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{ Profile } Andrew J Ellis Born the 26th of April 1988 Practice; Portraiture/photography & sculpture. 1.Gallery 2.Project example 3.Personal statement



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Rajasthan India 2009 Monsoon season                                                                    


{ Project example } Identity; my own. Exploring the impact being a twin has had upon the outcome of my personality and character through the medium of 3D portraiture Â

Identity installation; Plaster cast bust of my brother & projection video of my own image on to cast surface. Twin identity is a shared identity in many respects whether you want it or not.

{ Personal Statement }

People and in particular their faces fascinate me. We’ve all heard the familiar saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but is this true of portraits? I don’t know to be honest. But I find my self increasingly absorbed in attempting to understand an individual through a single image or work. It makes me think heavily upon my own outward image to the world. How do other people see and judge me? And is it possible to represent my own image through portraiture without being biased or too focused upon people’s reactions and feelings. Can I effectively portray myself in a frank and honest way? Gerhard Richter said that a portrait artist need not know anything about his subject, in fact the less the better in order to do them justice. By this account then self portraiture should probably be the falsest art form out there. ...Unless of course you don’t know yourself at all. In which case the artist may have every chance at achieving something brilliant. At a young age I decided that paint or nothing would be the medium of my entire career. I don’t know how I could have arrived at this ultimatum so young. Its only recently that I have truly begun to comprehend the benefits of photography and sculpture in my practice. As an artist I am beginning to understand the benefits of a no limitations attitude. It is only through experimentation, trial and error that we one day may be able to succeed. I am willing to try. And most importantly, I am willing to fall in the process.


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