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Group 2 (2000 / 2001) Saturday 18th June 11.00am 11.25am 11.50am 12.15pm 12.40pm 1.05pm

Pitch 1

Pitch 2

Arsenal V Spurs Man Utd V Liverpool Arsenal V Chelsea Man Utd V Man City Arsenal V Everton Man Utd V Aston Villa

Chelsea V Everton Man City V Aston Villa Spurs V Everton Liverpool V Aston Villa Spurs V Chelsea Liverpool V Man City

Tuesday 21st June 8.10pm 8.35pm

Pitch 1

Pitch 2

Arsenal V Man Utd Chelsea V Man City

Spurs V Liverpool Everton V Aston Villa

Thursday 23rd June 6.30pm 6.55pm 7.20pm 7.45pm 8.10pm 8.35pm

Pitch 1

Pitch 2

Arsenal V Liverpool Chelsea V Aston Villa Chelsea V Man Utd Arsenal V Man City Chelsea V Liverpool Arsenal V Aston Villa

Spurs V Man Utd Everton V Man City Everton V Liverpool Spurs V Aston villa Everton V Man Utd Spurs V Man City

Group 2 (2000 / 2001) Arsenal


Bradley Moore Cameron Brennan Ryan Meehan Nathan St Ledger Alla Fitzpatrick Sean Mc Dermott

Shaun English Troy Hennessy Adam Stephenson Jordon Cross Ethan Keogh Daragh O'Donnell



Johnny Lloyd

Joe Stephenson



Emmet Dunne-Devereaux Lorcan Byrne Gerard Noone Lee McHugh Carl O'Mahony Leigh Deegan

Luke Carbery Daragh Carroll Luke McCormack Rodgers Micheal Fitzpatrick Cian Lindsay Jack McCourt



Ray Morris

Alan Lindsay

Man Utd


Yusuf O'Driscoll Eoin Doherty Anthony Hughes Ryan Donegan Shane O'Rourke Oleta Griffin

John Barry Daragh Reid Cian Rigney Lee Courtney Ross Delaney Abdul Okunola



John Farrell

David Rigney

Man City

Aston Villa

Luke McCormack Sean Quinn Jordan McGrath Ryan Anderson Josh Dunbar John Keegan

Evan Burke Jamie Byrne Alex Dunbar Andrew Doyle Christopher Clarke Rachel Kelly



Tony Conroy

Gareth Malone

Group 2 - 2000 to 2001  

Group 2 fixtures and players

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