oxford: Elsevier



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Miah, A.(2012) The Olympic Movement’s New Media Revolution: Monetization, Open Media and Intellectual Property, in Wagg, S. & Lenskyj, H. The Palgrave Handbook of Olympic Studies, Palgrave Macmillan, pp.274-88. Miah, A. (2011) Ethical Issues Raised by Human Enhancements, in Gonzalez, F. Ethics and Values for the 21st Century, BBVA Spain, pp.199-233 [also in Spanish]. Miah, A. (2011) New Media, in Bainbridge, W.S.J. (Ed) Leadership in Science and Technology. SAGE Reference, pp.264-71. Adi, A. & Miah, A. (2011) Open Source Protest: Rights, Online Activism and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, in Cottle, S. & Lester, L. (eds) Transnational Protests and the Media, Peter Lang, pp.213-224. Miah, A. (2011) Physical Enhancement: The State of the Art, in Savulescu, J., Meulen, R.T., & Kahane, G. Enhancing Human Capacities. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, pp.266-73. Miah, A. (2011) Bioethical Concerns in a Culture of Human Enhancement In Bouchard, C. & Hoffman, E. Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine, Genetic and Molecular Aspects of Sport Performance. Lausanne, International Olympic Committee, pp.383-392. Miah, A. (2011) Towards Web 3.0: Mashing Up Work and Leisure In: Bramham, P. & Wagg, S. The New Politics of Leisure and Pleasure, Palgrave, pp.136-152. Miah, A. (2010) The Bioethics of Cybermedicalization. In Nayar, P.K. The New Media and Cybercultures Anthology. Wiley-Blackwell. 209-220. Miah, A. (2010) The DREAM Gene for the Posthuman Athlete: Reducing Exercise-Induced Pain Sensations Using Gene Transfer. For Sands, R.R. and Sands, L.R. The Anthropology of Sport and Human Movement: A Biocultural Perspective. Lexington Books, a division of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc, pp. 327-341 Miah, A. (2009) Human Enhancement in Performative Cultures, in Missa, Jean-Noel & Perbal, Laurence. Enhancement: Ethique et Philosophie de la medecine d’amelioration, Annales de Philosophie, pp.171-192 Miah, A. & Rich, E. (2009) The Body, Health & Illness In: Albertazzi, D. & Cobley, P. The Media: An Introduction (Third Edition). Pearson. Miah, A. (with Rich, E.) (2009) Gene Manipulation, in Atkinson, M. (2009) Battleground Sports. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 185-191. Miah, A. (2008) A Critical history of Posthumanism. In: Chadwick, R. & Gordijn, B. Medical Enhancements and Posthumanity. Springer. Miah, A. (2008) The Ethics of Human Enhancement in Sport. In: Luppicini, R. & Rebecca Adell. Handbook of Research on Technoethics. Idea Group Publishing. Miah, A. Garcia, B. & Zhihui, T. (2008) We Are the Media: Alternative Voices and NonAccredited Media at the Olympic Games. In Dayan, D. & Price, M. Owning the Olympics: Narratives of the New China. University of Michigan Press, pp.320-345. Miah, A. (2008) Section Introduction: Ethical Considerations of Human Performance Optimisation. In Taylor, N.A.S., Groeller, H. & McLennan, P.L. ‘Physiological Bases of Human Performance During Work and Exercise, Elsevier. Miah, A. (2008) The Ethics of Memory Modification in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In Shapshay, S. (Ed) Bioethics Through Film, Johns Hopkins University Press. Miah, A. ( 2008) A Deep Blue Grasshopper: Playing Games with Artificial Intelligence. For Hales Benjamin. Philosophy and Chess, in press.

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Major Projects / Beyond my own individually funded research projects, here is an indication of some of the collaborations surrounding my work in recent years. 2012-present:









