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Andrew McCormick B00562253 Bsc Marketing Hons University of Ulster, Jordanstown Placement Tutor: Mike Brennan Industrial Placement: INC Marketing Limited Industrial Supervisors: Andy Park / Kerry Vance


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Public Relations

Victoria Square - 50% Extra Free Gift Card Victoria Square - Spring Summer 2013 Victoria Square - Reface the Base Ulster Rugby - Student Package Digital Media Management

Liffey Valley - Fall Fashion feature coverage Liffey Valley - International Bacon Day

Event Management Victoria Square, Belfast - Square Unplugged

Malone Lodge Hotel - International Hamburger Day

UNIVERSITY DOCUMENTS PF4 and PF5 - Intermin and Final Placement Reports

Social Media Management Development of ONE. A social media management system. Corries Meats - Facebook and Twitter Campaigns Victoria Square - Facebook - Family Shopping Spree

PF6 - Industrial Supervisors Final Report PF7 - Students Evaluation of Placement PF8 - Career Development Plan

Introduction to INC INC is a communications consultancy built on the fundamentals of passion, simplicity and inspiration. Let us stimulate you and your clients, with defined strategies that empower, engage and evoke brand loyalty by utilising intelligence-led design. INC Marketing have a wealth of experience in the provision of retail marketing campaigns across the UK and Ireland. In all campaigns INC ensures that market research, SMART objectives coupled with an innovative and cost reach efficient strategy is delivered to support all campaign messages and creative treatments. A post-campaign analysis of all elements from cost to coverage / completion is produced and presented for each proposal. INC continually analyse consumer behaviour and retail trends, to ensure that brand awareness is maximised. INC represents a results-driven, fourteen strong team comprising creatives, lateral thinkers and straight talkers, who in no uncertain terms exceed client objectives.

During my time with INC Marketing I have had experience across a wide range of industry disciplinesDesign, Digital and most frequently Client Services working on the accounts of some of Northern Ireland's leading businesses and brands across a variety of sectors. With the company's main clients being from the retail sector I found myself working with Victoria Square, amongst others, managing campaigns and budgets. Away from retail, clients ranged from McLaughlin and Harvey to Ulster Rugby.



Victoria Square, Belfast - 50% Extra Free Gift Card Victoria Square, Belfast - Spring Summer 2013 Victoria Square, Belfast - Reface the Base Ulster Rugby - Student Package Digital Media Management

Victoria Square 50% Extra Free Gift Card Campaign

Victoria Square wanted to boost sales of their gift card in the period leading up to Christmas 2012 - The 50% Extra Gift Card campaign was born. To achieve the percentage increase the client desired an extra bonus was always going to entice. In order to make this work for the client, we stipulated that in order to qualify for the 50% extra free customers must spend at least £50 in three separate retailers within the centre. They could then purchase a gift card of up to £500 and receive an additional 50% on the gift card. The campaign was promoted across local radio; Cool FM, City Beat and U105. To create more of a stir and to draw in the city centre shoppers we had two walking gift cards patrolling Belfast city centre’s busy traffic areas. The secondary goal of the campaign was to try and encourage footfall and spending on the scheme’s lest busy day. The results showed that this campaign worked; the weekly budget was sold out by 2pm in weeks 2-4 and gift card purchases in the period had improved by over XX% on the same period the previous year. The stipulation that £50 had to be spent in each of 3 retailers allowed us to achieve our secondary goal of improving footfall and purchase revenue on Wednesdays.

2013 RDS WA






Victoria Square Spring Summer 2013

For Spring/Summer 2013 Victoria Square wanted to make a big statement and head off on an international shoot to bring some continental class the brand. All retailers were given the opportunity to participate by providing their product to be used in the shoot. We identified Lake Como, Italy as the perfect backdrop for summer style. Working along side world renouned photographers and stylists amazing results were achieved. The campaign was rolled out across billboards, ad shells, press ads, in centre screens and online. The development of an online style guide to the campaign allowed consumers to browse the collections used in the shoot and directed them into the scheme to complete purchases.

Victoria Square Reface the Base

With only 2/3 of the retail space of the scheme opened to the public the owners of Victoria Square wanted to gain insight into what the potential customer would like to see. In an attempt to attract a younger market we created a competition open to students at the University of Ulster, which is just a stones throw from the scheme, to come up with a development idea for the basement area of Victoria Square. Reface the Base invited students to team up with their piers and produce plans, visuals and cost analysis to bring the basement of Victoria Square to life. 10 teams submitted proposals with the top 3 invited along to a present their proposals at a prize giving evening. A judging panel made up of representitives from the scheme, University of Ulster and leading construction and architecture companies in Northern Ireland decided on which team was providing the most viable solution. The winning team each received a ÂŁ500 Victoria Square Gift Card. The top 3 groups work was displayed in the centre for 2 weeks following the event and gained considerable press coverage.

