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We have chosen the letter I for the project. We have to base the I on terminology and glossaries contained within the brief to create a word that is related to the unit. We were given the option to produce our letter in either upper or lowercase. After careful planning and research we were required to design and make a three dimensional initial character that communicates the meaning of the word. The model can be made of found objects but must finally be wall mounted.



Word Bank ice ichor ictic ictus image ink 3

island iron icing icker ickle itching

expamples of typograhy We have chosen to list the different types of fonts we could potentially use. This allows us to see the antics and semiotics of each font. We have used a terminology glossary so that we can understand the characteristics of each typeface.


typeface chart


experiment with icing We have chosen to do a test with the icing to see if it can be easily shaped into a letter. We have used a funnel to apply the icing to the page.

outcome Test has been successful. We found the icing to be easily shaped when wet. Also, if the icing is dried we can cut the icing into shapes.


cut outs Here are three cut outs of the typefaces we like. The fonts were called Monion Pro Capital, On Capital and Light House. We used templates to help guide the shape of the icing into the shape of the letter.


Diagram 1

cake icing 7

On each of these pages are diagrams showing how to make an icing typeface. Idea 1 is to bake a cake and then add a layer of icing on afterwards. This is shown in diagrams 1 and 2.

Diagram 2

cake icing

Our second idea is to bake a large rectangle shaped cake. This would form the stem of the letter I. We would also cook a separate cake that we would shape into a circle, forming the dot on the letter I. With this design, we would not ice the sides of the cake, allowing you to see the cake itself. This is shown by diagram 3. After considering our options, we have decided to make a cake shaped as the letter I and then ice it, as seen in diagram 3. We will make a template of an I to help guide us when cutting the cake into shape. We will also ice the entire cake, not just the top.

cake icing

Diagram 3 Texture of the cake Icing


layout Ideas Below and left: Three examples of commercial advertisements with different typography layout. In the top left image, the writing is placed in the top left so as to not comprimise the photographic elements of the advertisment.

In the bottom left image, the writing on the bottle takes prescedence. This is to help the consmer recognise the bottle. On the image below the brand name exists in the middle of the page, allowing the viewer to be drawn into the name of the brand but also to see a dominant and powerful looking woman whom the viewer may aspire to be like.


Right: A diagram showing successful layout. If the important elements of design fall on the dots shown, the layout will be be able to be easily absorbed and understood by the viewer. If the elements are laid out well, your eye is lead across the page. Above: At the top of this page are two examples of layout by Miller Brockman. As we can see, the text lies on the lines indicated by the diagram we have studied. This allows the viewer to quickly absorb the written message included in the advertisment.


The previous pages have helped me understand how information can be displayed on the page in a way that best helps the viewer take in the information given. The research on the following pages shows diagrams of how the typography will be set out. It also shows basic ideas for the angels I will be shooting. The Latin text is for my own personal use to help me form a layout.

s ui no, e dolore Utroqu troque dolores , aeque qui noU gione eos ad, d, nam a e aeque r scribentureos e n regio

Ne regione delectus vivendum his, copiosae intellegebat vituperatoribus vis


Ne regione delectus vivendum his, copiosae intellegebat vituperatoribus



Ne regione delectus vivendum his, copiosae intellegebat vituperatoribus vis ea. Id quod elit sale pri, sit an quodsi



“The most important thing in life, is the 9th letter of the alphabet, i� I


“The most important thing in life, is the 9th letter of the alphabet, i�


This is my final design for the letter I. It has been created by making a cake, which I cut into shape. I then applied the icing when the cake had cooled. I chose to base my font on minion pro. It has a capital I serif at the base of the font and an ear at the top. I wanted the I to have features such as this as I think it makes the I more visually interesting in cake form. I chose pure white icing as it is a colour that perhaps is most obviously icing. If I had used another bright colour perhaps my letter I may be mistaken to be made out of a different substance, like plastic or playdough! I like the pureness of the white against the black background. The process behind making this cake was actually surprisinly easy. One of the main troubles I had when producing the image to the left was that I had not placed the cake on a black enough background, meaning there was a lot of editing needed to make this image look crisp and blak across the background. Another criticism would be that I would use a thicker icing next time so that I could lay the icing more easily onto the cake making the final appearance look more smooth and less lumpy.