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Creative Xchange, an AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hub. I am a member of a community of researchers building partnerships between industry and academia, interested in the digital economy. Digital Futures 2050, European Commission. Part of the DG for Digital and Info XX, this initiative brings together academics and industry to consider how convergence in scientific and technological systems around digital technology will affect life Emoto, Future Everything festival. Emoto was a social media sentiment analysis project focused on content around the London 2012 Olympic Games. Led by Drew Hemment, I formed part of their research team, providing insights that helped shape the project during the Games. #media2012, UK associated with the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. An activism project investigating media change, using the Olympics as a vehicle for promoting citizen journalism. Partnerships included the Abandon Normal Devices festival, FACT Liverpool, Cornerhouse Manchester, the London 2012. It won an award from PODIUM, the London 2012 HE Unit and was shortlisted from over 200 projects for a Pierre de Coubertin award. Human Enhancement, European Parliament. This project was led by the Rathenau Institute of ETAG on behalf of the European Paraliament’s Science & Technology Options Assessment unit. It was discussed by MEPs and my contribution focused on the reasons for why human enhancement can enrich society if used responsibly. Abandon Normal Devices, festival of Experimental Cinema and Digital Art This relationship was born out of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, which brought £3.4m funds to England’s North West. In 2008, I advised the regional creative programmer Debbi Lander via a stakeholder consultation, which led to funding for AND. Subsequently, I contributed to the curatorial community of the festival, advising on exhibitions and chairing the critical salon debates within the festival. NanoBio-RAISE (Responsible Action on Issues of Society & Ethics), European Union. This European horizon-scanning project investigated the ethical implications of nanotechnology. My working group focused on the implications for human enhancement and lifestyle body or mental modifications, reporting in December 2007. Genetics and Sport, The Hastings Center, New York This project was funded by the World Anti-Doping Agency and aimed to examine how genetic technology would be used within sports, focusing on the ethical dimensions. Human Enhancement Technologies and Sport, The Hastings Center, New York This project focused on a range of human enhancement technologies relevant to sports and considered their ethical issues, funded by the United States Anti-Doping Agency.


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Invited Presentations / I have given over 150 invited presentations for academic conferences, international festivals, and various scientific meetings over the years. Here is a selection of them.

2012 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Can technology set you free?, Battle of Ideas, Royal Academy of Engineering, 22 Nov, 2012 From London to Brazil: Social Change & the Sporting Mega-Event, British Library, Nov 5th, 2012. The Wasted Conversation, Manchester Science Festival, Oct 30th, 2012. Fictional Sports, Royal College of Art, October 8th, 2012. The Olympic Games: Meeting New Global Challenges, Oxford University, 13-14 August, 2012. International Sport Business Symposium, Birkbeck University, Aug 7th, 2012. Olympic Games lecture series, Nottingham Contemporary, July 17, 2012. 1st Brazilian Symposium on Genomics & Sports, Sao Paolo Federal University, 27 June 2012. South Place Ethical Society, June 17, 2012. OpenMind launch, BBVA Madrid, 11-12 June, 2012 Future Everything festival, Manchester, 17 May 2012 [unable to attend]. Presenting awards at Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 16 May, 2012 [unable to attend]. Edinburgh International Science Festival, National Museum of Scotland, April 2012. Digital Futures Foresight event, European Commission, Brussels, March 29-30, 2012. The London 2012 Olympic Games & Sport’s Social Media Revolution Da-Yeh University, Taiwan, March 21, 2012 Art-Science-Ethics, roundtable in association with Gina Czarnecki’s ‘Wasted’ exhibition, The Bluecoat, Liverpool, Feb 8, 2012. HUMAN DESIGN or EVOLUTION? Aalto University, Helsinki Finland, Jan 23, 2012.

2011 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

Russian Journalism Conference, Moscow State University, November, 2011. Battle of Ideas, Institute of Ideas, London, Oct 30, 2011. Roy Stringer Lecture Panel, FACT Liverpool, Nov 1, 2011. University Pompeu Fabra, Oct 28, 2011. Humanity 2.0, Chair, Royal Society of Arts London, 6 Oct 2011. European Neuroscience and Society Network, Groningen, Netherlands (15-17 Sept, 2011) Virtual Futures, University of Warwick, June 18-19, 2011. Cheltenham Science Festival, June 9, 2011 The Undead: Life Sciences and Pulp Fiction, Hamburg, Germany, 12-14 May 2011. Transhumanism, The Undead: Life Sciences and Pulp Fiction, Hamburg, Germany, 12-14 May 2011. 28. The Future of Fairness Conference, New Zealand Law Foundation Centre for Law and Emerging Technologies, and Genetics Otago, 22 March, 2011. 29. Neuroarts Conference, UK Mathematical Neuroscience Network, ICCMR, Art|Science, University of Plymouth, 11 Feb 2011.