2013 RDS WA






Ulster Rugby Student Package

Ulster Rugby wanted to encourage fans to continue to head out to games even in the months when people traditionally watched on TV because of the chance of standing in the rain at Ravenhill. We identified the large student rugby playing and supporting population in Belfast and decided to target them in an attempt to keep up attendance levels. We knew we would have to connect with students on their level and promote something that would connect across the wide scope. So in order to get cash-strapped students to Ulster matches we established partnerships between Ulster Rugby, a drinks company and a taxi company. This allowed us to offer students discounted tickets, a free drink and discounted travel to and from the stadium. The campaign was rolled out using posters and flyers across University of Ulster Belfast and Jordanstown campuses as well as at Queen’s University Belfast. The package ran 3 times in the 2011-12 season and had an impressive uptake.

Digital Marketing Management Within their scheme, Victoria Square used digital advertising screens and a large LED Screen to help promote their own campaigns as well as retailers. As marketing agents it was INC’s and in turn my duty to manage these. This included uploading and scheduling as well as creating and developing videos and artwork.




Victoria Square, Belfast - Square Unplugged Pixie Lott, Wonder Villains and General Fiasco perform live at three concert nights in Victoria Square.

Other events organised include VSQ Student VIP which had over 16,000 students attending a discount evening at Victoria Square.

Victoria Square Square Unplugged

Square Unplugged was an event aimed at promoting Victoria Square as a concert venue and public space. Encouragement of footfall and sales at participating retailers was also a key aim in this campaign. We aimed that brand loyalty would be strengthened and Victoria Square would be seen as a lifestyle destination amongst those who won tickets to events. Three separate concerts would take place between September and December 2012. Pixie Lott, The Wonder Villains and General Fiasco headlined the concerts. Achieving footfall and driving sales was achieved through having certain retailers participating in giving tickets away. The struggling retailers, as a whole, saw increased sales on the same period last year as a result. The concerts were held in a vacant unit which was part of the old buildings of Victoria Square’s original development which created a funky and unique concert space. The unit had to be altered to meet health and safety standards. Following a huge demand for tickets to the opening show we decided that there was a chance to help promote local talent and signed The Wonder Villains and General Fiasco for the following two shows. Square Unplugged became a local talent showcase.

Entrance to venue

Pixie Lott

Wonder Villains

General Fiasco



Development of ONE. A social media management system. Corries Meats - Facebook and Twitter Campaigns Victoria Square - Facebook - Family Shopping Spree

One Social Media Management System

One is a social media management system (SMMS) which acts as a hub or one-stop-shop for posting to all of a brands social streams. As well as this it allows the most in-depth analytics of campaigns and your fan base. The only thing it can’t tell you is what your fan had for breakfast. This was one of my main projects while at INC. I carried out all research, worked with developers, developed the brand and was the spearhead in getting the product to market. I was also heavily involved in the sales and after sales, creating promotional documents as well as creating and giving presentations on the system to potential clients.

Corries Meats Facebook Meat Give-away As a recent arrival to social networking after appointing INC as the Marketing and PR agency, Corries wanted to quickly develop a large fanbase. We came up with this campaign which to give away a meat hamper in return for people ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ a photo. The results were incredible. In one week the post received almost 18,000 likes, over 30,000 shares and reached over 2.74 million people! Not bad for a £80 meat hamper from a family run farm shop.

Victoria Square ÂŁ5000 Family Spending Spree Due to circumstances in Belfast towards the end of 2012 and with Christmas shoppers boycotting the city fearing being caught up in trouble, Victoria Square wanted to increase their Facebook following as well as promoting the brand name and centre gift card in the run up to Christmas. With a ÂŁ5000 gift card give away already scheduled into the budget this was the perfect reactive campaign to increase footfall and ultimately sales to the centre without breaking the bank. A like and share campaign ran for 10 days resulting in close to 15,000 new likes.




Liffey Valley - Fall Fashion Liffey Valley - International Bacon Day Malone Lodge - Campaigns following refurbishment

Liffey Valley Fall Fashion PR coverage is vital to any brand. It appears organic to the public and if you have the right influencers and publications writing on your brand it can be a great asset to the brands success. This coverage was gained in RSVP magazine after selecting the seasonal trends across Liffey Valley retailers.

Liffey Valley Internation Bacon Day

To celebrate International Bacon Day Liffey Valley got their food retailers on board to give away bacon butties to the customers in centre. Ex-Miss Ireland wore my hand cooked rasher dress in a press photo call to promote the event which had a hot streak with the local and national media. With my very own bacon sandwich recipe making an appearance.

Malone Lodge Hotel Refurbishment Coverage Following a total makeover for the hotel and restaurant, management wanted to change the brand perception. Although marketing materials were in place, these were no use if no one was looking. We held the newly crowned Miss Nothern Ireland’s first photoshoot the morning after her victory. The story piggy-backed on her success and gained excellent coverage across local and national press. Social media and other digital streams were also employed to promote the brands new look.

Malone Lodge Hotel Internation Hamburger Day

Shortly after refurbishing the hotel and opening a new restaurant Malone Lodge appointed INC as PR and Digital agents. We had two hamburger girls go out to local businesses dropping some mini burgers and menu’s in. U105, Cool FM and City Beat DJ’s all mentioned the freebies in their show and even engaged with the hotel on twitter. The Belfast Telegraph also featured the girls the next day.