post card

2 17

the letter


We have enough time to do a second postcard. We have chosen the letter G and we are going to use the word ‘gold’. The plan is to make a golden G out of the typeface Baskerville. The G will be cut out with a laser cutter. Golden flakes will then be applied using glue and applying pressure.


layout examples

Id mel stet ullum regione, ea sea fuisset tractatos dissentiet. Qui clita periculis reprehendunt at, cu oblique veritus salutatus mel

golden flakes

(text at the top right) 20

(text at the bottom left)

Id mel stet ullum regione, ea sea fuisset tractatos dissentiet. Qui clita periculis at, cu oblique flakes golden reprehendunt







post card


poole letters


We have been asked to work in groups of two and choose an initial letter from the following set and create a word that is related to the unit, based on the terminology and glossaries contained within the brief . We were able to produce it in capitals or lowercase. After careful planning and research we were required to make a three dimensional initial character that communicates the meaning of the word. The model can be made of found objects but must finally be wall mounted.


Before we took any photographs I decided to take a look at Peter Defty Stephen Magsig’s images of urban typograhy. The images have given me an insite into what to look for and unexpented places to find typeface. I think this font works because of the contrast between black and white. This is somehing I will thnk about when creating my typeface.


photographs of the day





book binding Binding the book required careful measurement when alining pages and cutting the cover. The book was folded, guled, pressed and cut in less than three days.




The finished book was a success, however there are some changes we would make and did make in the second book. The first and obvious change was to include a title page. The second was to change the layout. Some of the layout in our first attempt wasn’t aligned in some pages in the book. The final change we made was to use a ruller when cutting the pages of the book, What we liked about our first attempt was that the double page spread we created for the letter W worked well.


2 book


cutting edges book We look at Cutting Edges on the Gestalen website. This helped inspire us with design and structure ideas for layout.


mock test book


final outcome



work shops


screen printing Screen printing is a process where you drag ink or paint over a surface to create a image. In my case I have dragged three colours over the images to create a dabs of red and black paint - blue being the primary colour. The images are from a book about gangster films from the 1930s. I knew when I found these images that I had to do something with them. I chose screen print as I thought it would look bold


book binding

Japanese book binding requires a collection of paper and a card cover. We had to measure and drill holes in five places, then bind the book with string. I personally found binding the book with string very difficult. Next time I will need more time to complete the bind so I needn’t rush the process.


duck with wellies



The risograph is similar to the screen print in the same way that it prints in layers. Unfortunately, the ducks boots didn’t come out as I hoped. The ducks legs came through a hard dark red colour and his boots were a soft yellow. Next time I will change the foreground colour to hard dark colour so that can’t see the background or unwanted imagery.


propaganda lecture

persadion of properganda The lecture showed many different forms of propaganda. from pro and anti war propaganda, to propaganda from the 21 century based on advertising.


lecture on post mordenisum

This lecture looked at branding and how companies use brand to attract people both young or old in order to sell a product. We discussed the different styles that can be used to attract different people for a multitude of purposes.


london art fair The London Art Fair is an exhibition that shows new and old graphic design, fine art and photography. As most of the art exhibhited was new, it gave an insight to where the art world is going. The opposite page shows the Barbican’s Pop Art Design exbition. The exhibition featured art of the 1960s artists Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg. and Andy Warhol. The pop arts bright colours and screen printing inspired me to expirement with diffrent ways of applying colour to paper.

barbican pop art design


for the love of graphics


my contribution Marvel is usually associated with films such as X Men and Superman, it has rarely been complimented on it’s design. These two posters are front pages of a Marvel comic. With the bright colours and powerful captions this eye grabbing poster could not be ignored. Marvel has been designing since 1939 and is still having a massive influence in design and the film industry.


made by Andy Browne

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