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Simplify the Management of Activities, Sports and Events

Simplify the Management of Activities and Sports One of the more challenging and onerous tasks in any school is the management of extra-curricular activities and sports. CHQ has the answer.

With today’s accent firmly upon providing a rounded education the breadth of activities, clubs and sports available to students today is greater than ever. As a matter of necessity, schools have adapted, adopted or invented ways to deal with the challenges. Spread-sheets, notice boards, emails and endless hours of weekends and possible teaching time are dedicated to the cause. And it’s a complex business – managing pupil choices, allocating supervision, booking venues, creating teams and fixtures, arranging buses and coaches and telling the kitchens is only half the story. Then the task of communicating everything to pupils, staff and parents so that they all turn up at the right time at the right place (and with the right kit) is formidable. CHQ was created to solve all these problems with a simple, easy-to-use online application that is accessible from any internet enabled device – including mobiles, iPhones and PDAs.

Welcome to CHQ Schools In a nutshell, CHQ is the simplest, smartest and most affordable solution for managing activities and sports “CHQ allows a complex programme to be pulled together with ease, allocating different year groups to different times or locations. The ability to generate attendance registers for the Master in Charge of a session is first rate, and the feedback to the House Dons has ensured that participation rates in sport have never been higher. House Dons are taking sport seriously and boys now know they’re being monitored for the first time. CHQ is proving to be an real asset.” Sam Hart, Head of Sport, Winchester College

in schools.

• Proven to reduce the time spent managing activities by 30-50%

• Improves school efficiency – reduces costs, reduces waste, improves time management

• Improves parent engagement – timely relevant information about children’s activity via email and SMS

• Improves student safety – locate students during extra-curricular activities and sports

• Integrated SMS Messaging System

CHQ – Making life simpler for everyone Extra-curricular activities and sports are an intrinsic part of school life. Consequently, they involve and affect just about everyone within a school. However, its burdens and benefits are felt in very different ways depending on your role within the school. The primary goal of CHQ is to ensure that the benefits of sports and activities are enhanced and the management burdens minimised for everyone.

If our extra-curricular and sports departments are operating efficiently then we’re delivering on our promises. School staff need to be focused on providing a quality education and caring for children not creating Excel spread-sheets. CHQ creates more time for teachers which delivers happy students and delighted parents. And that’s good for the school.


Our sports and extra-curricular reputation attracts parents and pupils from all over the world. However, using our resources effectively is key. CHQ helps us optimise the use of our sports facilities commercially, reduce admin time and make sure our activities are fully subscribed and well attended. CHQ just makes good business sense.


Never has child protection been more important. CHQ allows me to locate any student during activities and sports and it tells me if they turned up immediately the register is taken. This is tremendously reassuring for all the teaching staff and parents.


Knowing that my children are so involved in school life is heart-warming. Every time I open a text message telling me about my child’s next sports fixture or concert is a reminder that I made the right decision in choosing the school.


In a couple of clicks I can select a team for Saturday’s fixtures and communicate the team sheet, venue details and departure times to all parents, pupils and house masters. What used to take me half and hour now only takes 5 minutes with CHQ. I can be back on the field for my next lesson in no time and doing what I do best.

Head of Sport

Managing pupil activity selections has always been a headache. With CHQ students and parents can choose their activities online before term starts. Booking rooms and facilities, delegating supervision and making timetables is now quick and easy. And I just let everyone know what’s happening with an email or SMS using CHQ’s smart messaging system.

Head of Extra-Curricular

CHQ – the smartest and simplest solution for managing school activities and sports Parents

Teaching Staff

Heads of Sport

House Masters

Heads of IT

Key Benefits of Value to:


Heads of School

CHQ benefits everyone. What’s important to you?

Operational Benefits

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Integrates with your MIS for seamless updates of data Improves speed accuracy, relevance and timeliness of communication internally Improves speed accuracy, relevance and timeliness of communication externally Simplifies and quickens selection of pupils for Teams, groups and events’ Facilitates pupils' selection of sport & activity choices Reduces costs of over catering Enables simple fixture creation Enables tracking of pupil whereabouts Web enabled thereby allowing access from any internet enabled device Key functions available from mobile devices: Communication with parents of pupils Key medical records Allows absentee reporting from sports and activities Record attendances Allows tracking of effort and attainment scores Allows tracking of paid-for activities (revenue assurance) Enables a school to manage extra curric and sport in the same way as academic subjects: Assessment – allows tracking of effort and attainment scores Tracking attendance and absenteeism Develop training material that be can be reused Manage school assets e.g. sports hall, gym, swimming pool to school users but also for ‘members’ and the general public in one integrated solution Manage all school events in one application Reduce administrative effort thus enabling teachers to be in the classroom or on the pitch rather than the office More time spent with students Promotes effective and efficient deployment of talent and skills Reduces burden on school office who handle demands for fixture information. Develop and store training material: Ensures common approach to teaching activities and sports Provides ability to develop and store lesson plans Manage conflicts between sport and extra-curricular activities

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Added Value Benefits Adds value to the offering of the school Engages parents more deeply in children's activities and bonds them more closely to the school Celebrates the value of extra-curricular activities and sport within school thereby making school more appealing to parents (especially those with less academically inclined children)

The CHQ Schools interface is fully accredited by Capita and SIMS Independent

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CHQ Brochure  

CHQ is an online software application that simplifies the management of sports and activities for schools. This document provides an overvi...