Andrew McCormick B00562253 Bsc Marketing Hons University of Ulster, Jordanstown Placement Tutor: Mike Brennan Industrial Placement: INC Marketing Limited Industrial Supervisors: Andy Park / Kerry Vance


UNIVERSITY Placement Forms


PF2 - Already Sumbitted PF4 and PF5 - Intermin and Final Placement Reports PF6 - Industrial Supervisors Final Report PF7 - Students Evaluation of Placement PF8 - Career Development Plan

PF4 - Interim Placement Report Period: 01/08/12 - 01/02/13

PF5 - Interim Placement Report Period: 01/02/13 - on going

Objectives: Job Related; Work across each area of the company marketing, creative and PR, learn how to write copy in style of clients - fashion etc, management a campaign from start to finish including all administrative work. Personal; Maintain punctuality to all aspects of work, work to deadlines, develop skills in all areas where possible.

Objectives: Job Related; Focus on an area of the business which has most interesting, develop social media system, continue to work with Victoria Square both on site and from office. Personal; Build stronger working relations with clients.

“ Andrew has worked well in the first half of his placement he has shown great enthusiasm and exceeded expectation across a range of disciplines. His performance has saw him working on our biggest account” Rating: Excellent (A)

Student Reflection: “ I have found the first six months of placement at INC challenging yet extremely enjoyable. Although there have been some issues within the job role I have had an overall very worth while experience and look forward to continuing in the role for what the next six months may have in store. My feeling is that I have put in a lot of effort and late nights and performed to a good level in both the tasks I enjoy and am less fond of.”

“ Continuing from a successful first period, Andrew continues to work hard and impress on all fronts. He has shown great dedication to his work and is very willing to put in extra hours to make sure campaigns are rolling smoothly.” Rating: Excellent (A)

Student Reflection: “ The second period of placement has possed a lot of new challenges as more responsibilty has been passed on to me. Sometimes the work load has been overwhelming but I have enjoyed the satisfaction coming out the other side of a hard slog. I have gained invaluable skills from a great team and they really have me set for the up’s and down’s of my professional career. An excellent year in all and extremely worth while.”

PF6 - Industrial Supervisor’s Final Placement Evaluation Report

PF6 - Student Evaluation of Placement

Student Performance Level:

INC marketing is a marketing agency operating across the retail and property sectors. The team consists of 14 professionals with a diverse range of skills from marketers and designers to PR and Social Media experts. My placement was secured through personal contact.

1. Job Motivation A+ 2. Communication A+ 3. Inter-personal A+ 4. Leadership potential A+ 5. Awareness and Teamwork A+ A+ 6. Flexibility and Adaptability 7. Problem Solving A+ 8. Analytic Consideration A+ 9. Organisational Ability A+ 10. IT Competence A+ 11. Commercial Creativity A+

Final Assessment: “Andrew has been a real asset to the team throughout the year. He has shown commitment, enthusiasm, creativity in his approach and has been a team player throughout. Andrew has continued to use his own initiative when faced with a problem to develop a viable solution. He has excelled in a number of areas including event organisation, social media strategies, copy writing and interpersonal skills. I would happily re-employ Andrew as I consider him to be a valued member of the team, reliable and consistently delivers all expectations.”

Personal Situation: Park and Perks: £6,000 and gym membership. Accommodation: Personal Rental Transport: n/a Social Activities: Team building weekends, nights out. Hours of work: 40+ hours per week. Meals: Subsidised while travelling and during over time. Position: Account Executive/Client Services Main Duties: Handling account for Victoria Square. Social Media Management. Invoicing. The most constructive aspects were the range of disciplines in which I worked and the responsibility placed on me. As long as the free reign to develop and deal with campaigns from start to finish. The least helpful aspects were things like emptying bins and making tea. The general up keep of the office was my responsibility and often interfered with my work load. Often being motivated by money was an issue as it was so little for the amount of work but the experience has been invaluable to my career and personal development. My attitude to work has change dramatically. My body is now in routine and I am worried about what I am going to do going back to university next year and not having work to keep me busy every day...and night! Placement Success: 5

PF8 - Career Development Plan (Post Placement) Qualifications/achievements are: Post placement I intend to complete my degree with a high classification and continue in a similar industry to that of my placement position. Strengths: I have developed many strengths through placement and have a wide range of knowledge across the industry. I have found particular strength in event management and may pursue a career in this area. Weaknesses/ Areas for Development: Continuing to improve on things like organisation, punctuality and producing exceptional work on a regular basis would be things I would aim to achieve in the near future.

Short term career plans (2 years): To continue working in the industry and gain a permanent position after graduation. My long term career plan (3-10 years): In the long term I think I would ultimately like to be running my own agency. I enjoy the environment and the challenges it has. To build up to this I would like to progress through the ranks at a top UK agency or with a leading brand. I am very keen to leave Belfast and experience the working life of London or possibly further afield.