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Seamly is the

bridge between your music and your busy life.

App Storyboard


Andy is listening to Mumford & Sons on Spotify I mean, of course.

He takes his phone and hops in his car and rushes off to work.

He’s right in the middle of the song and is already late for work.

He wants to keep listening to the crazy banjos and British accents, but it’s super annoying to find the same track on his smartphone.

With his phone in hand, Andy launches Seamly, which first shows a list of the music services he uses along with the most recent track & progress, for each.

Andy remembers that he installed the Seamly app on his smartphone.

Naturally, he chose Spotify to continue listening to Mumford & Sons.

Seamly syncs the track and its progress to his phone automatically.

Seamless music makes your life even more of a story.

From desktop to car, and car to notebook, your story never ends.

Desktop App

All your music services, synced to all your devices. iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon MP3, and Grooveshark, to name a few.

Desktop: Mac, Windows

Mobile App

Gotta run? Pick up where you left off on your smartphone. Android and iOS.

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