2010 30. Ethical Design in a Posthuman World, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (T-Labs), Nov 22, 2010. 31. The Virtual Society in a Big Society: Ethics, Education and Digital Technology, Institute of Education, London, November 19, 2010. 32. Posthumanity: The Impermanence of Humanity, Glasgow School of Art (18 November, 2010). 33. #media2012: The Games as a Media Festival, Oxford Brookes University (November 9, 2010). 34. The Pursuit of Perfection, Manchester Science Festival (26 Oct, 2010)

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35. Untold Stories of the Olympic Games, Sport in Society: the Summer Olympics through the Lens of the Social Sciences, launch of the British Library Olympic Archive, London (April 20, 2010). 36. Ethical Design in Pervasive Media, Pervasive or Invasive, Digital Culture Research Centre, University of the West of England, March 5, 2010. 37. The Olympic Media, Fresh Media Olympics, Vancouver (22 Feb, 2010). 38. Human Enhancement & the Military, Enhancement: Is Nature Enough? Parr Center For Ethics, Center for Genomic Science, University of North Carolina, USA (12-13 Apr 2009) [event cancelled]. 39. The Future of European Bioethics, Globalizing European Bioethics, Manchester (8 February, 2010). 40. What will we remember about the future?, Edinburgh College of Art, (25 January, 2010) 41. The Olympic Rings, This Happened, Edinburgh (25 January, 2010).

2009 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59.


Mashing-Up Biology and Computing, AMPLIFIED Leicester, a NESTA event (12 Dec, 2009). DaDaFest 09: Imperfect Moments, Liverpool (28 Nov, 2009). The Ethics of Sport Enhancement, University of Cambridge, UK (9 Nov, 2009). Human Enhancement & the Military, Enhancement: Is Nature Enough? Parr Center For Ethics, Center For Genomic Science, University of North Carolina, USA (5-6 Nov 2009). Reply to John Harris, Human Enhancement Technologies Conference, University of Oxford and University of Geneva, Geneva (26 Oct 2009). The Future of Sport, Cambridge University, October, 2009. The Future of Humanity, Bionic Health: Next Generation Implants, Prosthetics and Devices, Institute of Engineering and Technology / Institute of Nanotechnology (2 Oct, 2009). Ethics of Nanotechnology for Lifestyle, Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, Ministry of Science, Seoul, South Korea (19-23 Aug, 2009). Social Justice and the Olympics, Supervising Professor at the International Olympic Academy, 17th International Seminar on Olympic Studies for Postgraduate Students (13-20 July 2009). Anti-Social Media, for Social Media: Uses and Abuses of the Web as a Social Space, University of Leicester (26 Jun, 2009). BioArt as Bioethics, UK National Postgraduate Bioethics Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast (23 June, 2009) Man Made: The Future of Humanity, DANA Centre, Science Museum, (10 Jun, 2009). Nanotechnology & the Posthuman Condition, Art and Science symposium, University of Sheffield (9 June, 2009). “If my mother’s mtDNA is likely to harm me, can she choose the best replacement?”, Workshop on the Ethics of Mitochondrial DNA, University of Lancaster (4 Apr, 2009). New Media, New Olympics, ACTIVE Institute, University of Aarhus Aalborg, Denmark (2 April, 2009) [keynote]. Social Media & Art/Health, Innovative Media for a Digital Economy final conference, London (Mar 26, 2009). Evidence Briefing on Human Enhancement, for MEPs of European Parliament, Organized by the Rathenau Institute, Brussels, Belgium (Feb 24, 2009) [keynote]. Panel Debate on Olympics and Social Media, Northern Voice, Canada’s Premiere Social Media Conference, Vancouver, (2009, Feb) [panel]. Debate Chair, The role of the arts in an era of biotechnology, Hybrid Arts, Birmingham

(Jan, 2009)

