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Deepening Focus on Spiritual Community Worldwide Beloved One, Blessings of Peace. I am happy to share some ideas about the backdrop of community for mind training and forgiveness. Spiritual community is about joining in Purpose, laying aside differences, and embracing the lightness and joy of being together in an experience. A teacher of God is a living demonstration of love and forgiveness. Teaching is not in words alone, but in the Presence behind the words, the smile, or the affectionate gesture. A teacher of God is defenseless because he recognizes the Christ in his brother; he knows Who stands before him. Seeing innocence in everyone he meets, he offers an eternal invitation to join in the miracle. The invitations to various parts of the United States and the world continue to trickle in, and our Living Miracles communities based on the 2 guidelines of "no private thoughts" and "no people pleasing" have taken root in America, Australia, and Western Canada. I feel that China and Europe are the next areas where these Living Miracles communities will take root. And I feel I will make two trips to China this year and one trip to Europe this year. The feeling I have in my heart is this is again the time to give some of my attention to the possibilities of Spiritual Community. Spiritual community, as a backdrop for forgiveness and Awakening, offers an accelerated healing opportunity and an even greater opportunity for ongoing collaboration. In a shared Purpose the fruits of the Spirit pour through effortlessly and the chances to overlook error are many. I recently watched the new comedy "Wanderlust" starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston and Alan Alda about a "Yuppie" couple from New York City who find themselves in an encounter and living experience with an intentional community in rural Georgia. The movie shows what an accelerated learning opportunity relationships and community offer as a backdrop for exposing all sorts of unconscious beliefs and emotions around topics such as sexuality, possessions, privacy, communication, sharing, anger, honesty, integrity, and preferences. Yet as I have traveled the world I meet many people who sincerely desire to have the ego belief system exposed and released for a very natural, authentic Awakening. The biggest concern people express is for safety and security during the undoing and dismantling of the ego. The core of this fear has been a past faith in the ego and its beliefs, thoughts, and ways of existence and survival and a lack of trust in the Intuitive Spirit Which knows the way to transcend the limitations imposed by the ego. The steps of honest trust unfold quickly for the sincere heart, and everything that would be Helpful in Awakening appears effortlessly as the resistance to the Light falls away. Disillusionment with the script of the world comes when the story and promise of material success and special relationship "happiness" begins to crumble and fall apart. Rather than concluding "failure" there is an awareness of a cracking open for true healing and release. Until this point of disillusionment is experienced the mind will attempt over and over to deceive itself that the impossible goal of a self-concept that has no reality is still worth pursuing. For those that are willing to be shown Now that there is no hope of escape from limitations within the virtual matrix of the ego, the way will surely open. No longer hold a hope that delay is useful, and the steps to true freedom become obvious. I plan to explore the next steps in a Helpful spiritual Community backdrop with those in Europe and China in the coming months. Our Living Miracles communities in America, Australia, and Canada are current demonstrations of A Course In Miracles healing in action. If you feel a Calling in your heart to living in spiritual community at the depth required for accepting the Atonement and Awakening from the dream of the world, please write to me at: If you would like to explore volunteer opportunities at an intentional Course In Miracles community and trust the Spirit to show the way, I am most happy to hear from you! Forever and ever in Love & Joy,


