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Paul Hollingworth

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Paul Hollingworth

And he’s created a name for himself with his SlinkType Font. An avid photographer as well as designer, Paul’s worked with some big names like Adobe where his art was showcased in their CS4 marketing campaign.

is a

Paul’s SlinkType, earning itself a top spot at Typography Served

Block Noise The Art of Sound, Album

Form Minus Function, Self-Initiated


Everyone likes to say they are well rounded as a designer. After all it makes it a little easier to get work when photography comes just as easily as product packaging. A lot of people say that. They say that. Paul Hollingworth is a man whose work says it for him. From his hit typeface that graces the top pages of behance’s typography site, photographic work he’s done with Adobe, and even his own self-initiated artistic inkin-water pieces, Paul showcases his talent and eye for design in everything he does. Now a Senior Graphic Designer at design agency, Some People Design, Paul is constrantly expanding his creative skill set. Describing himself as someone with “infectious enthusiasm” his love for design can be felt in his work. Paul demonstrates an optimistic almost hopefullness in his art. Check out some


BORN: 06/03/79 EXPERIENCE: 8+ years COUNTRY: North East UK WEBSITE: PORTFOLIO: TRAINING: Lincolnshire & Humberside School of Art & Design

of his typography work here, the Slinky typeface that has become so popular on the web and production work he’s done for Adobe. Most stunning perhaps

though is his ink and water pieces that are a “tribute to the traditional methods of print” which appear almost organic in it’s presentation.


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