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2008 61. Genetic Doping: The Bioethical Concerns, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Washington, DC, USA, December, 2008. 62. Why Athletes Need Genetic Enhancement, Questions of Sport, SCRiPT, Edinburgh Law School, Murrayfield Stadium (Nov, 2008). 63. Panel Debate, Human Brain Enhancement, Words on Monday, Nature (Journal) and Kings Place Music Foundation, London, UK (November, 2008). 64. Human Futures, BioCentre 2008 series: "People Power for the Third Millennium: Technology, Democracy and Human Rights, Symposium on "Arts and Technology: the role of the arts in democratic policy making" BioCentre, London, UK (Oct, 2008). 65. Genetic Enhancement via Genetic Selection: Bioethical and Biolegal Boundaries, Gene Doping in Sports, Department of Pediatrics, University of Florence, Italy, Oct 2008. 66. Extraterrestrial Ethics: Our Cultural & Moral Commitment to Discover, Create, and Support Emergent Life Forms, for LESS REMOTE: The Futures of Space Exploration: an Arts & Humanities Symposium, International Astronautic Congress, SEC, Glasgow, Scotland (Sept, 2008). 67. Social Justice and the Olympics, Supervising Professor at the International Olympic Academy, 17th International Seminar on Olympic Studies for Postgraduate Students (13-20 July 2009). 68. Biotechnology & the Olympics, Keynote, Body & Economy, London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, FACT, Liverpool, UK (July, 2008). 69. Bioethics and Doping colloquium, St Mary's College, San Francisco, USA (Jun, 2008) 70. Posthuman Designs, St James Martin Institute for the 21st Century, Programme on Biomedical Ethics and Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University, UK (May, 2008) 71. Human Enhancement in Performative Cultures,The Ethical and Philosophical Aspects of Enhancement Medicine, Free University of Brussels & SociĂŠtĂŠ pour la Philosophie de la Technique and the Centre for Inter-disciplinary Research in Bioethics (CRIB) Brussels, May 9-10, 2008. 72. New Media and the Olympics , Olympic legacy conference, University of Greenwich, London, UK (May, 2008) 73. A Case for Human Enhancement, Royal College of Art and AHRC Symposium on Human Enhancements, London, February, 2008. 74. New Media @ the Beijing 2008 Olympics, London Metropolitan University, London, UK, January 2008.

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Event Organization / •

RE:Wire, 4th International Conference in Media Art Histories, Co-Chair, Liverpool, Sept 2011.

Abandon Normal Devices, Salon Chair (Oct 2011).

London 2012: The First Transhuman Games?, Knowing Sport and PODIUM with RCUK, an Inspired by 2012 event, CCA Glasgow, 24 Jan 2011 (Chair and Lead Organizer)

media2012: Creating a Citizen Journalism Legacy for London 2012, Manchester, 4 Oct, 2010 (Chair and Lead Organizer).

Abandon Normal Devices: Festival of New Cinema and Digital Culture, Liverpool, Sept 2009. Debates Chair, FACT.

International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Aug 2009, University of Ulster & University of the West of Scotland, Steering Committee Board Member and Co-Chair of Programme Theme on Posthumanism.

EuropeComm, First International ICST Conference on Communications Infrastructure, Systems & Applications in Europe, Technical Programme Committee, London, 11-13 Aug, 2009.

UNsustainable UNconference, FACT, Liverpool, May 2009, Chair.

What Do You Get if you Cross Social Media with a) Arts Engagement and b) Health ? EPSRC Digital Economy Research Cluster conference, Chair, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool, March 2009.

Human Futures Symposium, Chair, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool, Oct 2008.

International Association of Computer Science and Sports, Calgary, Canada, June 2007, University of Calgary, Scientific Committee Member and Session Chair.

Ethics & Law of Genetic Selection for Performance, London, UK, Sept 29, 2006. Co-Chaired with Professor Julian Savulescu (Oxford University).

The Olympics and Web 2.0, Torino, Italy, Feb 16, 2006. Academic Chair of Symposium hosted at British Columbia Canada Place, in association with new media companies Bryght and Rain City Studios (Vancouver, British Columbia).

Celebrity Culture, An Inter-disciplinary Conference, Ayr, Scotland, Sept 12-14, 2005. Co-Chair of Conference, School of Media, Language and Music, University of the West of Scotland, UK.