Living in Community: The Invitation continues... Here's a message I wrote back in September of 2011 that rings ever true and Joyous in this Moment!!! Beloved One, Blessings of Joy! It has been spoken in Great Wisdom: "For those who have the ears to hear, let them hear." This is truly how Awakening proceeds in awareness: little willingness to little willingness in the context or soil of readiness. If you sincerely desire the Peace of God above all else, this experience is assured. It matters not what the conditions of the world seem to be, for growth and destruction are but illusory opposites made to distract the mind from the Presence of Spirit and the intuitive Guidance within. The progressive release of everything the ego seems to be and seems to hold dear is inevitable. Popularity and familiarity, so dear to the ego, are seen in Light to be vain pursuits and roads that lead to nowhere and nothing. Fame and fortune are fleeting concepts that combust in the Flame of Truth. Shakespeare called this world "Much ado about nothing," and there comes a point in Awakening when it becomes apparent that the world was invented or fabricated to make something from nothing as a substitute for Everything (Spirit or Eternal Love). From extremes of despair and disillusionment rises the Joy of the awareness of the Living Christ. Simplicity is no longer a far off goal, it is alive and spontaneous. In the book the Disappearance of the Universe Arten and Pursah refer to the J underground as those who are opening to the experiential teachings of Jesus. In my travels over the last 20 years I have had direct contact with the J underground and those who are loosening from the ego's belief system and world and expanding in awareness and Joy. I find pockets of Devotion to Mysticism & Self-realization springing up in seemingly remote areas of the world. The deep teachings I have shared during these years have taken root in the hearts of those sincerely desiring Awakening. I feel their Call, for it is an expression of my Call, and we are Answered together. Some of the beloveds have appeared in spiritual communities, while others appear to live in remote, secluded spots around the globe. I recently was invited again to China and became aware of more and more pockets of Devotion to Mysticism & Self-realization. The seeds of Self-realization are nurtured in the soil of uncompromising non-possession and trust in Spirit and in a total disinterest in control and materialism. What was once considered "successful in the world" becomes a chain that limits, and what was once considered "failure in the world" becomes the gateway opportunity for release and true freedom. For the mind focused on worldly conditions and appearances and outcomes, the gateway to true freedom remains hidden and obscure from awareness. Our dedication to Awakening is expressing in a single pointed focus as we Flow in community, travel in certainty, and extend the Love which is our very Being using the various means that are spontaneously Given each day. New technologies appear in awareness that are obviously in alignment with our shared Purpose, and the loving experience pours through effortlessly. Autonomy and dependency and the personal/interpersonal perspective cannot stand the Light of Unconditional Love. Error dissolves in the Presence of Truth. Complexity gives way to Trust and the Simple and the Easy. Those who desire the experience of lasting Peace have it, and those who seem to resist the experience seem to experience something else. The temporary symbols of the world can be used by the Spirit in a temporary way, though the Purpose is always to transcend the need for them. Those who cling steadfastly to self-concepts of ownership and control and possession will resist the Light of Truth, while those who surrender the attempt to protect the self-concept shall find release. The universal service of the Spirit is a State of Mind and cannot be experienced by attempting to shift and change the forms. You can change your name, the Spirit is still the same. You can burn the symbols of the past, but until the belief in separation is released the misidentification with the symbols will remain in awareness. You can attempt to run away from Love, but the soul can never rest in changing forms and appearances. Rest and contentment are natural in Embracing and Accepting and impossible in resistance. In Loving Peace and Tranquility, David

To Have, Give All to All Hi everyone, The above teaching from the Text of A Course In Miracles is the escape from illusions of error and lack. The Spirit of Giving as God Gives, freely and without expectation or condition, ensures a Happiness that is ever Present in awareness and truly not of this world. Give as God Gives is so obvious and so easy to a mind at Peace. Nothing could be simpler or more natural for a Child of God. Yet this world made by the ego was an attempt to deny the simple and the natural and the obvious. The false "site" of fragmented perception must be released for the Sight of the Holy Spirit (Vision of Christ) to be experienced. My beloved sisters and brothers, it is impossible to maintain a belief in linear time and a linear identity and know the Peace of God. Let go of all linear conceptions of community, relationship, and let the stepping stone Guidance be the only way you seem to interact with the world and its dream figures. Give your Love from your Heart, and be not concerned or worried for anything of the past or the future. The game of time is almost over in awareness and never was in Eternity. Kiss it good-bye for once and for all, and the Spirit of Giving the Attitude of God's Love is all that our Holy Mind can Identify with Now. The Way of Mastery through Love is the Way of Giving as God Gives. Your earthly houses have never sheltered your Loving Heart, Which has ever remained invulnerable and beyond time and space. Your bodies have never protected the tiny gap of the ego from exposure and release. All lies and deceptions have been brought to Light and therefore no longer need to be maintained or protected. The humbleness of Innocence is our Inheritance, the Heavenly Kingdom of Spirit that needs no defense and Stands Eternally without a trace of pretense. The Happy Game of forgiveness is now at hand. It is not a game that people play, for they are but figures in a Perspective that the Whole Mind beholds as ItSelf. In Quantum Physics and in Rumi poetry this has been called the Field. Join in the Field and Be Happy! No longer concern your holy mind with the little things of time and space, but be of Good Cheer that the need for paying close attention to specifics is fading fast. Abstraction Calls your awareness Deeper and Deeper inwards, and your Heart rejoices in the Lightness of Being. You pass the torch of busy doings to those who need to carry it for awhile, until they are ready for the Self same glorious inward Calling. No longer do the seconds and days and weeks and months and years beckon your mind, for Divine Presence has come at last for you and you for It! Today relax and enjoy a Supremely Fun experience of Being Totally Present. No thought of the past or future can touch You Now. No worry or regret or concern can come near our Holiness!!! Rejoice and Be Happy, and extend this experience without ceasing. Forever and ever and ever in Love, ~David

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