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Media Appearances / I have given over 200 media appearances, here are some of the highlights. Further details on my website. BROADCAST •

RADIO: BBC World Service (2012, Sept 3); BBC World Service ‘News Hour’ (2012, Jan 1); Radio New Zealand (2011, March); BBC Radio Scotland (2010, Oct); BBC Radio 4, Start the Week with Andrew Marr (2008, Dec); Danish Broadcasting Corporation (2008 May); ABC The Sports Factor (2008, Mar); BBC World Service (2007, Dec 28); CBC, The World at 6pm (news) (2007, Dec 14); BBC World Service (2007, August 24); BBC World Service (2007, July); ABC Brisbane (2007, Mar 24); BBC Radio Five Live (2007, Feb 21); BBC Radio Scotland (2006, Oct 17); BBC Radio Five Live (2006, Oct 3); BBC Scotland (2006, Aug 9); BBC Radio Five Live (2006, Aug 7); BBC Radio 4 (Jun, 2006); WAMU (Washington, USA); BBC Radio Five (May 26, 2005); BBC Radio Scotland (Mar, 2005); BBC Five Live Drive (Dec 2004); Austrian Radio 4FM (Sept 2004); BBC Radio 4 ‘The Today Show’ (14 Aug, 2004); BBC Five Live Drive, (30 July 2004); Radio Salta 840AM, Argentina (July 2004); CBC, As it Happens. (Aug, 2004); BBC World Service ‘The News Hour’ (July 2004);

TELEVISION: CNN (2012, August); TV Globo, Brazil (Aug 2012); BBC World (Aug 2012); BBC News 24 (Aug 2012); BBC Newsnight (2012, July); Channel 4 (2012, March), Arte, Switzerland (2010, July 30), CBC, Canada (2010, Feb), ITV News (2008, Aug 7), Sky News, UK (2006, April 25); CBC, Canada (2006, Feb 15); CBC, Canada (2006, Feb 9); Sky One, Sport Matters (2 Dec, 2005); ABC Australia, The 7:30 Report (August 11, 2004); Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The National (Aug, 2004); Cadena 3, Argentina (Jul, 2004); BBC2 Newsnight (29 July, 2004); BBC1, Morning Show & BBC News 24 (May 2004); BBC Horizon (July 2001).


NATIONAL: BBC News (2012, Aug 29); The Independent (2012, Aug 23); The Sunday Express (2012, Aug 7); The Sunday Express (2012, Aug 5) BBC (2012, July 25); Wallpaper* Magazine (2012, July); The Daily Mail (2012, July); New Statesman (2011, Sept); Wired Magazine (2011, March); The Times (2010, Nov); Times Higher Education Supplement (2010, Aug); BBC Focus Magazine (2010, May); The Observer (2010, Jan 10); The Times (2009, Feb 22); The Scotsman (2008, November 28); The Independent (2008, October 18); The Daily Mail (2008, Aug 22) The National, Abu Dhabi (2009, Feb 8); The Scotsman (2008, November 28); The Independent (2008, October 18); The Evening Standard (2008, Aug 5); The Independent (2007, 12 Sept); The Observer (2007, February 4); Wonderland Magazine, UK. Chiles, Lawrence (2006, Feb); BBC News Online (2005, Sept 9); BBC Focus (2005, Aug), Sunday Telegraph (2005, May 22); The Independent (2004, Apr 27); The Times (2004, Dec 21); The Herald (2004, Sep 8); Scotsman (2004, Sep 8); The Observer (2004, Jul 25); The Independent on Sunday (Jul 25, 2004, page 5 (and front page); Daily Mail (2004, Jul 22); Daily Express (2004, July 22); Daily Mail (2004, Jul 21); The Scotsman (2004, Jul 21); Champions Magazine (Jun, 2004); The Big Issue in Scotland (Jul 17, 2003); BBC Sport (March, 2002); The Mail on Sunday (2001, May 27).

INTERNATIONAL: Le Temps (2012, Oct 31); International Business Times, USA (2012, Oct 22); Reuters (2012, Sep 3); Fortune Magazine (2012, Aug 29); Los Angeles Times (2012, Aug 14); Associated Press (2012, Aug 12); The Boston Globe (2012, July 15); La Vanguardia, Spain (2012 July); AFP (2011, Nov); Tone Magazine, New Zealand (2011, May); Granville Magazine, Canada (2010, Feb 22); Re:Public, Greece (2009); H+ Magazine (2009, Summer); The National, Abu Dhabi (2009, Feb 8); ESPN The Magazine (2008, April 23); Liberation, France (2007, July 7); Vogue Magazine, Australia (2007); The Jordan Times, Jordan (2006, Nov 22); The Times (2005, Dec 19); Globe and Mail, Canada (2006, Nov 15); Bloomberg (2005, Dec 16); Globe & Mail, Canada (2005, Dec 3; Politiken, Denmark (2005, Oct 16); Newsday (NYC) & Chicago Tribune (2005, Mar 20); Orlando Sentinel, USA (2005, May 22); Drug War Chronicle (2004, Nov 19, 363); Christian Science Monitor, USA (2004, Sep); Reuters, Brazil: Reuters (2004, Aug).

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Learning & Teaching / INVITED MASTER CLASS LECTURES Royal College of Art, London, MA Design Interactions, for Professor Anthony Dunne (2012) Future Fictions of Sport (2009) Superheroes (2008) NanoCulture: On Speculation & Paranoia (2007) Robots Rights and Artificial General Intelligence, (2006) Posthuman Designs, MA in Design Interactions University College London (2007) Beyond Bioethics: The Culture of Posthumanity, for Dr David Gems (2007) Bioethics & Sport, MSc in Human Health & Performance, for Dr Bruce Lynn Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, UK Master Degree in Art, Design and Architecture (2006) New Media Ethics and Biotechnology (2005) Posthumanism International Academy of Sports Science and Technology, Switzerland (2004) Social and Ethical issues Concerning Technology and Sport (2003) Gene Doping St. Mary’s College, San Francisco, USA (2008) The Posthuman Athlete (2004) Gene Doping and the Future of Sport Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, England, LLM/MA International Sport Law (2007) Bioethics and Biolaw for Sporting Bodies (2004) Ethics of Sport Enhancements (2001) Human Rights and the Transhuman Athlete

POSTGRADUATE (2002-2005) University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK Ethics & Bioethics in Science & Medicine (Associate Position): PhD MODULE COORDINATOR / LEAD LECTURER: (cohort size: 120) Course on Research Ethics in Science & Medicine. Cohort consisted of wide range of biomedical and life sciences students working in various aspects of clinical practice. Areas of ethics include: Xenotransplantation & Species Integrity (Plants & Animals), Ecosystem Health, Human Genetics, Experimental Research. Royal College of Art, London, MA Design Interactions. (2012) Future Fictions of Sport, the Apocalympics brief. (2009) Superheroes (2008) NanoCulture: On Speculation & Paranoia (2007) Robots Rights and Artificial General Intelligence. (2006) Posthuman Designs, MA in Design Interactions.

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UNDERGRADUATE TEACHING University of the West of Scotland, (2002-2011) Becoming Posthuman (2004-2008) Olympic Spectacle (2003) Media & Society (2003) Research Methods (2002-2003) Digital Environments (2002-2008) Cyberculture

Current PhD Supervision / University of the West of Scotland 2012SMART Cities & Business Andrea Braeuning (Germany) 2012Online Privacy and Surveillance Bjorn von Prollius (Germany) 2009Web 2.0 and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Jennifer Jones (Scotland) MRes 2007New Media & Nanotechnology Bettina Hรถrmann (Germany) MRes 2007New Media at the Beijing 2008 Olympics Ana Adi (Romania) MA MA (Fulbright alumna) 2007Media Effects & Public Grief Elizabeth McLaughlin, MSc 2007Media Convergence John Andrew Carruthers

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last update 2012.11

Citations / As an indication of my peer community, these are some of the academic journals where my work is cited.

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Acta Univ. Palacki Olomuc, Gymn Body & Society Biotechnology and the Human Good Cambridge Quarterly for Healthcare Ethics Chisholm Health Ethics Bulletin Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies CTHEORY Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education Environmental Education Research Environmental Geology European Journal of Internal Medicine European Journal of Sport Science European Physical Education Review European Sport Management Quarterly European Studies in Education Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy Genomics, Society and Policy Gene Therapy Hastings International and Comparative Law Review Idrottsforum International Journal of Public Opinion Research International SportsMed Journal Journal of Bioethical Inquiry Journal of Contemporary Ethnography Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society Journal of the Philosophy of Sport Journal of Science Communication

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Journal of Sports Science and Medicine The Lancet Leisure Studies Molecular Therapy Nature Nursing Philosophy Journal of the Philosophy of Sport New England Journal of Medicine New Media and Society Olympika Professionalization of Exercise Physiology Public Understanding of Science Revista Brasileira em Promoção da Saúde Revista Informatica Economia Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports ScriptEd Social Theory and Health Sociology of Health and Illness Sociology of Sport Journal Sport in Society Studies in Ethics, Law and Technology Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy Surveillance and Society Sports Medicine Texas Law Review Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics Third World Quarterly Yale Journal of Public Health


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